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  1. I finally figured out the problem!! one of the ports on my controller is causing the CRC errors on my drives. Everything worked fine on the second port then I moved the cable to the first one and started getting crc errors. Thanks for your help everyone!
  2. I only have one card in the system. But thanks for the info! I'm sure that will come in handy later on. I'm currently checking each port on the LSI card with single link to the expander. I have also tried different pcie slots. Next is replacing the mini sas cables between the controller and expander? I have noticed that the crc errors show up at the 30 minute mark when doing a parity check. Does unraid check this at 30 minute intervals?
  3. ya that’s what I figured. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Well I am still getting the errors with the new expander. Any other ideas? Possibly the two cables going to the expander from the controller? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ya I updated the firmware to the latest one. Thanks for all of your help! I’ll see about getting a new one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Well I connected those 6 disks to just the controller and not through the expander and I didn't get any CRC errors and got good speeds. I am starting to think my RES3TV360 is faulty. Probably going to contact the seller I bought it from and get a replacement unless someone here has any other ideas I can try.
  7. So I took 6 other drives I had and tried them in every slot and I get CRC errors in every slot. Weird thing is, is I only get the errors on the data disks that are being read from, not the parity disk that is being written to. Also I am getting around 180MB/s during the parity check with only the 6 disks. Is it possible that my expander or controller could be bad?
  8. I updated and still only getting around 20MB/s. Anyone know how many amps or watts a motherboard and its components use on the 5v rail? My PSU can supply 20A on 5v and all my drives use about 13 amps on 5v. I wouldn’t think a motherboard and it’s components would use more than 7 amps on 5v but I really don’t know. The 12v rail has plenty of power as it is a 1000w PSU. I’m going to check the sata connections next but I think they are fine. Since I am getting the correct speeds when I do a speed test on one drive at a time.
  9. Awesome, thanks! I'll update and see if that helps.
  10. You didn't have any problems updating with an LSI card instead of one of the recommended intel cards? I didn't have the card yet and was trying to see if anyone knew of a x16 controller so I cold get the max speed out of all of my drives.
  11. Well I found that one of my 12v connectors had come loose and I repaired that and I saw 160MB/s when I started a parity rebuild but only for a split second and then it went right back to ~28MB/s. Could this possibly be some sort of power issue? I am also still getting these codes just over and over and over in my logs. Jul 7 23:22:57 Maple1 kernel: mpt3sas_cm0: log_info(0x31080000): originator(PL), code(0x08), sub_code(0x0000) Jul 7 23:22:57 Maple1 kernel: mpt3sas_cm0: log_info(0x31080000): originator(PL), code(0x08), sub_code(0x0000) Jul 7 23:22:57 Maple1 kernel: mpt3sas_cm0:
  12. I'm not thinking that the cables are the issue but maybe the expander or the controller, because how likely is it that every disk has a bad cable? I am having a hard time finding info about updating the firmware on the Intel RES3TV360. If anyone has done so or can direct me to a link to do that it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I just did a disk speed test on each drive and at 0GB they all managed right around 200MB/s. These were one at a time btw.
  14. Ya that's what the new controller is for, so I can add some more disks. Also all of the disks now have a bunch of UDMA CRC errors like 1000's. this happened when I hooked everything up to the new controller. And I assume was caused by it as well. Other than that they don't have any errors.
  15. maple1-diagnostics-20210707-1248.zip Here are the diagnostic files.