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  1. Well, I have a bit of a weird situation. I connected both backplanes to my RES3TV360 and then to my HBA and now I'm not getting any errors. If I connect the backplanes back to my HBA I get errors. I'm confused as to why this is happening. How finicky are these SFF-8643 cables and ports? Could it be a bad connection even after unplugging and replugging the connections several times? In my old set up with the same HBA and SAS expander I had some IO errors and it ended up being bad cables. This ran for several months without problem. Then when I moved my server I had IO errors on two of my drive bays and it has been like that for a while. Seems like the connections might be pretty finicky?
  2. It is, and thanks for the suggestion. I'll reach out and see if they can help.
  3. I just bought a 36 bay SuperMicro CSE 847 chassis and I am getting I/O errors all over the place. I tried connecting with known good cables (from my old case), just the front backplane, just the back backplane, and then again to my old case. With the old system, no errors. With any combination of the new system I get I/O errors. It seems weird to me that I am getting errors on both the front and back backplanes separately as it's probably not likely that both are bad. What I am looking for is the best way to go about trouble shooting what could be wrong. HBA - LSI S3008L-L8e NI22
  4. Unfortunately I don’t have this setup anymore and I can’t remember the pinouts for it. What I did was trace the wires from the buttons and lights back to the harness where I wanted to connect into. Then use a multimeter to make sure I had the correct ones. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!
  5. When I add this to my docker.cfg docker fails to start. I haven't had time to look into it yet, but does this method still work?
  6. Does the key file need to have a specific naming convention? seems like its looking for id_[encryptionName] I'll generate new keys with this name and see if it works. Edit: Ya looks like that was the problem. The key files need to have a specific naming convention (the default naming convention). Thanks for the help! id_rsa id_ecdsa id_ecdsa_sk id_ed25519 id_ed25519_sk id_xmss id_dsa
  7. I can't ssh into server 2 from server 1 using keys. Both are unraid systems. When I try to ssh from server 1 to server 2 is asks for a password. It works fine when I ssh into either server from my laptop using keys though. I generated my keys on server server 1 and placed the files in /root/.ssh/. I used ssh-copy-id to copy over the public key to server 2. I manually verified that they were indeed imported correctly on server 2 as well. not really sure how to trouble shoot this issue and looking for some guidance.
  8. Honestly I'm not even sure which forum to post this to; but I seem to always get good help here. So I have nextcloud set up on my unraid server and behind SWAG. SWAG is running on a different non unraid server for the moment. I can access nextcloud from the same vlan that unraid is on (vlan1) and from outside my network. I just can't access from one of my other vlans. I have a UDM pro and have intervlan communication blocked. But I made a rule to allow traffic from vlan2 to vlan1(unraid vlan) over port 32400 (plex) and 33443 (unraid) I can ping both ports from vlan2 successfully and I can access plex from vlan2. Nextcloud however doesn't work. I tried both the domain and ip address:port that refers to nextcloud with no luck. I also added the vlan ip range to the trusted domains of nextcloud and still no luck. I'm kind of at a loss now and am looking for more things to try.
  9. I had hope for a second, but I don't get any of those errors. I am getting a segfault error that I am trying to figure out though. kernel: Plex Transcoder[12979]: segfault at 150c9a93ae48 ip 00001500a9dde818 sp 00007ffde2a81420 error 4 in libigdgmm.so.plex[1500a9d50000+90000]
  10. I have a 12600k and just updated to unraid 6.11. Using the linuxserver plex container I set up the correct passthrough parameter "--device=/dev/dri:/dev/dri" and looks like plex found the iGPU just fine. When I try to transcode It shows up as (hw) transcoding but nothing plays on the cient side. Not sure why it's not working.
  11. Thanks! I didn't see this when I was researching. Got it working now with some crashing but I knew that was expected as of right now.
  12. I'm not seeing the /dev/dri folder and I created the file to load the i915 driver in 6.9. I also ran the command modprobe i915 and still nothing. I just bought a new 12th gen setup and cant get legacy boot to work right now. I'm wondering if because I'm booting with UEFI that passthrough isn't working. If anyone with a 12th gen setup can chime in that would be great!
  13. I finally figured out the problem!! one of the ports on my controller is causing the CRC errors on my drives. Everything worked fine on the second port then I moved the cable to the first one and started getting crc errors. Thanks for your help everyone!
  14. I only have one card in the system. But thanks for the info! I'm sure that will come in handy later on. I'm currently checking each port on the LSI card with single link to the expander. I have also tried different pcie slots. Next is replacing the mini sas cables between the controller and expander? I have noticed that the crc errors show up at the 30 minute mark when doing a parity check. Does unraid check this at 30 minute intervals?
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