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  1. Welp gents, its been a ride. I dont think im ready for unraid until it has official ZFS support. To much hacking and slashing. Community here sure is great, and super helpful, just at the moment cant really feel safe with client work that i cant recreate so back to truenas scale i go Thanks all of you again for all the help.
  2. @Marshalleq So figured out how to get to /etc/samba have these files there lmhosts smb-names.conf smb-shares.conf smb.conf smb-shares.conf has this in it: zpool] path = /mnt/user/zpool comment = zpool browseable = yes # Private writeable = no read list = write list = eugenekam valid users = eugenekam vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr case sensitive = auto preserve case = yes short preserve case = yes wonder if just changing this to writable = yes would do the trick so i dont have to allow others write permission to this folder and smb.conf: # configurable identification include = /etc/samba/smb-names.conf # log stuff only to syslog logging = syslog@0 # we don't do printers show add printer wizard = No disable spoolss = Yes load printers = No printing = bsd printcap name = /dev/null # disable aio by default aio read size = 0 aio write size = 0 # misc. invalid users = root unix extensions = No wide links = Yes use sendfile = Yes # ease upgrades from Samba 3.6 acl allow execute always = Yes # permit NTLMv1 authentication ntlm auth = Yes # hook for user-defined samba config include = /boot/config/smb-extra.conf # auto-configured shares include = /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf The symlink path i got from space invader's native ZFS video Essentially just changed names form his battlestar to my digitalassets ln -s /digitalassets/assets/ /mnt/user/zpool/DigitalAssets Once files transfer over im going to try to use this ln -s /digitalassets/assets/ /mnt/zpool/DigitalAssets to create a symlink and see if that does anything else. ANNNNND nope root@DigitalAssets:~# ln -s /digitalassets/assets/ /mnt/zpool/DigitalAssets ln: failed to create symbolic link '/mnt/zpool/DigitalAssets': No such file or directory looks like it does need to mount mnt/user/xxxxxxx to work ALso if i have both SMB enable, the unraid and ZFS as you mentioned above, would that cause issues. AKA do i need to disable SMB in unraid under settings/network services tab/SMB? @BVD My main machine is windows and my other machine is a Mac. I dont even know where to find the settings these settings looked around in SMB as well as netweok setting under settings tab and cant seem to see anything.
  3. You are a God amongst men, thank you! I have an NVME drive that i was using as a boot drive for TrueNas that has no wear so i figured it wont hurt given how easy it is remove or add. My last issue is tring to write to the pool. I did the sym link as per space invader. Under shares, after creating the sym link i made sure to make that share private, with read/write access to the user i created for this. I can mount the drive but i cant write to it. Gives me the permission error. I am stumped. I tried to do run tools/new permission but that didnt do anything so I am stumped. Tried to do it with just public access and same issues Update: I tried to change the onwer of the DigitalAssets folder inside digitalassets/zpool to user trying to access it or nobody. Neither seems to stick. It reverts back to root. I think i got it to work by editing permissions as follows below: Is there a security issue if other is set to read and write? Thats the only way i got access to the drive.
  4. Hey Gals and Guys, Is there a way to setup L2ARC cache in unraid ZFS? Been googling around and cant seem to find anything on how to set it up to speed up the pool a tiny bit.
  5. Great stuff! I am running into one issue, i followed spaceinvaders video for native ZFS and at the end he showed how to make a sym link. Which works... kinda. My total drivespace in windows shows up as only remaining disk space on trhe array drive that is used for apps and such, which is about 455 Gb left. When im trying to move my data back, im ruinning into an issue that im moving more stuff then 455 gig so windows just says no. The same issue is visible under my computer, where the share shows as only 455 out 480 free. I did some test runs and everyhting works fast as expected, data is being moved to the ZFS drives, and the free space on array 1 drive remains the same. My question is, how do i get around this limitation and get windows to see that actual zfs space used and free and allow me to copy all my stuff back instead of the drive where sim link is originating from, sort of speak. UPDATE: Im an idiot, mounted the top level zpool instead on zpool/folder in wiondows so it still passed data along, but calculated wrong thing. all shows up as its supposed to now. Willl leave this up in case someone else is half asleep doing this
  6. I am a photographer / Getting into video So I'm currently running the TrueNas scale. My primary usage is a Media storage server. I work on video edits sometimes but mainly as my photo storage for client work. Specs: - 6700k - 16GB ddr4 - 1x 512 NVME drive to house the OS (I know, I literally couldn't find a cheaper NVME) - 4x 8TB Iron wolfs in raid 5 modes with one parity drive - full 10 gig home networking My plugin list is small, - Resillio to sync library files between machines - Postgres SQL for hosting DaVinci Resolve Server for projects - Some plugin to backup all the media to a google drive nightly ( I got an unlimited corporate account that gets dumps of data for backup, won't always be the case as my current day time gigs gets me this) - VPN to get into things when I'm on the go. I would like to kind of maximize the performance of the 10gig networking. I am currently getting anywhere from 200-1000 MB/s data transfer, depending on how happy the ram is, with 16 gigs not super all the time. I would like to read and write faster when I'm working and just trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Coming from the QNAP system, the Truenas scale is missing some quick glace features that I liked and double commander is not very intuitive. For example on QNAP I could physically see the DB files for postgres, currently I have no idea how to actually find them on truenas scale. Overall I'm happy, but given my config, I can't help but wonder if using USB and having the SSD as a cache drive with unraid would be the best option as well as closer feel to qnaps simplicity. Given 3 their coaching on truenas, adding another NVME and using it as ARC cache seems like would be really bottlenecked by the small ram size. I would be expanding it over time, and i know the pains of having to buy a ton of the same drives at a time with ZFS. So i guess my question really is what should i go with for my setup, i feel that the 512 cache drive would be good, as i don't generally transfer more than 256 gigs cards at once from PC to server and the NVME speed should be fine to saturate the 10gbe networking. I'm just not 100 % sure how good caching is on unraid, if it would work well for uploading and reading data. At most I would have two users touching the NAS, but generally one. HALP!!!! EDIT: I guess one thing that I'm most worried about as well is bitrot, is there a good way to handle this with unraid? I have a ton of personal and client work that i want to keep in check but not sure how scrubs work in unraid for data protection.