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  1. Sorry @Alex R. Berg, somehow I missed your comment (and, again, thank you for your contribution). Your strategy is useful for cases like yours, but for cases like mine, where I cannot foresee which file I will need to use, It is not very helpful. Additionally - and this might be less important - in my windows machine I use Everything for indexing/searching, and cache_dirs works well with it... Still, thanks for sharing your scripts, one additional value for me is that they can help improve my shell scripting....
  2. I actually remember @Joe L., I had one or two very pleasurable interactions with him. I both hope that he is having a good time and also that @Alex R. Berg keeps maintaining cache_dirs
  3. @Alex R. Bergyou have a sincere "thank you" from me. just 2 questions for anyone invloved: The thing is, I think cache_dirs is very important (at least to me). If you have many disks you have to wait a long time for a listing. What do people who do not use it do? Is there an alternative? Why does Joe not still maintain it? Is there an "official" reason i have missed?
  4. Hi, I am having a similar problem, Mobo is booting, 2 green LEDs turn on but I have no image from the GPU. There might be an incompatibility but shouldn't the Dr Debug LED show something? It never turns on. Does anyone know if the Dr Debug LED always shows something or only when there is an error?
  5. Everything has been working fine for me, have fun with your vacation...
  6. Just wanted to mention that this is not the case for me (and I am guessing other people who have the same problem), so I hope this helps the particular user but it is not a general solution
  7. Are we sure the problem is on Unraid? Because it might be on the windows side. Although it would be nice if somehow UnRaid could mitigate it
  8. I also have the same type of problem. - Very often I cannot copy the file as everyone else mentioned - It occurs even if I use a third party copier (TeraCopy) - For a few minutes I cannot remove or overwrite the partially copied file. If I try later, I either get the same error or the partial file can be overwritten - When I am copying/moving many files, it will only happen at the start of the copy. i.e., if the 1st file is copied the error does not occur for the following files. As mentioned before, it might be some changes with how Win treats Samba, but, either way, a solution would be welcome, otherwise UnRaid is rentered practically unusable for us Windows users
  9. Before updating to 6.7.1 I run the update assistant and I get the following: Checking for plugin compatibility Issue Found: dynamix.cache.dirs.plg is not known to Community Applications. Compatibility for this plugin CANNOT be determined and it may cause you issues. I have the latest cache dirs version (2018.12.04). Does anyone have problems with cache dirs and 6.7.1?
  10. Hi, did you find a solution? I have the same problem, sometimes files do not copy with the same error message,,,,,
  11. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your prompt responses
  12. Thanks a lot. How would I know if a value is bad? Is there maybe a tool where I can upload my SMART report that translates these values into something meaningfull?
  13. Hi everyone, one HDD in my UnRaid Array (6.7.0) has been disabled. I see some very alarming numbers in the SMART report (which i have attached). When I noticed all that I tried to run self diagnostics bit I couldnt until after I rebooted (probably because the drive was locked?). After the reboot, and after running a short SMART test, the unraid page of the drive says that SMART self test is completed without error and that "SMART overall-health:Passed". It does not help that the problematic HDD is the only Seagate Barracuda Compute while all the others are WD reds, but still I have a feeling that maybe the cable just needed resitting, but I do not know if the SMART report corroborates that. what would your advice be?