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  1. DEPRECATED! Updated yesterday and can't connect today. This is what the log says, and of course you find out about that only when you're away... ****************************************************** ****************************************************** * * * * * This image is deprecated. * * We will not offer support for this image * * and it will not be updated. * * * * * ****************************************************** ****************************************************** We recommend our wireguard image instead for vpn:
  2. Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!
  3. OK for CLI. I was quite sure the GUI doesn't support this. Pool is chiapool, 3x12TB disks. I don't care which one is removed from the array. I began to read how to do that and if i got this right I should run: btrfs device delete /dev/sdw1 /mnt/chiapool
  4. That's a lot of data and time to copy twice instead of once. Any other way is better.
  5. After the disk will be taken out of the pool, I will copy data from the pool to that disk in order to allow the next pool shrink.
  6. How do I shrink a non-redundant 3 disks array pool? FAQ says this might be unofficially supported. Final goal is to remove this cache pool entirely.
  7. Considering current situation where disk space is much cheaper than a beefy CPU, My strategy is having a 1080p version for every 4K media. Plex handles them well: You have a "Play version" option.
  8. +1 here: Any instructions how to install storcli?
  9. Please advice. I had these kind of issues in the past and I suspect this happens when the onboard HBA gets hot. Yesterday I installed a PM8003 controller card, and while it's not in use yet, it is quite hot, and it's installed right above the onboard HBA. The disabled disks were not written to when they were disabled or afterwards, so parity should be valid even with non-emulated disks. Edit: Shutdown, removed PM8003, unassigned both disks, started the array, stopped the array, reassigned disks, started the array, disks are being rebuilt. juno-diagnostics
  10. To return to the state before running the script : disk18 is part of the array and working normally. Anyway I managed to solve the issue: Found the running process of the script through: ps -axjf Killed the script process through: kill -9 <process-id> Stopped the array, started it and formatted disk18 which was unmountable. Thanks.
  11. So apparently "if the script called a long running command at the time of abort (something like find) then that command will run to completion." Can I kill this script? How do I identify the relevant process? The disk would probably be unmountable. How can I format it while preserving parity?
  12. So after a day and a half of running the above script (array disk clearing) I calculated how long it will take, and it's more than a month, so I aborted it. Thing is the "WRITES" column in MAIN screen show that it's still active. Nothing access the drive and it's still empty. No "Abort" button for the script anymore.
  13. That's OK: I'm going to fill these drives with data and leave them be. Hmmm...I might try also mergerfs
  14. I can set up a pool per disk. That will enable them to participate in standard Unraid shares. I know: There is a 35 pools limit, that should be enough. Any cons?
  15. No, I don't 🙂 Thank you.