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  1. No speaker connected. I will add when I get a replacement MB. The CPU is 10900K so according to Sireal63 it does have Graphics Processor on it. Based on the missing pins on CPU socket I have gotten a RMA from Newegg. TY for all of the suggestions guys. I would never of looked at the CPU socket and found the missing pins.
  2. I purchased the CPU knowing it has graphics on board from Newegg. Looking at the box there is no way of knowing... I looked at the pins on MB and it appears to have 5 missing pins. I see holes with no pins in it....
  3. Thanks for you help. I have tried all that has been suggested and still no life. I have a power light on board and the fan on cpu is running. Nothing fron the hdmi port for monitor and still no error code. I am running out of time for an RMA. Any experience on bad MB vs CPU?
  4. TY for your response. I tried what you suggested twice with no results. In the manual it points out there is a socket for case intrusion. Do you think I need to put a jumper on it?
  5. I have moved to a new server and no longer need this server. The following is what it consists of. The sale price is for $350 with no HD's or Key. The freight cost I included will very and will need to have insurance. I will ship in the USA only.
  6. Thank You. I wanted verification before going any further.
  7. I built my new server with Ver. 6.2 some time ago and has been stable. Now I removed all data drives including parity drive out of it to replace with the data drives from old server (5.0). Now that all of the drives are installed and assigned as the old array was. How do I get the new server to accept the new array and parity as good and not wipe the data out? Do I navigate to the Tools tab at the top of the webGui and click on New Config ? Thanks
  8. I have not been able to update via the GUI moving from 6.2.1 to 6.2.3. See screen capture: What files do I need to copy/overwrite ? to make a clean update from the down load from Lime Tech ? Thanks.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this up. It was the solution to my problem. Best Regards
  10. I think if you search for SCSI pass through you will find instruction on how to do it. Regards
  11. Does any one have a suggestion to how the fix this? I can not conduct an auto start on the VM with this constantly changing between 7 & 8. Help is needed! See above post. Thanks
  12. Oh, Something I did different this time is with the past iterations I used the last 4 of the 8 cores in the GUI. This One I selected the first 4.........So does this mean I had zero cores selected previously so it would never start in VM for Win 10 Pro ? Thanks [update] Today I could not get the VM to load. Yesterday was the first sign of life but was short lived. What totally confusing me is Ubuntu has zero issue in launching....... If I compare the XML there pretty close to being the same. Ubuntu works directly off the template but Win 10 is fussy.
  13. Listen, I am new to this so I have been going thru lots of trial an error because nothing worked from the forum. All I know is I have a quad core dual thread processes. It does report as 8 cores with hyper thread from what I could tell. I can not select Hyper thread in the GUI and make it work. If I enter 2 for treads in the XML it works. If some one wants me to try a limited amount of iteration to flush this out for other I'm willing to help so myself and others can benefit from it. Like I said, I don't know what to look for! Attached is the functional XML and for the Host Pass thr
  14. I just want to share a moment of Ah............................ I spent 4 days trying to find out why I couldn't start VM 10 pro with a video card. I had no problems headless loading. I had no problems loading Ubuntu. I tried all suggestion I could find on this forum. Frustration was building. I finally copied the XML into notepad2 so I could see the code with more line available. What an advantage to actually see more lines. Now I have been concentrating a lot of my time looking at the pass thru portion of the code. Keep in mind that I only have been reading code for 4 day (rube). I
  15. I have a SCSI device on pass thru and works just fine. My question is why does the assigned SCSI_Host # in the code change frequently on reboots. I should qualify that by saying I have to edit the code daily because it changes in device assignment after reboot. The SCSI host number keeps jumping back and forth between 7 & 8 on reboots. Is there a way to freeze this so I don't have to constantly edit the code? Thanks