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New update!


Please see the main SimpleFeatures post for future updates. This thread has now been relegated to support, or should be removed/merged by mods.








I've created a WebServer plugin for unRAID. It has production conf files for PHP & Lighty. It's all wrapped up into a nice and easy to use package, with a web gui and easy to access configuration files.


All dependencies (hopefully) met for default modules (GD etc). Tried to keep as modern as possible. The package size is just shy of 20Mb. Uncompressed the libraries total 67Mb. Works great with the MySQL plugin wondering around. The lighttpd.conf.include in the /config/plugins/sf_webserver/lighttpd folder can be used to hold your own custom configs & sites. Same thing with the php.ini file. Any changes you make will remain on reboot.


Download from Google Code: simplefeatures_webserver.plg

Requires unRAID Version 5 Beta 12 and above.

Make sure no other PHP packages (via unMenu, etc) are installed before using this plugin!



Lighty Web Server 1.4.30: Light and quick web server

PHP 5.3.10 : With all the bells and whistles

WebGui Control: Stop/Start your web server, control which port & location. Check logs & version numbers.


Let me know what other features you might be wanting.


Install Instructions:


1. Download the PLG file. SimpleFeatures Base package is recommended.


2. Copy simplefeatures_webserver.plg to /boot(flash)/config/plugins/


4. Reboot or use installplg /boot/config/plugins/simplefeatures_webserver.plg


Change Log:

1.1 - Misc bug fixes


1.0 - Updated PHP to 5.3.10. Fixed some bugs with configuration files. Added logging for PHP to prevent STDOUT issues. Changed to make sure timezone is added on start. Remove your /boot/extra/plugins/sf_webserver/php/php.ini file to take advantage of bug fixing.


0.3 - Fixed port disappearing act on startup. Auto create data folder, with welcome screen. Fixed logging issue.


0.2 - Added webgui functions for checking logs, added pizzaz.


0.1 - Initial Plugin



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Our personal site is now being hosted by unRAID  :)  Port translation is a mighty wonderful thing. Server holding up over the last couple of days, no problems or memory leaks that I can see. Was worried the replacement PHP/libtool would affect the stock webGui, but hasn't appeared to have done so. If anything it's faster & better featured.


For anyone interested, response headers below:


Server SimpleFeatures - lighttpd

Transfer-Encoding chunked

X-Powered-By PHP/5.3.6

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after installing plg i am getting the following spewed to my default console over and over


PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: sqlite3: Unable to initialize module

Module compiled with API=20090626, debug=0, thread-safety=0

These options need to match

in Unknown on line 0


over and over and over - cannot use tty1 at all




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yes, still scrolling on tty1 - set repeats about every 4 seconds


and only on tty1 - nothing else is showing up in any log file...




How strange...  do you have any other packages installed? Only thing I can think of is if another package is replacing a lib dependency with an older one.


Also try commenting out mysqlite.so & mysqlite3.so modules in php.ini file.


That issue isn't happening on either of my rigs so I'm presuming it's third party?

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installed. change the default data directory. disable and reenable. since the new default directory is not automatically created, i created the directory myself. then i created empty index.htm file.


when i try to open http://tower:81/index.htm, all i get is



This program cannot display the webpage


Most likely causes:

•You are not connected to the Internet.

•The website is encountering problems.

•There might be a typing error in the address.


What you can try:


Check your Internet connection. Try visiting another website to make sure you are connected.

Retype the address.

Go back to the previous page.




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