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  1. I have this motherboard. https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C202_C204/X9SCL-F.cfm I want to upgrade my processor. Currently using i3-2100. I want to host game server for me to play game with my family(4 person). Game we usually play are 1. Killing Floor. 2. Insurgency. 3. Minecraft. Based on MB chipset, https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/52803/intel-c202-chipset.html Xeon E3-12*0 is compatible. Im curious about why it states i3 processor only(in supermicro website)? i7 is not compatible with this motherboard? What would you recommend? Also, I have 8GB ram. I dont think its enough for hosting Minecraft. Recommend?
  2. Just want to add. Epic games can be stored in nas. to reinstall games that have been installed, 1. rename the game folder (for example Fortnite to Fortnite.bak) 2. install the game from client. wait for few minutes. make sure the client created a folder and have downloaded some files into it. 3. cancel the installation from the client. DO NOT EXIT EPIC GAMES CLIENT. 4. delete the unfinished install folder and rename the fully installed game back to the original name. 5. go back to epic games client. install the game again. this time, the client will find the files and do verifications. 6. once the games is installed(complete verifications), you can play the game. I have shared world war z installation in unraid and shared between 4 pc. and it works well.
  3. Most games that uses BattleEye and EasyAntiCheat does not support loading files from UNC. Some games only blocked loading the exe, so you might try symlink the data files only. While it works(on some games), some games are unable to update. So in conclusion, all Steam, Origin(need some manual registry settings), Uplay doesnt have problem except for games that uses BattleEye, EasyAntiCheat. For Blizzard games, I dont know any other way except using VHD. As for loading times, it is slower than installing on local(should be expected), but its manageable ands its a tradeoff im willing to take. Dont forget to use 1Gbps ethernet network.
  4. There is. But I prefer it to be in nerdpack. Spawning a docker just to host rclone is a bit much. Also, considering when you would use it most of the time, putting it in docker would use more resources than just an app.
  5. Hi, Would it be possible to add encfs and rclone in nerdpack? Download location 1. https://slack.conraid.net/repository/slackware64-current/encfs/ 2. https://slack.conraid.net/repository/slackware64-current/rclone/ (i havent test this one) 3. https://slack.conraid.net/repository/slackware64-current/tinyxml2/ (required by encfs) 4. https://slack.conraid.net/repository/slackware64-current/rlog/ (I havent test this one, required by encfs) Thanks.
  6. How do I access the killing floor 2 server admin page?
  7. here are my user settings. by the way, what happens if during rebuilding parity drive, a data drive failed? since the parity drive is incomplete, i would lost the data in the failed drive right?
  8. ok. after mounting the drive, i can see the missing folder. i guess i cant mount drive recovered from ddrescue. i need to copy the content recovered by ddrescue to array.
  9. this is my global shared settings all disks are included excluded disks are none i have remove the ddrescue recoverd disk from the array(new config), by the way.
  10. this is what my configuration looks like before. this is what it looks like now certain folder are missing now. another thing, i put the drive i recovered from ddrescue to the array(straight after ddrescue. no preclear and stuff). would this might be the cause?
  11. Eons ago i change the settings in the global share settings. i have add those drive to the included disks. unfortunately, the folder still empty. what gives?
  12. this is what it looks like in the array vs the disk as you can see, the contents of a folder in the array is empty, \\TOWER\Cloud\ijm\move\2019\Movie but there is contents in the same folder in the disk 8, \\TOWER\disk8\Cloud\ijm\move\2019\Movie
  13. the contents of those 2 disk are not in the array