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  1. Thank you! I guess I really wanted to be able to have the RAW files and finished edits store on the server and then just use my Main PC to edit. think there is a way to do this with Capture one or Lightroom with just the previews but the actual raw is on the server? Not sure what the performance is like though. My main PC is a 3900x (12 cores) with 32gb memory, nvme, 1080ti. If I use my old hardware in the unraid server it would be a 1700 with 16gb of ram and ssd cache. I guess I am just trying to figure out the best workflow for this or what others are doing.
  2. Anyone? I'm sure theres not many people doing this but has to be someone?
  3. Hey guys, I currently have an Unraid server I built years ago with very unpowerful hardware. I currently upgraded my main PC to an AMD 3900x and 32gb 3600 Ram. 1080ti and I was thinking about using my old 1700 and 16gb ram as the unraid server. 1st question is since the 1700 does not have a integrated graphics do I have to purchase a card for it or will it work since I'll be setting up from the GUI on my main PC? I'm also wondering how people best set this up that use Unriad with Capture One? More interested in this than lightroom but I guess that would help too. I want the best performance possible so it might make more sense to put everything on my main PC and then move it over to the unraid server for backup. It would however, be awesome to just be able to have everything stored on the Unraid server but edit from my main PC or even a laptop. What matters for performance the most? LAN speed? Internet speed? How powerful the server is? Whats the best way to set this up? Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys! My server currently has an ssd for cache and then regular hdds for storage... i'll have to look at which exact ones. If I was to have my lightroom catalog on the server and then wanted to edit off it would performance be based on the cpu, etc of the unraid server or only on network speed?
  5. Hey everyone! I was looking back at my posts and it looks like I first built my unraid server 8 years ago! Didn't realize it has been that long. I can't remember the specs of it but it is super low end and i think maybe like 1 or 2gb of ram. I recently upgraded my main rig to a ryzen 3900x and 32gb of trident z royal ram and was going to sell my ryzen 1700 and 16gb of tridentz rgb ram and asus crosshair vi hero motherboard, but then I thought maybe I could just use it for my unraid server? I would like to be able to backup RAW files to it and potentially if I could edit off it in lightroom or photoshop as well that would be great. Right now I tried it and it was way too slow. Idk if it was the network, server or harddrive issue though? Would doing this be way overkill or?
  6. hmm well making a new user in Unraid and then using that to sign in to the network drive worked...
  7. SO how do I not use root? I haven't set up any other users in Unraid. Net use gives me "Net connections will be remembered. There are no entries in the list"
  8. I don't really think I am using the root user. I'll try to explain better. If I go to a browser and type the ip address of my server it then will bring up a prompt to login and this is my user name "root" and password. I can then access the Unraid GUI. My actual unraid server is called Jakenas I guess (not really sure where I even changed that). So, if I then go into file explorer on my PC and go down to "Network" the server "Jakenas" will then appear under Computers. When I click on this I used to be able to access all my server folders without logging in. Now it is asking for a username and password. It automatically defaults to Root and asks for a password. I went and deleted Jakenas from credential manager and now when clicking on it it just says windows cannot access \\JAKENAS check the spelling of the name, etc.
  9. hmm i do see it in windows credentials but I changed the password and that still is not working
  10. Thanks for the reply. I mean when going to my unraid address in a browser 192.168.1.xx I have one user setup "root" and a password. This works. When I go to file explorer> network > unraid network drive it brings up a windows security prompt to enter network credentials... says "enter your credentials to connect to: "Unraid server name" then shows root as the username and asks for a password. Or you can change the username. If I put in the password for root for the unraid server that is not correct. Hope this makes sense.
  11. Hey guys, I am trying to access my Unraid serve network folder and when trying to access it its asking for a username and password. I tried putting in the user name and pword for my server but it is not working and I have no idea what it would be. Help? Thanks!
  12. Sorry for asking so many questions but really confused at this point.... I started the array with no disk assigned to parity and the bad disk 1 in disk 1 still and new WD RED 2tb with nothing on it in disk 2. I then go to windows network drive and go to my unraid. I am trying to copy or cut all the files in folder "disk 1" to "disk 2" but it keeps sayingit is moving 12 TB of data and there is not enough room on disk 2. Idk how this is possible as disk 1 is only a 2tb drive
  13. Alright so I bought a new WD Red 2tb drive today. So for now I just have the two WD Red 2tb drives the replace my old parity and data drives. I took out my parity drive and put the new WD Red in its place. So with unraid powered up but not started I have Parity Missing and then the old disk 1 and disk 2 as the other WD Red 2tb drive I added before. Should I assign the new WD as parity and then start the array and transfer data from the old disk 1 to disk 2? I was confused by "Mount other data disk with unassigned devices plugins and try to copy all data to new array" are you saying to put the new WD red as parity and leave the other WD Red disk and then make disk one "No device" and boot up?
  14. You can make it show up by typing \\YOURNASNAMEHERE\ in Windows Explorer, then add it to quick access. awesome thank you that worked!