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  1. Honestly I can't recommend anything other than a ubiquity unifi security gateway or edgerouter (pick the model right for you, I have a Lite), plus the AP of your choice (I have a nanoHD) Or a Dream Machine if you want an all in one solution. Sent from my SM-P205 using Tapatalk
  2. That is sad and I understand your reasoning. And nothing I say below should be read as a call to change your current plan. That said, I disagree that LT has made it self tuning. Default settings for even the one main tunable, md_num_stripes, makes a difference for my 7 disk array. Setting it to 5120 improved my parity by 10% from default. Not sure if this is the best speed:memory option, but i also guess I don't need a full script to test out a few options. But for sure default is slower than tweaked. FWIW, I'm getting same speed in 6.8 tweaked as 6.7 tweaked which was the same speed as 6.6 tweaked nr_requests I'm not so sure but I did increase mine from default to 256. This is where maybe a script might help to see if there is an interaction. Though my research of what nr_requests does leads me to believe there probably isn't any covariance. In any case, thank you for all your time and effort. Even if it ends up being the stuff of legend, your contribution to the community really is greatly appreciated. Thank You Pauven!
  3. Upgraded from 6.7.2 without difficulty.
  4. okay, I get it now. Sorry for the noise.
  5. Yeah that's where I looked and the only two files that I see are screen.conf and settings.conf settings only has this # # MakeMKV settings file, written by MakeMKV v1.14.5 linux(x64-release) # app_DataDir = "/config/data" app_DestinationDir = "/output" app_DestinationType = "3" app_ExpertMode = "1" app_Java = "" app_UpdateEnable = "0" app_ccextractor = "/usr/bin/ccextractor" sdf_Stop = ""
  6. The problem is getting it to survive. I can't find the config file that's written to edit it
  7. You would think so from the posting, and yet it works (or says it does) when I paste it into the register pop-up.
  8. Hmmm I just removed to include deleting the image; reloaded; and still say expired key. When I paste the current key found on the author's beta page it accepts it, but requires a restart so the key doesn't survive.
  9. [looks around confused] did I say something I didn't mean to? I wasn't asking anyone to change the way the container runs. I was asking where the latest "stable" release was as described by Unifi. Then saarg explained to me where this container sources (read: the repo) and I acknowledged I then understood why the container wasn't grabbing the latest (read: unifi hadn't posted to the repo yet). As for my reply to your post about it not being wise pushing stable to a production environment ... I'm right that it's the user's choice and their responsibility to choose what tag to use because this container pulls from the repo and what's in the repo is what it gets; at least according to saarg. So "the second it comes out" on the repos is when LSIO will be pushing it unless they make a decision to change their source. I mean seriously man, I wasn't trying to stir the pot or poke anyone in the eye.
  10. Fair. But that's us users decision to make. I think they have a tag for that ... LTS? But yeah, can't deny what you're saying in general.
  11. 5.11.39 has been deemed stable according to this https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Controller-5-11-39/6ab8ef1a-376f-41e6-85b2-ceec098b8462 Sadly, as you're surely aware, they still haven't pushed to the repos. [sigh]
  12. "posted" as in to the LIO servers or Ubiquiti's? They are already at Ubiquiti and I'm using latest.