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  1. Something changed in the last update. Not sure what, but this wasn't happening before. I just checked my docker and after a few days or running, and streetmerchant was eating all my RAM. I started limiting the RAM consumption of the docker now. We'll see how this works out.
  2. @kiowa2005 This project is updated very regularly. Updating links, adding features, fixing bugs, etc. Is there a way to structure the dockerfile such that users can force an update so the image can pull from the github repo and run the latest code?
  3. @zepheris @kiowa2005 Using the built in proxy support also works: You just have to map the files corectly to the docker: For example: -v '/mnt/user/appdata/streetmerchant/global.proxies':'/app/global.proxies':'ro' I use this for amazon so I don't hit the servers too hard and start forcing CAPTCHA requests. -JesterEE
  4. Oh there are definitely other cards...I'll get back to you in a while with a list of links. Are you in the dev team? Do you want me to track this elsewhere (github)?
  5. @kiowa2005 Is this container pulling from master or the latest stable release?
  6. I haven't tried it, but the standard way to pass username and password fields to a proxy is: protocol:// so for example (you probably don't need the port if it's the standard port for the protocol)
  7. @kiowa2005 Thanks for this! Got this working today with a Telegram channel and bot I set up. Took about an hour and now I'm not getting stupid PS5 notifications from those "other" stock notifiers pushing to Discord/Twitter/Telegram 🤩. I was monitoring my log file and even though I specified asus as a store endpoint it doesn't seem to be being checked for 30 series cards. I know this has nothing to do with the container, but has anyone else seen that on their installs? I'm also getting the CAPTCHA for amazon. The store as a whole seems to 'greylist' you ..
  8. @bonienl I started using this plugin on a different array the other day and I think I found a bug with the reporting mechanism for the Export being up-to-date with the Build. When mid-Build, I accidently hit the Export button the the webUI with all the disks selected. The build continued, but an export was also done on all the devices in my array with the current files where hashes were computed. I figured, these would almost certainly contain incomplete data, but I'd make a new export when the build completed the next day. Before I did however, I wanted to see if the Expor
  9. Upgraded from 6.8.3 without issue! Using the Nvidia drivers as well ... tested working as expected with a number of dockers and Windows Q35 VMs. Looking forward to this 5.9 kernel release!🙏 There is a patch to hwmon I've been waiting to get my hands on!
  10. That's an interesting find @keefd! Probably one of the best solutions for a modern server build where you want to incorporate some "average sized" PCI-E cards without losing space for HDD cage mounting. I do agree though, more than I'd want to spend (and that doesn't even cover the HDD cages). I've never heard of the manufacturer before ... I'd be interested in a build quality review ... So it looks like a pretty impressive case, with average or maybe a little better than average build quality. I think they priced themselves out of the market though.
  11. @Hoopster is right. If you had a Kepler based 730 instead of a Fermi 730, it would do some NVENC and NVDEC, but your card is a generation too old. Note the GF108 instead of GK208.
  12. Follow-up from my last post. TL;DR; APC Sucks So I got an APC RJ45 to RS232 (Serial) cable and a RS232 to USB adapter to do the firmware upgrade needed to hopefully get MODBUS over USB enabled on my UPS. Well, in APC's infinite wisdom, they apparently have different firmware ceilings for different units with the SAME SKU. Looking at the APC FAQs I found this entry on updating the firmware. So, I have a SMT1500US toaster, so I used Firmware Update Wizard 4.1.1. From the listing of firmware updates, my unit could be an SMT 4.5G with Micro-Link 17 or 18. My unit w
  13. FINALLY! If you have a case with lots of spinners and "thermal zones" this is the product and SUPPORT we have all been waiting for! -JesterEE
  14. Sorry to necro this post, but I was going to post a new thread about it anyway. EDIT: apcaccess result APC : 001,027,0657 DATE : 2020-07-08 12:24:13 -0400 HOSTNAME : Tower VERSION : 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware UPSNAME : Tower CABLE : USB Cable DRIVER : USB UPS Driver UPSMODE : Stand Alone STARTTIME: 2020-07-08 12:23:11 -0400 MODEL : Smart-UPS 1500 STATUS : ONLINE BCHARGE : 100.0 Percent TIMELEFT : 129.0 Minutes MBATTCHG : 10 Percent MINTIMEL : 10 Minutes MAXTIME : 0 Seconds ALARMDEL : 30 Seconds BATTV : 27.0 Volts NUMXFERS : 0 TONBATT : 0 Seconds
  15. I mostly agree ... a ZFS RAIDZ array would be almost perfect. I like everything a ZFS has to offer and the tools that support the function. Bundle that with an Unraid style interface for common array tasks for file versioning, scrubbing, and resilvering ... 🔥! The #1 place I think ZFS still needs some more time the oven is, as @_rogue pointed out, vdev expansion. All indicators point to that being a priority for the project devs, so maybe ZFS implementation for an Unraid 7.0 release target? Soon™ One issue I see with incorporating ZFS as the "main Unraid array" is h