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  1. I do not use NUT anymore but i could swear that i got them in the log file when i did. So maybe a power failure test is in order to see if unraid do shutdown like it should?
  2. Before trying anything with a UPS do run unraids power (and/or any other computers) from the wall so when the ups shutdown there is still power to unraid/computers. Shutdown swap power lead/plugs start up test ups. You do avoid some problems this way IF there are a problem like an unclean shutdown and a parity check for hours. Ups functions will still work like normal for example the status and the shutdown (if noting locks the array) since all that is done trough USB/network depending on ups and chosen way.
  3. Do not have an answer for you, only two small tips too try. i would probably have tried running unraid as master and synology/pfsense as slaves and sees how that goes, then if not ok tried pfsense as master. Also when you are testing do NOT have the equipment that you are testing on (synology/unraid/pfsense) power cables in the UPS just plug them in a normal outlet, that way IF the battery runs out and the ups shutsdown the equipment still have power=no more unnecessary parity checks/powercuts. Learned that a few weeks ago while pretty much feeling like a moron that did n
  4. Ahh THAT help Found name/pass and entered the string and got ok so cut power and one short beep came out then no more. Let unraid and ups shutdown waited around 5min powered up and cut power after unraid was started and the same one beep and no more. Thanks for the help.
  5. Help in the top right corner i assume is the online manual that leads to networkupstools. If so where do you find the name/pass? have looked and searched but cant really find any info on that. The only thing i find is what upsd.users should look like and some example names/passwords that do not work. Also tried searching for upsd.users on unraid when ssh in to ithe box but did not find any upsd.users file. Do i have to create upsd.users file? And if so where should it be since placing it in the "normal" place (somewhere under etc i assume) would not bring it back after a reboot
  6. Have not tried anything yet and is not at home right now but did the upscmd -l ups anyway. root@Tower:~# upscmd -l ups Instant commands supported on UPS [ups]: beeper.disable - Disable the UPS beeper beeper.enable - Enable the UPS beeper beeper.mute - Temporarily mute the UPS beeper - Obsolete (use beeper.disable or beeper.mute) beeper.on - Obsolete (use beeper.enable) - Turn off the load immediately - Turn off the load with a delay (seconds) load.on - Turn on the load immediately load.on.delay - Turn on the load with a delay (seconds) shutdown.return -
  7. Thanks! Going to try it in a day or two. Report back what happens.
  8. Turns out that i´m a moron or blind. Have no idè why i did not set the ups to turn off after shutdown. As in "Turn off UPS after shutdown: set to enabled" The shutdown and startup works like it should now. Now only the damn beeping issue is left now!
  9. I have a eaton ellipse pro 850 and nut installed and works but with a few issues. Right now i does shutdown as it should (the important part) at the time/battery level i set (and after a restart for that to take effect). The problem is that the unraid box does not start up again (and i waited for over an hour) if i press the start button on unraid it starts up or if i shutdown and start the ups (as in disable/enable power out from the ups) it also start. The unraid motherboard is set to always start when it gets power which works fine during power outages before i bought the ups.
  10. Thanks everybody! I had "Enable user shares" set too no since i do not use them and have no use of the mover for the cache disk i prefer doing it myself. So turned that on and the cache disk showed up . Then the problem i thought i was clever enough too remember too name all folders i have on the cache disk starting with - (for example -download) in the unlikely event that i wanted too use the mover someday. Since i was sooooooooo damn sure that was what i named them when i used unraid around 1-2years ago (been trying other stuff since and now i´m back) but as probably everyone el
  11. Under the main tab you can see all array disks plus the flash drive. But the cache drive does not show up sure you can go too dashboard and click on the smart icon for that drive then go to Disk attributes too view for example the drive temp. This is kind off annoying since the cache drive is the one drive i have spinning 24/7 one of the other drives (+parity once in a while) is maybe used 1-3 hours a day and 1-2 times a month more then one other drive is used. Therefore I really want too be able too see the quick status on the main tab (since i have that open all the time). Why is