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  1. Thank you for that clarification. I am in the rebuild process now.
  2. Thanks johnnie.black. Thx for caveat, too, as i did in fact move all files off the drive
  3. BTW, yes, I did check parity before brining the array down.
  4. I have followed all of the steps as outlined in the disk removal section: https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Storage_Management#Removing_disks I have reassigned the disks per the previous arrangement except, of course, for the removed disk. Upon clicking Start (the array) I get a warning that parity disk content will be overwritten. I want to make sure that I am OK to click on Proceed! Thank you.
  5. Are there any general suggestions for traversing the lost+found subdirectories? Using mc it takes a couple of hours just to search on files of a particular extension. Are there other methods for finding and consolidating files by type?
  6. Thanks again. It's slow going as there are thousands of directories. My strategy now is to use regex to find files of certain types and to move these selectively. If anyone has any other tips I would much appreciate them. Not all of the lost files need to be recovered, but I'd like to now what I've lost.
  7. As I have confirmed that I have, in fact, lost data, I am trying to look at the lost+found share to see if there is any resurrectable data there. On Midnight Commander (or by the CLI) it takes a VERY long time to open up the directory. I have tried to open it in the Mac Finder and I just get beachballing. I attempted to move its contents to a newly created share; this didn't help. When I go to the web UI and try to open up the lost+found directory, I get this message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4096 bytes) in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/DefaultPageLayout.php(383) : eval()'d code on line 25 Any suggestions on what to do? I am not even sure what the contents of the lost+found directory might contain? Sub-directories? Thanks, yet again!
  8. It appears that I have lost files; if I am lucky they are on the old disk2 and can still be transferred over. Can I use the unix rsync command to attempt to merge the items from the old disk2 folders to their counterparts on the new one?
  9. OK. Once I settle in and feel pretty comfortable that things are as I left them before my troubles I'll make the switch to xfs. Thanks again johnnie.black
  10. Well, it took a bit of work but i think that i am finally done moving files around. I have to say that I am not sure what I did wrong but recovering from my mistake has taken over a week of file transfers, etc. Right now I have a few, less used shares still have permission issues. Can I run new perms on shares rather than disk(s)? More importantly, I've had to do hard reboots three or four times over the last week including just now, after I thought I had reached an endpoint wrt file transfer. This is a problem I recall happening very rarely: stability is one thing I have not had a problem with. I've attached diags in case something sticks out? thanks. tower-diagnostics-20171017-0946.zip
  11. I rebooted my Mac, attempted to connect to unRAID, but it was unresponsive so was forced to hard boot the latter. I am now able to mount shares successfully. However, when I attempt to mount a disk directly, i.e. smb://10.0.0.x/disk2 I get the 'no permissions' icons. I could be mistaken, but in the past I believe I was able to mount volumes this way? Is this not correct? If not, then I can attempt the process of moving over files from the temp folder i created on disk2 over to the appropriate folders via Midnight Commander or the CLI. I would prefer to do it via GUI, but it's not a requirement. Diags posted. These were from after rebooting unRAID but before starting the array. Also, a screenshot of the 'no permissions' mount. Thanks. tower-diagnostics-20171013-1046.zip
  12. no writes. however, when i try to mount one of my shares i can't get in with root or with another username i created.
  13. I invoked the newperms script 48 hours ago and it's still running. It's on "sync" now. Should I be concerned that it has taken this long?
  14. I still notice, btw, that if I do a direct mount to disk2 via Mac OS the folders have 'no permission' icons on them. This is not the case for direct access to other disks. Do I still need to do any sort of permission repair or rebuild? Also, I am doing verbose copies which give results for every single file transfer. If I do have a read error as you describe above, what the wording will be? I have 47k lines of output and I don't know where to look for notices of errors. Or is there a log file I can examine? Thanks.
  15. I will do. Right now I am copying selective folders from the old disk 2 to a temp folder on the new disk2, per your suggestion above. Thanks johnnie.b