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  1. @Frank1940 - Just changed ISP (which is what started all this) and I have the old router ready to go. Should make it relatively easy, although Murphy and his damn law seems to take a dislike to me more often than NOT!! 😏
  2. @Frank1940 - thanks for the link. I had a read. Most of that is far beyond my understanding - and probably always will be. A lot of unraid users seem to use their severs for a myriad of different things. My server is only for my video media. I have all the discs should anything problematic happen - but as I said, I have a lot of effort invested in my media. My important data is NOT on a network share. Taking my media system off the network on to it's own one sounds like the best solution to me - ease of management. I am the only one with write access. There is no need to have unrai
  3. @Frank1940 - it was all about following the prompts, help popups on the unraid and what I read. I also thought it would make it more difficult should our network be breached if one could not just access another computer on the network...but I don't really know a lot about this. The HTPC has only Read Only access to the server. As for my Movies-TVSHows - I have them modded and tweaked to my satisfaction and a lot of work have gone into them to get them they way I want. It would be frustrating to have them compromised. Ultimately, the plan is to take the network offline - meaning r
  4. Hey Frank. Thanks for the comments. Not sure I understand this. My shares are "Private." Are you saying they DON'T need a password when set to Private?? As for xbmc, still investigating that part. Lots of info to wade through. At this point, I think that if the shares are password protected, then xbmc will automatically bring up a login box, but as of yet that is NOT completely clear. The easiest way to find out is delete the 3x password files on the unraid USB and setup them up again. I worry a lot about being locked out though. Passwords are a bane in any system IMO.
  5. @trurl - you are right. I didn't wait long enough to see the menu pop up. Doh! Thanks
  6. Upgraded to unRaid 6 series some time back and setup security. Wrote everything up including the passwords and put it away somewhere safe. Unfortunately, that safe place now eludes me. 😭 I have managed to get all passwords sorted - except one. I have a HTPC that accesses my server ( a user for it is setup in the unraid gui). I cannot remember or figure the password for this machine. Is there anyway to retrieve it? I have thought perhaps I could just delete that user from the unraid GUI and create a new one, but my worry is that my HTPC will no longer access the shares a
  7. @trurl - sorry about that. I just realised I grabbed the wrong name from your post. Apologies. I think I've done that myself (in fact, the router does it's setup using MAC address. My old router wasn't this flash in the interface. Both have been supplied by the ISP - meaning cheap😉
  8. Finally got it sorted out. @Constructor - you are correct. That would be the easy way, but I putty into the server and knowing the IP is a critical part. I found out the same thing had happened to our HTPC (also a static IP and running linux - so putty again) and couldn't connect at all. I tried everything. In the end I connected back to the old router and bingo - away we went. The new router has a different IP range, than the old one as I suspected. I even tried to re-route the old one to the new one but it wouldn't work. Tech is sometimes way too complicated - unless your a geniu
  9. Tried for an upgrade this morning and it failed. There is NO button in the Tools>OS page (that shows as a button) I have to assume the Update OS Text at top left is it. I got a message as below. I am now suspicious that the server does not have connection to the internet. We have just changed our ISP - which meant a new router/modem. The new modem/router is registering the server (and I can login into it through the GUI), but there is NO IP address in the modem interface after the name of the server - but there is after the name of every other computer on the network. My server
  10. Thanks Squid. Really appreciate the insight.
  11. Greetings, How is everyone? Hope you're having good times. My server is currently running 6.7.2. I went to update the few plugins that I have (CA, cache_directories) and it would appear I can no longer do this from the GUI. It would seem that I need to be running 6.8.3. Is this the latest stable release? (This is what I've got ( "unRAIDServer-6.8.3-x86_64.zip") I have a very old server. I am wary of changing anything because I'm not in the position to build a new one. I worry about upgrading because of this and the fact my resources on the server aren't high. Do I need to
  12. Hello there, Recently upgraded to 6.7.2 after being on V5 for far too many years. I only have four plugins - CA, CA Fix Problems, Cache Directories, Tips and Tweaks. Since the upgrade, I have had a strange problem. My HTPC keeps freezing for about 2 minutes within the first ten minutes of turning my server on. In the KodiTV log I was getting "WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(audio)::Get - asked for new data packet, with nothing available." The unraid server log was showing nothing. Today, while writing new data to my server after turning it on, I notice
  13. The drive rebuild without incident and completed after 25 hours. The next step is the copy the data from my next small drive so it is free to upgrade to xfs.
  14. Thanks for this. That makes a lot of sense. So non-correcting it is. I've only started recently doing non-correcting as that has always been the default of unRAID. However, after reading many posts on the subject, I figured a non-correcting one was at times good practice. I was thinking that the new writes to the new disk needed to be checked (after the fact) to confirm that the writes were all successful. However, my thinking is probably suspect as I certainly don't know a lot about these things. If I think on it further, I guess unRAID will somehow tell me of failed writes - probably in the