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  1. Disappointing. Doesn't surprise me though as my machine is fairly old. I was thinking that perhaps it would be nice to be able to run a VM of another OS or something so I don't have to run them on my pc. Oh well...who knows what will happen it the future! The next thing is still some extra RAM. As a pensioner, have to be careful of the pennies 🙁
  2. Thank you for this. Makes a lot of sense. Seems it was enabled by default. I have disabled it and there was an option to delete it in V6. I made a backup of all the other folders and files and then made them hidden. At least I don't have to see them. unRAID was reporting my Asus P5B-E does not have Intel VT-x tech - but I found a post that says it must be turned on in the bios. Could be processor dependent though?? I have setup all my security and managed to get it sorted at this point. So good to go. Really appreciate all the assistance. It's been fantastic. Thank you
  3. Hello, I need some further explanation of these extra folders placed on one of my HDD's during the V6 upgrade (appdata, domains, isos, and system.) Not sure if unRAID 6 added them, but I only noticed them after I installed CA. I was told they are part of the new system - and if I didn't want to see them, I should set export to "no" However, export is already set to "no" and they are plainly visible as a user share. Why?? The docker one has a 20gb img file in it. Do I need it? 20 Gb is like 6-10 movies of space. What happens if I delete them? Surely the system is smart enough to re-create them if or when they are needed. If ever? I don't use dockers, so that one is definitely not needed. Any further suggestions? Thanks.
  4. I thought that's what the issue was. One day I'll get changed over to xfs. I have re-seated the HDD and the cables. Probably too early to see any change if one is going to happen. I'll keep an eye on it.
  5. Thanks for telling me that. I didn't know you could see it. At least its on for me now. Good point on the RAM. I'll do some reading. Thanks
  6. @Frank1940 - MB manual is a good idea. Should have thought that myself. Doh! As the the "dockers" part - you are clear this is an English forum aren't you 😁. I have a lot to study up on. I'll try and sort out my RAM first. That'll mean some time as I'll have to import it. I've had a very quick look at the dockers (I have installed CA), but I didn't see anything that I was initially interested in. A lot of the names are meaningless to me anyway. Need to spend some time learning. I've only ever written to the disk shares (actually never thought of writing via the user shares). I like to put my content where I want it. I have thought about turning export on and off on the disk shares, but it adds another level of complexity I'm not sure I want (or remember). I'll give the login window in explorer a go without checking that box. I guess once I login into the disk share, it'll stay open for that session (meaning until I reboot). I have to setup the security levels as well., but that is a matter of time and experiment as it is still all alien to me. Never did know about the disk shares bug (but I'll try and keep it on the radar). Memory isn't what it used to be!! 😭 You will probably see I figured the signature thing and it is now on. Thanks muchly.
  7. @Hoopster - thanks to the insight. I looked for that signature setting and didn't find it. Now I have it turned on. Kudos to Frank for this as well. My server has 2x 1gb RAM sticks (2 slots still empty). I am thinking I will get 4x2Gb sticks (total 8gb) to future proof. Do I need to worry about the numbers in the RAM - like 667, 533, etc. Cost is ALWAYS a factor? As for dockers, I don't really know what they are used for - or how I can use them. Lots of people here have really tricky systems - way beyond my technical level. I always wanted something simple - but things change and perhaps a docker can offer something I haven't considered.
  8. @testdasi - all very good points. All my drive are WD (mostly green, a few reds), but the last one I brought was a Seagte as it was cheaper than the others. I've had a good run out of WD. Once the Seagate was in the server, I noticed a strange little noise when a drive spun up or down. I'm assuming it is the SGate. Currently have a high error count on the Sgate (have another post), but it's debatable if this is an issue or not. The WD drives don't have the same smart registers as the Sgate. Appreicate the input. Cheers
  9. here I thought this was the case, but this was doing it even when the drive was only half full - even when the space on the drive was more than this. AS I said above, would like to migrate away, but it'll take more expense and some planning. Currently all my SATA ports are used. I need a spare slot to format a drive as xfs. Maybe some day. Waiting to hear back what the supplier thinks of this suspect drive. Edit: I was reading another thread and more websites today (Having more time) and the unRAID thread mentioned an ill-seated SATA cable. I'll re-seat the cable, but I also have hot swap boxes, so I'll re-seat the drive as well. Perhaps this will help?? 2nd Edit: As I suspected, the drive supplier got back to me with an RMA request - they want the drive back before anything is done. I can't send the drive back until I have a replacement - and there is also the possibility it isn't even defective. I'll re-seat the cables etc and see what the result is first. I did find this link here which is interesting. I think I'll listen to the advice and take a wait and see attitude.
  10. Yes. All my server is. I would like to migrate away to xfs (don't really know what this is), but it will take some effort.
  11. Greetings, Just wondering what hard drives people are using. Most people seem to go for the cheapest (that's my response), but is one brand better than another?? I've had a really good run with WD greens (EARX, EFRX) (2,4 and 6tb). My last drive was a Seagate ST6000VN0041 ...but it's suddenly showing some unusual numbers on some of the fields under smart. I've requested a replacement. Seems some of these drives are better rated for NAS options than others. I've been freaking out how expensive they are - especially some of the smaller sizes now. Makes it real expensive to have a spare on standby. Looking at my options here in New Zealand, I found something called a WD Purple. HDD manufacturers sure like colours? Are there any preferences? Does rotational speed make any real difference? Cheers
  12. @itimpi - I searched online and the view was that these sorts of numbers meant the drive was failing - so I'm very glas for your input. I have no idea about such things as I been very lucky with HDD's What I do know is that writing to that drive takes a long time to start (the very first write) - usually the network timeout happens first - but the unRAID gui shows the hard is being constantly read - but NOT written too. This has been troubling, but I thought it was something to do with the reiserfs system and large drives. Writing to this drive can take many minutes to start, but once it has, all consecutive write seems to happen without a hitch...until the day I start a write. I have sent the smart info to my purchase store and requested a replacement. Time will tell if they think its suspect. Really appreciate the help.. I should have a spare drive on tap - but you know how it is 🙄
  13. Greetings, Not sure if this is in the right place but it did say "Disk Issues" Just upgraded to V6. Was reviewing the smart info on my drives. I've never been able to see the smart info for 6Tb drives in V5 under unmenu (and couldn't seem to update unmenu). Seagate ST6000VN0041 - 6tb drive @ 6188 hours showing... Raw read error rate = 55158135 Command timeout = 4295032833 Hardware ECC recovered = 55158135 This seems bad and searching seems to indicate the same thing. It is still under warranty (supposedly had 3 years) (Actually my newest and least full drive) The smart info is included. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks Question, if the HDD fails during a parity check...will that void the parity info? I ask this because I am due for another parity check and probably would be a good idea if I need it to rebuild this drive. tower-smart-20190815-1904.zip
  14. Frank - Thanks for the help They are in the Disk Share Security settings (one place I noticed them). If I read the help properly, I think they are for copying security settings between drives so you don't have to change them all individually. That help thingee is great. I'll have to remember it. One downside is that there is no help on the users page. I'm still trying to understand this part of it. I never played with this at all in V5. Okay...so I set one of my disk shares (I always write directly to the disk so I control where everything is) to secure. When I tried to write to that disk via Windows explorer, I was told via a dialog box that I needed permission. How do I get permission?? I am guessing I have to set up a user to do this?? Once I do that, I'm assuming I'll have to give myself credentials or something. How does my windows machine know what user I am? I suppose I have to tell it via the dialog box. Okay, I just set up a "user" and figured out how it works. I gives me the option on the windows dialog box to remember login info. Should I check that box? Will my windows machine remember them across a reboot? If I change these settings I'm going to have to go and change my little ion htpc settings to access the shares. That'll be interesting. Haven't looked in there for years. This is why I don't touch things when its working. 👴👴 👴 Being this is tough! Thanks Frank for the explanation of the security things above. It helped. I think I'm slowly getting it sorted. Really appreciated. Cheers PS - these double scroll bars on the forum are wicked!
  15. Wow...never thought it would still be available (never looked though). Looks like I'll have to import though as I can't find any locally. Be nice to have some extra RAM - now available that unRAID is 64bit. Can I use what's in the server already and just add more, or should I get new RAM that is all the same brand (type)?? How did you know what MB I have? I thought I had it on a signature, but I don't see that on this forum