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  1. That makes sense. First boot stopped after reading all the HDD's (like it was waiting for something). Then it continued without hitch. 2nd boot didn't stop at that point, so not sure why it happened. Hope to get another drive tomorrow - supposedly a better quality one. Let's hope it boots Thanks
  2. Success!! Can't believe it! The new USB drive booted. First...I did the format on my old Win 7. The USB booted first time. Then, I decided to reformat and do the whole thing again on my usual Win 10 machine. And...thankfully, it also booted. The downside is, that this appears to be the slowest USB drive I've ever had. It took twice as long to write unraid to it, and first boot was incredibly slow. However, 2nd boot seemed faster. Reviews seems to support the fact this is a slow drive. Should that matter?? I have decided to purchase one more brand - which appears to have a better name and a long warranty. I uncertain if it is the exactly the same model as posted on these forums, but time will tell. It should arrive tomorrow, so we will see. Until then...
  3. Yes. Tried every USB port on my computer. Then I fired up an old Win 7 puter this morning and configured the USB drives again. Still no boot! I have had another drive arrive this morning. Don't hold much hope though!
  4. Yes. One of the first things I tried. Still no joy!! 😭 It's most disturbing. I'd be really interested to know why USB's are so temperamental. I see in your sig you use a Blade. I got some today, but they are obviously newer models or something, as they don't work.
  5. Thanks for the link. I followed the commands to the letter. Unfortunately, none of the USB's booted (same as before). However...I did find this in the event log. Device USB\VID_0781&PID_55A5\4C5300******************** was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match. Last Device Instance Id: USB\VID_04DA&PID_2481\0000A2B351EE Class Guid: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000} Location Path: PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1400)#USBROOT(0)#USB(3) Migration Rank: 0xF000FFFF00000020 Present: false Status: 0xC0000719 The stars represent my GUID so I have removed the actual number. While this is interesting, and virtually all my USB's give this event, one of the USB's with this issue still boots into Unraid without problem. I have two licences on matching USB's (the original ones). One has this issue. The other doesn't. Both USB's still boot without a problem! I have researched this but while there are many posts about it, there seems to be no fix that I could find. And...I'm not sure this is the issue. So it's back to the drawing board!
  6. Yes to both those questions. I used windows 10 to format the USB stick originally (I used win 10 to prepare my old lexar which works). Both USB Creator and RUFUS see the new USB's as viable. USB creator starts okay...says something like "syncing filesystem" then just stops. When USB creator works correctly, it should extract the zip file to the drive after the SYNC part. One strange thing...after the USB creator finishes the sybc part, the USB has lost 7.15Gb of space - yet there are no files on the disk even with "show hidden and operating system files" turned on. It's like it creates a hidden partition or something -> yet you can't see it afterwards.
  7. No I haven't. I have planned too, but I wait to get the next model on order before I buy the next one. I still am awaiting an order of a different model. I do see the Kingston here (They are quite expensive, which is why they weren't me first choice) and the model number is "DTSE9H" which makes me think it is NOT the same as the "DTSE9" model. If my next one fails, then that will be my last port of call. Thanks
  8. Yes. The USB Creator tool fails on every new USB drive I have. I have had to manually install unraid onto each new USB, make it bootable, then try it. They have all failed to boot. The USB Creator tool did work on my old lexar though. And...it works regardless of how I do the install -> both using the USB C-tool and manual install -> so I know I am doing it correctly. The question I keep coming back to is...why don't the new USB's boot? What is so wrong with them that they don't work...even though they fulfill the exact requirements of unraid??? Looks like I'll have to buy every brand of USB in our country to find one that will perhaps work...although I'm not holding my breath!
  9. Yes I did. Still did NOT boot. Tried it with two different USB's.
  10. They are NOT formatted NTFS. They are formatted FAT32. I am trying to boot these USB's on a working unraid system. I have verified I'm am manually setting these up correctly as a very old Lexar drive I have boots without issue. My system sees the USB at boot, but WILL NOT boot into the OS. I put my current USB back in and it boots as usual. RUFUS does not do any better (assuming I'm using it correctly). The selection of choices is limited and it won't install a zip. So I"m not further along. I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. If my current USB dies, then my unraid server is down. A minuscule selection of USB drives was the norm when I built my server 14 years ago. So it seems this aspect of unraid has not changed. In fact, it has got worse. There are numerous threads about people buying USB's that don't boot. How does unraid even make sales if this is the case? Guess I have no choice but the keep buying drives until I find one that works (that's if I even do!)!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for chiming in. I'll give it a go.
  12. Got my next USB drives in the post today...and guess what...they also fail to boot. Why don't they boot??? All of the posts about what USB's to use are old (apart from mine) - > I think the latest was Sept 2020. Of the USB's reported to work, all of them have been discontinued - so there is no stock anywhere! I managed to order some Sandisk Cruzer Blades (obviously a later model than some of the posts here), and they don't boot. I'm already out over $100, and still NO bootable device! And...where is the recommendation page gone. The links are dead? What USB is Limetech using? This is a deplorable situation!!!!!!!!
  13. Some of the USB brands available here in NZ... Strontium Pollex 16GB USB Drive 16GB ADATA C906 Classic USB 2.0 Verbatim Store n Go 16GB USB 2.0 (this seems to have slow read / write speeds) Apacer AH335 16GB Swivel cap Design USB2.0 The common brand here is Sandisk.
  14. Okay...got my old 4Gb Lexar USB drive out and set it up as a clean install of 6.8.3. I copied my config folder across and made it bootable. The damn thing booted first try! So my don't the Sandisk Cruzer Snap USB drives work! They fit exactly the criteria for unraid -> are a brand name product, with a unique GUID, formatted correctly and made bootable. I have checked these and there are NO hidden files or anything on the drive (shouldn't be after a format). Perhaps they just don't like unraid. I'm like some others here - the extremely small range of USB drives that seem to work with unraid are pathetic - > especially for the length of time unraid has been around.
  15. Update: I rebuilt the USB with a clean install of 6.8.3 and copied my config folder across. Then I made the USB bootable using the included file. It still did not boot! I vaguely remember something we had to do with "syslinux" (or is this part done by the "make_bootable" file)? It's time to wait for some advice. Thanks