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  1. Hi Guys, I solved my problem in a different way with some assistance indirectly from Spaceinvader One (Kudos). My Backup-Server did not have Krusader installed, so I did that first. Then I went to the "Backup Movies" Share and changed it's name under Shares to "Old Movie Formats". Then to allow it to be seen, I went back to the Share and turned off Samba (No) and Applied the change. Retuning to the Shares I then re-enabled the Samba to Yes. At this point with nothing in the Old Movie Formats Share, I was able to go to Krusader and move all of my Files (MKV/M4V/DVD (VOB) Movies) into the new Share - Old Movie Formats! Krusader once I understood its intricacies worked like a charm and all files moved lickity split! Hope this helps someone else with changing both a Share Name and Moving Files around in there UnRaid! Regards, Dave
  2. Hi, I am trying to save my multiple versions of movies (vob/mkv/m4v>mp4) and they are now stored in the "Apple" Share. I don't think I have any other items in the Apple Share and would like to Rename it to Old Movie Formats for better description. Can I do that w/o creating a problem? I've read that the Samba Security Settings get messed up, so want to check on the change before making that Name conversion. The alternative would be to create a "New" share and Move (I guess) all the 1000's of files to it, but I'm not sure if that is Physical or just a internal Relocation of the files. If it's physical, I doubt that I have enough room to make another "copy". Thanks in advance for your suggestions and assistance. Dave
  3. Thank You at this point I will continue to assess the Drive and consider this post Solved!
  4. I was able to get to the cable/card and suspect the card is the problem as part of 1 connection tab is broken. I did re-seat the cable and got the following result after rebooting/restarting the array and let it run over night. See diagnostic. I know the card is suspect, doesn't it still indicate a problem with the drive. If I need to upgrade the card, I might think seriously about upgrading the MB etc as it is a very old relic. Thanks in advance for your assistance and thoughts. Dave
  5. As an Alternative since my Backup Server is difficult to access, is there a way to "move" all data from the suspect hard drive to another drive then remove/delete that drive from the Array? If I delete the suspect drive after moving any data, I think I would then have to rebuild Parity. Thoughts or ideas appreciated. Archivist
  6. Thanks for the Response, see attached file and picture
  7. Hi, I have a 4TB drive in my "Backup Server" that is reporting lots of problems. Looking at it via my Mac it only has ~ 34 GB of "duplicate" trash (per it's folder) and a docker.img (? what docker as none are installed in the Backup Server). I have a "spare" 2TB drive. Can this be installed as a replacement to the 4TB drive w/o causing a problem for the System? Thanks in advance! Archivist
  8. Thanks, great explanation and process, especially since my Server(s) are quite old but still functioning nicely! I appreciate the assistance. Regards, Dave - Archivist
  9. Good Morning, It's been quite awhile since I've been online. My UnRaid Servers date back to the earliest days from perhaps the 3.0 series in 2006. I purchased my dual Pro Flash Drives directly from Tom and with minor upgrades they've functioned ever since. Currently they are both running UnRaid 6.5.3 but according to the latest code 6.8.1, they do not have sufficient space to operate (download & update). Given the age of my Servers, what recommendations do you suggest for the size of Replacement Flash/Boot Drives, most appropriate and how do I transfer my GUID code(s)? Regards to all! Dave
  10. I have a question about changing from Needoplex:latest to Linuxserver's or binhex's repositories. It took a very long time to setup my Plex Server (still w/o PlexPass) and get it to work on my UnRaid Server. If I change to the other repositories, will that mess up my links and access? CA Fix Common Problems recommends this change but I'm not sure of the effect. Suggestions/thoughts welcomed. Thanks