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  1. Nextcloud for me too! New photos automatically sync. unlimited storage! i didn't want to export/share the entire nextcloud folder, so i have a symlink in another media share that links to my nextcloud photos folder. works perfectly. if only nextcloud could create memories (like google photos / apple photos) or automatically group people / places... that would be even more awesome!
  2. will there be any problem moving files from user_share to user-share? i don't think i have experienced any corruption but just asking in case it's not the recommended practice... I noticed that when doing this, unraid actually doesn't move the files from the disk. unraid just creates the new user_share on the same disk the original files are on and moves the files there. even if the disk was excluded in the share settings. after that i would have to do a disk-to-disk move so the share goes onto the correct disk. i see what you mean
  3. So is this a Krusader problem or an unraid problem? i'm curious about this because I think this is a very common scenario. I move files between disks quite a lot, and i have created new shares and moved files to the new shares also. I used Krusader, unbalance and MC for moving files. the last time i moved files between disks because i was removing a disk from my array. over the next several file integrity checks i had warnings about quite many files with corruption. however i shrugged it off because the files were still working as far as i could tell. i know we should never move files from shares to disks, but now i'm wondering is there any "correct" way for manually moving files within the array?
  4. hi guys, yesterday this error suddenly appeared in my logs: SILOmetalico kernel: node[3742]: segfault at 380ea0440008 ip 0000000000db8cf3 sp 0000148d7f8fea00 error 4 in node[400000+26b3000] first occurrence was yesterday afternoon 16:28, after that it appears 3 more times at different (random?) times of the day. wondering if anyone seen this before and knows what this error means. unraid still seems to be running fine, no strange behaviour but i'm afraid to try restarting the server in case it won't boot up, and nobody would be able to help because I didn't take the logs before rebooting. should i be worried about this error? here are the diagnostics- thanks.
  5. I found that if I open the terminal from the HTTPS local IP address the webterminal is perfectly readable. However if I open the terminal from the HTTPS address then I'd get that unreadable font. I only find this issue when using Brave browser.
  6. just a small update - unbalance works now. i didn't do anything. just tried it and it suddenly works again. but the output of the find command still returns %A|%U:%G|%F|%n results.
  7. same here, also using Brave. when using Brave the web terminal is pretty much unusable. no issue when using latest edge (chromium) or chrome. only bitwarden plugin installed (on brave and edge), no plugins in chrome.
  8. i'm getting the same result unbalance stopped working for me after i changed some disk assignments. new config, parity valid then swapped disk 7 and disk 8 slots. it used to run through the planning process very quickly but now the planning window doesn't appear. same thing whether i try scatter or gather. unbalance appears to be busy but nothing happens and no errors. i have already uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin. any ideas?
  9. is this the same as setting the override inform host to the FQDN in the controller GUI? doing it this way means that the unifi controller gui will also be accessible from the internet? can it be set up for local access only?
  10. hi @jonathanm can you teach me how you set this up? my unifi docker has the same ip address as unraid server, if i spin up another unifi controller it would need a different IP. i believe my APs look for the controller via the IP address, which i assume is the IP address of unraid that we used for the "override inform host" setting. i would like to be able to easily spin up a backup unifi controller if ever my unraid server has to go down for a few days.
  11. hi guys, big thanks to everyone! no more XFS corruption errors! how to mark this topic as solved?
  12. no i didn't reboot. i'm having trouble sending you the file. i could copy /var/log/gitflash to /boot but i'm not able to attach it to my message. i tried copying it over to my desktop first, but i get file access denied message.
  13. @ljm42i'll get back to you on this. because i had earlier already disabled flash backup. i didn't want it filling up my syslog. just now i turned it back on again, expecting the logs to fill up again. but surprisingly after more than an hour it only has 1 flash_backup task logged, and that should be for the backup that happened after i turned it back on. anyway i'll check the logs again tomorrow, and if it starts creating flashbackup logs every minute again I'll let you know. thanks!