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  1. I seem to have a new problem now. After a while downloads seem to just stop, seems to be typically at 99% complete. Have you encountered this issue before? I found this reddit user with a similar issue also using a PFsense router but replicating their fix didn't fix it for me.
  2. This issue seems to be fixed now, not sure what changed but thank you again for your help!
  3. For step 6, do you mean 'Type in 'rm ${DATA_DIR}/SteamPrefill/Config/account.config' and press ENTER' This is what I had to add for it to work, but it did not seem to resolve my login issue unfortunately.
  4. Forgive my delayed reply, appreciate your response! 1. Yep its installed on the cache drive. 2. Please see below: 3. /Appdata/ is set to "Only."
  5. Thanks for the crazy fast reply! I'm on 6.11.5. I did that command and restarted, it let me login but on the prefill finish it happened again.
  6. Trying to use the Lancache Prefill docker. When I login I get a "This session will not stay connected" error and then if I try again I get this: