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  1. Hello all, First time back in many years. I just built a new video editing PC and am thinking about re-purposing my ten-year-old former editing rig into a NAS with UnRaid and Plex server. It has a FIRST generation Intel Core i7 920 CPU and an Intel DX58SO motherboard. State of the art at the time I built it, but nowadays the new OFFICE machine I just built with a Ryzen 3400G doubles its Geekbench 5 scores. Also has six SATA ports, though two of them are intended to feed the eSATA ports at the back. Can I use those for internal SATA drives? Is this CPU and chipset suitable for Plex hardware transcoding (video card is a Zotac nVidia GTX 1650 if that makes any difference)? Or are new Celerons and Pentiums in prebuilt NAS’s from Synology, Qnap, etc., better for this sort of thing now (after all, it’s been 10 years)? Usually only need one stream at a time. Any other things I should note? Thanks!
  2. Just checked again. Disk 4 disabled. This is after I changed the drive (4 times), SATA cable, SATA port, power cable, and power connector on the modular power supply. Think it might be time to throw in the towel and just get a Synology or WD NAS unit.
  3. Checked in 2 hours later and fired up the WebGUI, data rebuild speed is 486kb/sec.
  4. Ah, did not know that. WebGUI now closed. I'll report back later today. Wouldn't it be hilarious if that were the entire problem in the first place? EDIT: Nah, couldn't be. This problem first occurred when copying a file from my desktop PC to Disk 4 of the Unraid, and the WebGUI wasn't open at the time.
  5. So far, not good. Zero percent complete, estimated speed of data rebuild already down to 294kb/sec with estimated finish of 168410 minutes.
  6. Tested two of the "failed" drives with WD Lifeguard Diagnostic, both tested fine and dandy. Just put one of those two drives back into the Unraid server as Disk 4, with a new power cable, connected to a different connector on the modular power supply and rebooted. We'll see how it goes....
  7. Currently on vacation out of state, won't be getting back to the server til Tuesday at the earliest. Will post updates then, thanks!
  8. First of the three drives finished all the WD Lifeguard tests, no problems. Second drive is halfway through, also no problems so far. So when I reboot the Unraid, it will be with one of these drives, different port, and different power connector and we'll see what happens.
  9. Drive failed and rebuild aborted, just like I figured in my last post. One of the drives is doing the extended test on another PC, and I'll try a different port on the Unraid server (along with a different power connector) when I swap drives again and fire it back up.
  10. Tried swapping out the data cable. Data rebuild is going about 1 mb/sec, so I suspect that's not gonna be any help and rebuild will fail again. If/when that happens, I'll swap out the power cable to that drive.
  11. I just had my third WD 3TB Red drive get disabled by UnRaid in the space of three weeks. All three were "Disk 4," with the second being an intended replacement of the first, then the third intended to replace the second. But the second and third drives never made it through the data rebuild process. Data rebuild would start but immediately slow down to a crawling 195mb/sec or less, and after a while the data rebuild would stop and the disk be disabled bu Unraid. I get the feeling it's not the drives that are the problem, but maybe the controller, or something wrong within my Unraid itself? I've attached my most recent system log. Ideas? Thanks! Tower_System_Log_2014-2-12.txt
  12. Ended up renaming the super.dat file in 4.6, which solved the "too many missing disks" problem, then following the recommended upgrade path to 4.7, then to the newest 5rc. And the digital moving van is now throwing files into the new server. Thanks!
  13. My UnRaid system with v4.6, a Pentium 4, and lots of IDE drives got a fried motherboard quite a while back, and I'm just now rebuilding my server with a new motherboard, new CPU, new 3TB SATA drives and new SATA controllers. Basically starting from scratch with only the UnRaid USB key carried over. Nothing else. Can I just put v5 on my USB drive and fire it up like a brand new system (which it is, except for the UnRaid USB drive)? If not, what else do I need to do? Thanks!
  14. I notice the prebuilt MD-1510 systems are all showing out of stock, none can currently be ordered. Any estimates when they'll be available for ordering again? I don't have the time to collect the parts and build a system myself anymore. Thanks!
  15. I know most people were using the Asus P5B-VM DO mobo to build their UnRaid systems with a few years back. Is there a motherboard that has that same universality with UnRaid system builders nowadays? Thanks!