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  1. trying to figure out how much real world difference upgrading to a Ryzen 3600. if I go from 6 cores to 8, do the threads show up as virtual CPUs or am I just gaining 2 CPUs?
  2. thanks for the link, are all the Ryzen bugs worked out? just have to see what is a step up from mine..
  3. hey guys, have an i5-8400 on a z-370 motherboard with 16gb DDR4 ram. Run about 10 dockers, a Windows 10 VM that hosts Blue Iris for recording my video cameras, and Plex. Just looking for a CPU upgrade as i am always running about 70 percent and sometimes max it out. Hoping to just buy a motherboard and CPU and reuse my ram. What is a good upgrade to give me a little headroom without using a ton more power? Is the best bang for the buck Ryzen or Xeon? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. hey guys, swapped cables between disk 3 and disk 4 and everything is fine.. thanks for the help.
  5. ok thanks for this johnnie, will do tonight.. anything weird in the logs? i couldn't see anything but didn't know what file to try to look at.
  6. here is diagnostic file, any help would be much appreciated.. server-diagnostics-20191009-0026.zip
  7. thanks Frank, will do when I get home on a couple hours.
  8. Hey guys, had a power outage yesterday. Unraid is protected by a UPS but i was at work and not sure if it worked as it was supposed to by shutting the system down cleanly. So when i get home, i turn on the server, now the array won't start and it says disk 4 is missing. All the other disks are assigned. I have shut down a few times and powered up and still the same thing. The machine wasn't physically touched to make the drive go missing (cables, etc). What would my next course of action be to not lose any data? any help would be much appreciated.
  9. no I did not, I could just put the sample extension back on. never thought of that, thanks.
  10. hey guys, how to i stop an app from using letsencrypt? i have about 5 apps using it but there are a few that aren't really needed. I deleted the sub domains on the properties of the letsencrypt container but everything keeps working. Funny is was pretty hard to get it working, seems equally as hard to stop it from working, lol.
  11. if someone got into my radarr page, there woudln't be anyway someone could get into my server or shares though right?
  12. thanks for the response. i guess i will have to look into this further. Someone would have to guess the address first thought i guess. i might just turn off the reverse proxy on a few things.
  13. guys, just got Letsencrypt working with sonarr, radarr, nextcloud. What I am confused about is can anyone just go to my page at radarr.mydomain.cc and get into my system? or even worse nextcloud.mydomain.cc? It's great for me to get to it from anywhere, just want to check how safe it is facing outward as I normally only use OpenVPN.