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  1. reinstalled Freenas because i was swapping around hard drives. Decided to delete all files and redo this from scratch. Had it up and running in 5 minutes. Took good notes last time in case this would happen.
  2. haha, i think i need a vacation and yes it is a great feeling. my wife thinks i am an idiot for spending all this time on something like this when i can just drive a hard drive over to my parents house.. i told her that isn't the point funny thing is i am watching these youtube videos doing it and they are only like 3 minutes long, i got about 25 hours into it! about all i could add to the book is some coloring i just hope neither system goes down because i would hate to have to do it again.
  3. guys, finally got this working.. i watched a couple more videos on Youtube on the subject. I am only going one way, from Unraid to Freenas. So i only had to go onto the Unraid server, generate the keys, then only copy the public one over to Freenas. I only needed one set of keys. this is my go file. I tried using Hoopster's but had some permission errors on my system. # Copy SSH files back to /root/.ssh folder and set permissions for files mkdir -p /root/.ssh cp /boot/config/sshroot/Server-rsync-key /root/.ssh/id_rsa cp /boot/config/sshroot/known_hosts /root/.ssh/known_hosts cat /boot/config/sshroot/Server-rsync-key.pub > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys chmod 700 /root/.ssh chmod 600 /root/.ssh/id_rsa chmod 600 /root/.ssd/known_hosts # chmod g-rwx,o-rwx -R /root/.ssh I have two IP addresses on my home internet account and a spare modem. I was able to plug my Freenas into a port on the back of that router, so i can Rsync between server and freenas over the internet in my room to test. I still am going to be going through the scripts and change the port for SSH, etc. Now i can work on something else, that took way too much of my time the last couple weekends. Thanks guys for all the help and support, sorry for being a pain in the ASS!
  4. thanks for that Ken-ji. I have it working with being able to reboot the Freenas server. this is the command I am working with right now moving some files over. rsync -avz --no-perms -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/Server-rsync-key" /mnt/user/misc/Music/ root@ was having a few issues where sometimes i would do a test transfer and i would try to delete the files through windows explorer and it would say access denied, user 'nobody' needs to delete this. I would have to ssh in and run midnight commander as root to delete the files. going to leave it for the week and start on the renaming the key and rebooting unraid for next weekend. thanks a lot guys for the help. this is the hardest, stupidest thing i have ever had to do in my life
  5. hey guys, playing with this again, tried to run : rsync -avz --e ssh root@ /mnt/Volume1/DataSet1/Newtest from server to freenas and i get this error, i think i may have screwed up permissions on unraid. any way to reset them or is my syntax wrong? root@'s password: Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive)
  6. ya, i can't get this thing working. do both servers need to have the same keys in their directories? or are there different keys for each machine? does it matter what machine generates the keys? I will always just be going from my unraid server (host) to the freenas server (remote), not the other way. I seem to have some permissions or something werid going on, wasted another 2 hours last night and am no further ahead. I was going to setup OPENvpn client on Freenas but everyone said this is easier, so I switched my game plan. I don't know how a normal person does it, i see how it would be just too much. I am the goto computer guy for all my friends and family and just can't figure it out. Would be easier just setting up a pfsense box at my parents house with VPN
  7. Sorry tr0910, i forgot to mention the original hero that started it all, thanks man!! I will get this working.
  8. for sure it does. I appreciate you guys taking the time to teach people. Family first for sure Hoopster!
  9. thanks Hoopster, i will follow your advice.. i am going to try again this weekend as I have kids activities all week. It's a little confusing jumping around pages trying to get it to work. You and Ken-ji are heros
  10. thanks ken-ji. i got most of it working, just didn't survive a re-boot.. thanks for helping me, i want to get this Freenas out of my house and over to my parents as soon as possible in case of a fire or anything else. Don't want to move it until I got this figured out. I have been working on computers for 30 years but this stuff is fairly complicated. Even getting the key file from one computer to the other was a pain in the ass Going to read through the thread again to see if i missed anything. One other thing i was thinking of, if I want to sync from my unraid server to the Freenas, should i generate all the keys and such on the freenas server? i will only be doing one way syncs from my unraid server over to the Freenas.
  11. once i got to this step: # Copy files back to /root/.ssh folder and set permissions for key files and known_hosts and authorized_keys cd /root/.ssh cp /boot/config/sshroot/* /root/.ssh/ chmod 600 * I rebooted my Unraid and got this.. Everything was working until i rebooted Unraid. I think the Freenas side is ok still. I was reading and was able to fix the 500 server error by commenting those lines in my go file and ssh into the box and typing chmod +x /sbin/init. Not sure what is going on, thought i had it beat.
  12. thanks man, must have missed that.. had family over this weekend.