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  1. I just selected future shows then hit add, is that right? Or should i have selected the seach icon instead? i didn't care about the past shows.
  2. Hey guys just set this up with Unraid + Sonarr + Sab + Plex. Everything works except it doesn't grab automatically, i have to click the automatic search, then it downloads and puts it into Plex. How do i make it grab automatically?
  3. with 2 pfsense boxes, you can to server/client or peer to peer. I am looking to do peer to peer. That way everything on my network is available to everything on the other network. Right now i can access the server admin page and the shares but none of the other computers on the other side of the tunnel. Also, when i am connected to the tunnel, i can no longer see my own unraid on my side of the tunnel. I think i am just going to buy another pfsense router and do it that way.
  4. hey guys is there any way to use this instead of pfsense on one side so i can do a site to site openvpn? i want to be able to connect two houses and see shares on both sides of the tunnel.
  5. hey guys, didn't search the thread but wondering about downloading files. i installed nextcloud and also the app on my phone. I added external shares to Nextcloud. I can see them all but when i try to download a file to my phone, it just puts a green tick beside it, then nothing happens, then i can't even select download again. Any ideas?
  6. thanks man, will have to play around a bit. this was the output. sent 3,158,320,869 bytes received 87 bytes 1,526,865.34 bytes/s
  7. thanks buddy, i will have a read of that. Are my speeds normal?
  8. figured this out, was a permission setting on the share on Freenas. I finally moved the Freenas out of the house to my folks house. It worked no problem, just gave the machine a static IP and forwarded the port. The problem is, it is very slow, getting only 1.25 mb/s so a 3.2gb Windows ISO takes about 45 minutes. Any tips on speeding it up? oh by the way, i have 20 up and they have 50 down. Thanks for all the help with this!
  9. I had problems with this too, i used this guys settings to try to make sense of it all..
  10. hey guys, one last question. I mentioned this before in this thread but I just did some syncing and i go to delete the files in Windows from the shares and it says something about I don't have the proper permissions. Is there a way to fix this? don't want to start syncing files and have all sorts of different permissions attached to different files.
  11. reinstalled Freenas because i was swapping around hard drives. Decided to delete all files and redo this from scratch. Had it up and running in 5 minutes. Took good notes last time in case this would happen.
  12. haha, i think i need a vacation and yes it is a great feeling. my wife thinks i am an idiot for spending all this time on something like this when i can just drive a hard drive over to my parents house.. i told her that isn't the point funny thing is i am watching these youtube videos doing it and they are only like 3 minutes long, i got about 25 hours into it! about all i could add to the book is some coloring i just hope neither system goes down because i would hate to have to do it again.
  13. guys, finally got this working.. i watched a couple more videos on Youtube on the subject. I am only going one way, from Unraid to Freenas. So i only had to go onto the Unraid server, generate the keys, then only copy the public one over to Freenas. I only needed one set of keys. this is my go file. I tried using Hoopster's but had some permission errors on my system. # Copy SSH files back to /root/.ssh folder and set permissions for files mkdir -p /root/.ssh cp /boot/config/sshroot/Server-rsync-key /root/.ssh/id_rsa cp /boot/config/sshroot/known_hosts /root/.ssh/known_hosts cat /boot/config/sshroot/Server-rsync-key.pub > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys chmod 700 /root/.ssh chmod 600 /root/.ssh/id_rsa chmod 600 /root/.ssd/known_hosts # chmod g-rwx,o-rwx -R /root/.ssh I have two IP addresses on my home internet account and a spare modem. I was able to plug my Freenas into a port on the back of that router, so i can Rsync between server and freenas over the internet in my room to test. I still am going to be going through the scripts and change the port for SSH, etc. Now i can work on something else, that took way too much of my time the last couple weekends. Thanks guys for all the help and support, sorry for being a pain in the ASS!