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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! Here are my issues: I do not see anything in Friends from a device on my network, I should be seeing LAN game but I don't? I have setup port forwarding, but external users cannot connect to my server, "Unable to connect" error I have tried an internal network user connecting to my server IP and the external IP address and port, they get "unable to connect" as well What can I check or modify to get this server running? I also get the following two messages when I login to the webui: NO LOG FILE! - Failed to up file descriptor limit Operation not permitted NO LOG FILE! - setting up server logging... And after the server has been running 15+ minutes, when I try to access the webui for consol, I get: "There is no screen to be attached matching minecraft." and in big letters "Connection Closed" If I reset the Docker, I can login to the webui again, then it fails after a while again. Thanks again for the help
  2. My son asked me about setting up a Minecraft server for him and his friends, and after some research I found this thread. I installed the Bedrock version of the Docker and am able to connect to it through the Docker UI. Is the console the only way to interact with the server, or is there a UI available? Is there a list of common commands to set/update? How do users inside my house connect to this server? How do I open access to this for users outside my house? Thank you in advance!
  3. Ok, found my appdata backup and restored it! Forgot that I had it set to run every night to backup my appdata, flash, and lib. Got my dockers reinstalled, all setting were saved I am back up and running!
  4. Very strange, I have enabled Docker, and nothing has been touched by my flash drive. Oh well, time to start reinstalling everything from scratch, I will figure it out. Thanks for the assistance, greatly appreciated.
  5. None of my apps are showing up under Previous Apps unfortunately, I don't remember which version of apps I had installed it has been many many years since I touched them. For example, I think I had binhex for Plex and sabnzb and such, but not sure. I still have the install folders for each of the apps, any way I can tell through them?
  6. I was preparing to upgrade my cache drive so I was updating some of my configuration to match spaceinvader's youtube instructions. I had all my dockers on my cache drive under /mnt/cache/dockers/dockerimages, but the docker config for Default appdata storage location was pointing to /mnt/user/appdata so I updated this to /mnt/cache/dockers/dockerimages. At the same time, I deleted my appdata share as it was empty and not in use. I also moved my docker.img from /cache/docker.img to /cache/dockers/docker.img and updated the setting under docker config. Then all my dockers dissapeared from the menu, so I reversed everything, but they are still all gone. I don't remember all the configuration settings I need for all my dockers, how can I get this back without recreating them? *EDIT* Thinking back, there was 2 or 3 directories in the appdata user share that I deleted before I deleted the share, I thought these were from old docker installs as not all my dockers were listed, but I'm guessing now these were not old, and deleting them cause this problem? I probably have no choice but to re-install all the docker images from scratch, trying to remember all the configuration settings somehow.....?????
  7. Hi there, I would like to backup files from my unraid server to a remote qnap. This is for off-site backup of my critical files in case of a fire or server theft. What software do you recommend to accomplish this?
  8. I am trying to clean up files on unraid, and running into files permissions. I am trying to delete from windows, and some files (vast minority and seemingly random) give me an error: "You need permission to perform this action You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this foler" I have run the permissions script across add drives except for cache (none of the issue files are on cache anyways), no change. If I use Krusader docker, I can delete the files. Why would windows 10 have an issue?
  9. I want to backup my files from unraid to a synology diskstation, and possibly amazon drive. What software options do I have? I thought crashplan, but it is now a paid service for small businesses.
  10. Is DSD file support available yet? I would like to use this to play DSF files to my cambridge audio 752bd.
  11. I took the UPS out of the mix, server is still crashing. What can I test and how? My server is crashing after a few hours of use. It boots up just fine every time but then crashes, The motherboard & cpu are new, so those are out of the mix but how do I know if it is RAM or PSU?
  12. Thanks for the help in trying to track down what the culprit is! I just checked an it is running a parity check after I booted it up. So it looks like the UPS is not sending a shutdown command. I have been monitoring CPU temps since I swapped out the mobo and CPU, and they are very low I have a water cooler with dual 120mm fans and am not overclocking.
  13. I would like to have my cambridge audio 752bd universal player be able to play music files off my unraid server. the 752bd can ready uPnP and DLNA, how do I set this up? I currently have my music files on a user share called 'music'. Thank you, Rory
  14. My server was powering down on its own, it seemed like once almost every day/night at some point. I would try to login to the UI and it would not respond. Go check the server, it is powered down. I swapped out the motherboard & CPU, it is still doing it - last night it powered down some time. I have a UPS set to power down in the event of a power failure if battery goes to <10 minutes. I have not had a power outage and the batter on the UPS is good and the load is under its maximum. I have set the UPS NOT to power down tonight in case this is causing the issue. What else should I be testing?