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    HP Microserver GEN8
    Xeon E3-1220L V2 CPU
    16GB RAM
    3x 3TB WD Red HDD
    1x 256GB SSD
    Nvidia Quadro P600 GPU

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  1. Yes, sure microserver-diagnostics-20240126-1841.zip
  2. After the recreation of the VM all seams to be ok for a while. But today, again, the VM is working properly, but I cannot manage it from the web GUI. From myunraid.net I can see my vm but from the vms page I don't
  3. Hello folks, I have a similar problem: after a power outage my VM does not appear, it is turned on, but not working completely. Network and USB devices do not work. If I disable and re-enable the VMs, I get "Libvirt Service failed to start.". I tried rebooting the system, deleting libvirt.img and recreating the VM but I still have the same problem. I don't have any logs on logterminal/libvirt. What can I do? I attach the diagnostic file Thanks in advance Terafil microserver-diagnostics-20240112-1057.zip