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  1. Yeah that was correct so i cleared everything and restarted the server. Now I am getting another. tower-diagnostics-20180330-1130.zip
  2. Still getting call traces but after running the disk check like Johnnie advised I no longer see any errors. Mind taking a second look? tower-diagnostics-20180328-1133.zip
  3. Hey there! Also having the "call traces" error. Swapped out all the ram and even added 2 extra GB bring it to 16GB. Any help would be appreciated. edit- Ive gone through this thread and searched all the errors that have been found so far and all I have found is >Mar 26 02:01:40 Tower kernel: WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 15475 at fs/reiserfs/journal.c:3388 journal_end+0x44/0x9d [reiserfs] I also lose the permission to write to the disk once the call trace happens. tower-diagnostics-20180327-2340.zip
  4. I updated my log file on my post from this morning as I am currently having the permissions issue. Would you mind taking a second look?


    1. trurl


      Not sure if you intended to post this to the forum or not. Here is the last paragraph of the "Need Help" sticky:

      • PLEASE do not privately ask the moderators or other users for personal support!  Helpful moderators and users are just users like yourself, unpaid volunteers, and do not provide official support, so it is better to ask support questions on the forum instead.  That way, you get the benefit of having answers from the whole community, instead of just one person who may or may not know, or may be wrong, or may be unavailable.  Plus, you will probably get faster help.  And, other users in the community can benefit by learning from your problem and its solution.



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      Oh my apologies. 

  5. Im having very similar issues. What happens when you restart the array to you get access again for a little while? also could you post your system logs like this.
  6. Okay well I have to take that back. It's NOT happening now. I guess I'm really not sure what is causing it. But I have permission now to change file names and move files within windows 10 but I seem to lose that permission at anytime.
  7. Yes those diagnostics should cover that time. I will try safe mode
  8. Hey all! I recently started running into a rather strange problem. I am getting a error that I do not have permission in windows 10 to modify files. I have found that if I restart the array then I will have permission again for about 10 minutes or less. Another user helped narrow it down to a possible hardware issue but I'm not sure how to determine the cause further. Any help would be appreciated, thank you! tower-diagnostics-20180219-2236.zip