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Disk suddenly unmountable.


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Looks like disk5 was already unmountable when you booted up, and syslog restarts when you reboot, so can't see anything from before that to see what might have happened. You will have to repair its filesystem.


Disk2 is disabled. Why didn't you mention that? How long has it been disabled? Since you have only single parity, you haven't had any parity protection since disk2 became disabled. You will have to rebuild it.


Why are you still using ReiserFS?


Also, your docker.img is unnecessarily large at 50G, and your system share has files on the array.

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1 hour ago, zer0vash said:

issues with disk 2 since I got it

SMART attributes for it looks OK, though it hasn't had an extended SMART test run on it in a while.


Connection or cable to SATA or power (or splitter) are much more common reasons for a disk to become disabled than an actual disk failure.


If Unraid can't write to a disk for any reason, it emulates the write by updating parity and disables the disk since it is now out-of-sync.


After a disk is disabled, it isn't used again until rebuilt. Reads from the disk are emulated from the parity calculation by reading all other disks, and writes to the disk are emulated by updating parity as it would have been based on the data written.


The only way to recover those writes and get the disk back in sync and enabled again is to rebuild it from the parity calculation by reading all other disks and writing the result back to the disk.


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From diagnostics it looks like you already have a lost+found share, which would have been created from a previous filesystem repair. Have you checked the contents of lost+found?


Often not worth the trouble to try to make any sense of its contents. Repair couldn't figure out what to do with that data so it put it in lost+found, often with no idea of what files belong in what folders, or even what the names of the files and folders are.

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