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  1. Sorry to jump on your thread, but I am also thinking of upgrading my motherboard to the X10SL7-F. I have the Norco RPC-4224 case. What is needed to connect the motherboard to the backplanes? Can I do without the AOC-SASLP-MV8 card(s) that I now use?
  2. I have finished migrating to larger drives. These drives all have light use, 1300-1600 hours total. No issues. No re-allocated sectors. They have a date of 2011, so pretty sure no warranty left. The have all been run through a preclear -W cycle, so they are ready to be added to your array. Reports are included. Asking $75 shipped preclear_finish_MJ1313YNG1ZX6C_2015-04-01.txt preclear_finish_MJ1321YNG0EBRA_2015-04-01.txt preclear_finish_MJ1313YNG24EJC_2015-04-02.txt preclear_finish_MJ1321YNG0EZ2A_2015-04-02.txt
  3. Two drives sold. Remaining 4 drives still available.
  4. And the last 3 preclear_finish_ML0220F300E0BD_2015-02-01.txt preclear_finish_ML0220F303ANVD_2015-01-31.txt preclear_finish_ML0220F30A5DRD_2015-01-31.txt
  5. Here are the first 3 reports preclear_finish_ML0221F307Y80D_2015-02-02.txt preclear_finish_ML0220F3038P9D_2015-02-02.txt preclear_finish_ML4220F30AJMGF_2015-02-01.txt
  6. I will post the latest reports after wiping the drives when I get home later today. Also have the original reports after initial preclear operations - they are all from 2011, so that is when they were purchased.
  7. I have a total of 6 Hitachi 5K3000 2 TB drives that I have just taken out of my server and replaced with 4TB drives. They were put into service around 2011. My server is off most of the time, so these drives have fairly light use. About 1500-1700 hours total usage based on the SMART report. They have all been wiped using the preclear -W option. All finished with no errors. I have the original preclear reports as well as the ones just performed while wiping the drives. They can be provided upon request. I am asking $50 each shipped for the drives CONUS.
  8. I have two 2TB WD20EARS drives and two 2TB Samsung HD204UI drives that I recently removed from my server. Replaced them with 4TB drives. They are around 3 - 3 1/2 years old, no issues with any of the drives. The WD drives have the jumpers installed. The Samsung drives have had the firmware updated. Just ran a preclear on all of these drives (without the pre-read), all completed with 0 errors. Asking $40 shipped for each drive, CONUS only.
  9. Well, I went ahead and did it. Moved all the data from 6 2TB drives to 3 4TB drives, all done in my separate "preclear box". Re-organized my main array, did the complete parity sync, then a complete parity check afterwards. Completed fine with 0 errors. All data intact. Seems that if you are removing drives, there will have to be a new parity sync, and you will be at risk if one of the drives you are not replacing happens to fail during that sync. So whether you do it one at a time or all at once, there will be some risk at some point. Accomplished it all much faster by copying outside of the array. What I was thinking that I could have done is to do the parity sync on a new drive. Since I keep one 4TB as a hot spare, I could have rotated that one with my original parity disk. In case of failure, replace the original parity drive and all the original drives and rebuild from there. Sorry about the thread hijack, but since this is the lounge and we are talking about uses for a separate preclear box, I figure it is ok.
  10. No, I am talking about moving 6 of my 2TB drives to 3 4TB drives. Thinking about eventually moving from the RPC-4224 to a smaller case.
  11. Understood. Just trying to figure out a faster way to do it then one by one, since I will also be combining data from 2 drives into one. I should just do it instead of thinking about it too much. I'm starting to chicken out.