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  1. THANK YOU! I was going nuts trying to change the setting while drowning in email and web portal alerts for high temps and SMART errors that are not applicable to the SSDs in my cache pool.
  2. +1 I am running 6.1.9 and had a similar a issue with installing an OwnCloud container after trying failing to upgrade my cache drives. Wound up having to rebuild the whole cache pool :'(. There were 5 other containers that reinstalled perfectly, unfortunately for me OwnCloud was the most important one to me. Every time I installed the docker image it would go straight to being an orphan image, and no combination of deleting the image through the gui, deleting the image through the shell, rebooting, and standing on one foot while deleting the image did the trick. Updated Dynamix, and the image installed successfully! Out of curiosity, was this an issue specifically with the old version of Dynamix and 6.1.9?
  3. I am currently battling an issue that I seem to remember starting a few weeks ago. I am unable to transfer large files (262MB is the size of the file in the copy testing outlined below) is to my unRAID. I have run the most current version (though I stepped back to rc15 to try and see if that was the issue). If I reboot the issue goes away for a short time, but then comes back. Symptoms: - Slow Network Transfer speeds (starts at 30-40MB/s, then when issues start transfers at 9-11MB/s). - "Invalid File Handle" errors on the windows computer I am transferring from - Generic Network errors on the windows computer I am transferring from Potential Areas of issue: - Failed Power supply. I find this hard to imagine since it works after a reboot for a while. - Bad disks. I have run a parity check in the last week and there were no errors found. - Failed RAM. I will run memtest later. I suspect this to most likely be the culprit... I have performed the following tests to copy direct to disk (using \\IPADDRESS\disk#) - disk1 - failed - disk2 - OK, OK again after testing all other drives... - disk3 - failed - disk4 - failed - disk5 - failed Is there something I am missing? There is nothing in the System Log that leads me to believe that there are any hardware issues. Any help is greatly appreciated.