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  1. I went to MicroCenter and bought a new USB3 external hard drive dock. I figured I'd be wasting my money so I unpackaged it very carefully. Not ONE problem copying files back ever since. There's no reason why two older docks shouldn't work and this one does. I can only imagine, somehow, there's a limiter on the size of the hard drive or on the NAS end of it. We're talking only 6TB. AND the really sad thing was, all because a couple of movies weren't playing correctly. KODI playback configuration needed a change and everything plays as it should.
  2. Back to not working, again. I'm shutting it all down and walking away from it. I can't find a work-around to rebuilding my unraid server from my backups. I'm done with this. Very frustrating.
  3. This is quite a problem. I can't rebuild my server from my backups because of copy issues. Don't know what I'm going to do at this point...
  4. Well, it fixed it, it seems. I went by my office and got a different external USB case (not really a case, but hard drive drop in). I could not get the backup drive to be recognized. My Windows 10 computer would ding but no explorer window opening the drive. I moved the drive to a different USB port on my Razer laptop. BOOM. Drive found. Copies like before. No IO errors with windows copy. Will re-download Teracopy to see if I get the createiocompletionport error (but I doubt I will). So to whoever is getting this error. Check every part of your connection. M
  5. Is happening with a different computer. Next, could be the USB external hard drive enclosure (one i use doesnt even show up, one shows up but i get the error often and the third was used in the oast and is at my office). Is this doesnt work, will move to router swap.
  6. I, too, am getting this error all the sudden. I upsized a disk, overpopulated and found stuttery performance. I deleted all files and am now copying back over from my good backup. Failure errors abound. Can't figure out why. I'm wondering if it's the router. Had a short in my home wiring and it tripped a breaker. Not sure, but internet has been slightly won't. Have been watching The Crown from unfair and never a glitch. How can I tell my router needs replacing? They are so expensive, now.
  7. Long and short of it. I've swapped 3 3TB drives for 6TB drives over the past ?year?. I watch mostly the newer movies I add to the array, but when I went to watch an old movie (that was re-populated through parity rebuild) it was stuttering. I realized more that one movie didn't play smoothly. I, now, don't feel comfortable that unraid repopulated the data correctly (maybe not true, but...). Decided it wasn't worth troubleshooting since I have a full backup of each disk. So, now, I'm deleting a disk, one at a time, and copying the movies back onto the drive. Since I have back
  8. Will I need to let the'change format' run each time? I can't remember if that is a long process, it not...
  9. I Had a 3TB drive in my array. I replaced it with a 6TB drive. After adding a few movies on it I realized the drive was bad (movie files wouldn't play or would act finicky). I replaced the drive and did a rebuilt. I'm realizing the bad files were now merely copied to the new drive as bad files. I do have a separate backup of these movies. So, do I... Simply select all the files in the drive and delete them. Then copy my backup drives data to the empty drive? Seems like this really clutters things. Is there a better way of wiping this drive clean and s
  10. I bumped up my parity to a larger drive. Installed it and rebuilt parity. Then I decided to convert all drives to xfs from Reiserfs. I decided to remove my parity drive since I had all files backed up on a second set of drives. It halved the copy process, thank goodness. Should I zero out the larger parity drive before I re-install it to get a 'clean' rebuild? Can I do this through the preclear plugin? Not run preclear but set it to write all zeroes (I know the drive is good) to speed the clearing process of the drive? Thank you for all the help, so fa
  11. I stopped the array. I unassigned parity. AND I did New Config and clicked all data disks (and not parity disk). Apply and Done. I got an email notification Parity disk missing. Parity in error state. Lastly, when I went back in screen it stated there were four screens running (the rsync copies that had finished). I couldn't figure out how to get to each one and stop them. Could you tell me the screen -r??? script to go to each one and then the script to officially stop them? I'm not feeling as comfortable about this as I had been but I do
  12. So I could: Stop the array. Mark parity as having 'no device' Start the array. Use the rsync script (rsync -avPX /mnt/disk10/ /mnt/disk11/). Format the old ReiserFS copied drive to XFS and copy another old ReiserFS... again and again. Then run parity when finished? This sounds so much easier and faster. I wonder how much faster a 3TB drive would copy within the array. With parity syncing it takes about 24 hours for each drive.
  13. So now that I'm squarely in the middle of changing my unraid array's filesystem from ReiserFX to XFS, I've started looking ahead in the Wiki I am following. There's a mention at the end about deleting the final drive. I didn't realize this would be such a big deal step. It gets me wondering.?. Why don't I just do all this converting without parity syncing so it will go much faster. Then, when done, create a fresh new parity??? I have all the movies backed up on disks at the office so if something where to go terribly wrong I could just start over (geez, what a horri
  14. Now am done with upsizing and converting one drive. Just finished a 3TB to 3TB drive where I only converted the file system from ReiserFS to XFS. The original drive with ReiserFS had 74.8GB free the new XFS drive only has 36.3GB free. Is that normal?
  15. Bye, George I think I've got it! I have never used the 'New Config' tab before so that was all new to me. Just in case anyone ever needs information on this. Stop the array. Tools > New Cofig > Retain Current configuration > select ALL > Check, Yes, I want to do this, Apply, Done. I couldn't wrap my head around how parity was in sync with having just copied a drive to another drive. I found the answer in another post that when you change the file system from ReiserFS to XFS for that old drive so it can now be used as the new swap d