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  1. So i replaced disks, verified data with my backups and run into another problems ehhh Could you help me johnie? Because i can't figure out what went wrong. Btw can i buy you a coffe somehow? I bought two brand new Seagate 2TB pipeline HDD and also used 1TB drive from my previous server because it was fine (according to SMART). I created new config and everything was fine for two days. Then i noticed REPORTED UNCORRECT flag on one of the new 2TB discs. I quickly bought another one and replaced the drive (also put new sata cable). The new one started to produce the same errors very quickly. Just after data rebuild i run parity check and there were errors. Both REPORTED UNCORRECT and REALOCATED SECTORS flags were rising after each parity verification. unraid reported errors in the webgui (over 1400 errors). Today i tried to access server and... all the data from the drive was missing. I downloaded diagnostics, rebooted the server. The drive was shown as unmountable! So i tried to mount it a few times, and when it didnt work i just disabled it. The problem is that even with disabled disc and emulated data. there is no data at all It's not yet a tragedy, because i have fresh backups, but i dont know what i did wrong. I don't want to repeat problems, so could you please look into my syslogs? The file named -1 is before reboot and -2 is after reboot. syslog-1.txt syslog-2.txt
  2. Unfortunately not. Do you think that all disks except the secon one should be replaced? How high number for "reported uncorrect" is bad? So it seems i can't make sure the files are OK. Some of them may probably be bit-rootten? I think i will replace faulty drives and create new setup using btrfs...
  3. Hi, my server has been running over 8 years without any big issues. Now the disks seem tired of. Ther SMART reports don't look good on four of the six drives. Have a look please. Now, the problem arised, becaused sync errors started to show up. They are here every time when i run parity check. Last time it completed with 100 of errors, earlier with 26 errors etc. I ran reiserfsck on filesystems. Only one drive had problem, but was fixed using fix-fixable option. I know i have to replace faulty drives (with high allocated sector number, or report uncorrect number). I just have one question. How can i be sure that all of my files are OK if there are constantly sync errors. Is it even possible?
  4. Smart report is OK. Nothing special in syslog. I tried to repair filesystem, but any reiserfsck command fails. What is interesting is that i cannot perform reiserfsck --check on any heatlhy disc, because it says that superblock is not found, even when the disc is properly mounted by unraid. Why is that? How can I rebuild the superblock on that failed disc (i mean what are the parameters)?
  5. The rebuild has ended, the drive shows as unformatted. Possibly because some parity codes were messed. What should i do now?
  6. I did as you suggested Webo, and everything would be fine but the parity check started even when i had ticked "parity is already valid"!!! This corrected 326 "errors" ony my parity drive. Thankfully i stopped it soon after that. So i think some files will be broken now. What should I do when the disk gets fully rebuilt?
  7. I cant do anything with the failed drive. It doesnt even fully spin up. Looks like the bearing is destroyed. Do you know how to make the array trust that it is correct and then se the replaced disk as invalid?
  8. Hi, I'm back after three years of inactivity. Something extremely bad happened to my ( One of my disks failed today. I replaced it instantly with a new one. On the beginning of data rebuild a lot of errors appeared on another drive. Like i found later it was a problem with my case or Sata cable (most probably). I replaced the sata tape and reboot server. Now my disk which had been replaced is orange (indicates interrupted data rebuild) and the other one is blue. What can I do to make unraid know that the blue-one is actually a proper disk, and make it rebuild the new one??
  9. Hello! I'm managing an unraid server over a year in a small company. We decided to upgrade to 5.0-beta13, because in 4.7 we got a weird problem when adding new permisions (the list of users and shares has over 40 records). After adding new user or assigning new permissions emhttp went "Segfault error". Now, after upgrade I received the same error. Syslog attached below: syslog.zip
  10. After upgrading I cant see any file. It got fixed after I have set chmod to 777 for all files. What is the correct chmod setting?
  11. How are you adding torrents? By dropping the links in the "auto" folder? Or from within the rtorrent screen? Or from the rutorrent web page? Then what freezes? rtorrent or rutorrent? I add it from the rutorrent web page and the downloading doesn't start. By freezing i mean that it sometimes takes very long time to load the gui after an action. I also receive that error occasionally Bad response: (500) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <title>500 - Internal Server Error</title> </head> <body> <h1>500 - Internal Server Error</h1> </body> </html> No torrent ever starts to download, though the same one works fine in a client on my pc.
  12. When i try to add a torrent file it loads correctly but then, the whole interface freezes for some time and the torrent doesnt download at all. When i type rtorrent in the console it outputs "root@Tower:~# Error in option file: ~/.rtorrent.rc:17: Could not prepare socket for listening: Address already in use". What should i do?
  13. Well, it seems that I have found the solution And it takes about one minute to enable the recycle bin or whatever to call it. It doesn't work on file system level so deletions performed from console or other protocol (NFS) are still permanent, however when it comes to samba it works like a charm. Like I wrote in the first post the only problem is caused by the way that unraid creates config files. Those files are created by an inner script so the user can't have full control of samba configuration, however we can create an smb-extra.conf file. The workaround is to add a share in the top of the document before setting the recycle bin to [global]. This seems to be working even though the [recycle bin] share lines would overlap. So this is how my smb-extra.conf file looks like: [bIN] path = /mnt/user/BIN read only = No [global] vfs objects = recycle recycle:repository = /mnt/user/BIN/%m recycle:keeptree = Yes recycle:touch = Yes recycle:versions = Yes recycle:exclude = *.tmp recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp recycle:noversions = *.doc These setting create a new share called BIN which is split among(?)not sure about the expression:P the disks in our server. Any file deleted from any location will be placed there and remain until you delete it again (aka empty the recycle bin). Be careful! You can't empty the recycle bin by entering into it's folder through a disk share - it will be placed in the same folder again and again (vicious circle). I attach some possible configurations of the vfs object And here is the document about possible smb.conf configurations (enviromental variables is what you'll look for in there ) http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/manpages-3/smb.conf.5.html Regards!
  14. Hi, I was skimming through the forum looking for a recycle bin solution for unraid an I've found one which is actually already in unraid - vfs_recycle. All that needs to be done is to add some lines of code in the config file. The only problem is that there is no direct access to the smb.conf so the only thing I could do was to create smb-extra.conf file and apply a [global] configuration there, which refereed to every share. The problem in such a case is that the [global] configuration covers the recycle bin share too and it is a vicious circle (you can not delete anything from the recycle bin). I also tried to apply vfs_recycle settings per-share, but it didn't work I guess share configuration cannot be split in two lines like that: [Multimedia] (...) [Multimedia] (...) I need a solution for that or a workaround. Strange is that Tom has not yet implemented the feature officially. It's easy, and a lot of people are looking forward to seeing that.
  15. Thanks for your answears prostuff. Can you help me with this issue? It is the major question now: "If you log to the server as someone who's got limited privileges and want to re-log, how can you do this without unloging from windows (it remembers the session and doesn't ask another time for username when you access a share)?"