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  1. Will Do ...Thank You for the info!
  2. cpu and ram is not too bad to upgrade to get a little more muscle any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Version 4 and 5 have done me quite well would def love to add the option for dual parity with version 6 so wondering if I will have any issues with my hardware I only use it as a NAS this point I am lost between the differences between plugins and dockers lol my hardware was a pretty standard build in 2010 when I put it together mobo- Asus M4A785-M CPU - AMD Sempron 140 Ram - 2gb Sata - Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 I don't know yet if everything can be done through plugins or if anything is now built into unraid but the things I use are UPS Comms Clean Power Down Unmenu Pre_Clear Email Notifications would like to add Sab Sonarr Plex Server - No Transcoding Does anyone see any potential issues hardware wise because im not caught up on current issues the would like to add items are currently running on another pc so its not vital but would be nice to add to my server if you guys think the hardware can handle it It's been a while just because it just runs so Hello to all the new well new to me people lol
  4. well after a few years of rock solid use and just upgrading the size of my six on board disks I decided to finally break down and buy a controller card thought about the dell card but found the issue where you have to tape over certain pins and didn't like the idea of that and decided on what I thought was a old trusty supermicro card by now the AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 It has already shipped so hopefully I didn't screw myself over with this decision as I didn't see the possible issue with it until now crossing my fingers lol
  5. i didn't find any preclear reports but did run a smart report and all looks good what command would I use to run the shortest preclear to have it write the signature
  6. thanks for that extra emphasis... Appreciate it!
  7. so unless it finished there wouldn't be any record of what happened so even if I run it again and have no reallocated sectors for example I will have no idea if there were any before?
  8. I have been running 3 preclear cycles on a new 4tb drive I know early yesterday afternoon it was on 10% of step 10 I believe and I lost power sometime after 4:47am this morning so I would think it would have finished but the power was out long enough for the battery backup to run out of juice I had it running on an old pc that I was only going to use to do this so like an idiot I didn't setup a clean power down I have always been able to look at the results right after so I can't remember if it saves a log auto or if you have to tell it to save....or is it saves after every cycle or just at the end basically I'm wondering if there is anyway to tell how it went or if it finished considering it died this morning Thanks!
  9. I would say my Linux knowledge has to be less than anyone here lol but as far as no-ip is concerned all it does is resolve a domain name you create to your external ip address so instead of having to know your ip you can just use the domain name that is all it still have to setup some other kind of remote software to connect with no-ip in itself doesn't open any up also I think what Joe was mentioning is that yes you have it installed and running but whenever the server reboots what tells it to start up again?
  10. It can be a tough decision..... I had the same decision to make....sure the Norco in the long run will definitely be cheaper overall but you have to put that money out all at once and considering I didn't have 20+ hard drives to fill it up with the need for right now was not there The Antec 1200 is an awesome awesome server case...wish there was a little more space on the right side for all the cables but plenty of room where it counts Then i got lucky and caught a pricing mistake on Newegg and Amazon and picked it up for $90 or $95 before the mistake was caught so it made my decision easier lol 10 years is from now is hard to predict but at least in the US considering the areas that still don't have high speed and all the areas that don't have fast high speed thinking that you will store and stream your 60+ tb's of data from the cloud is still a long ways off not that i helped at all lol.....but all things considered either way you are looking at 2 solid cases
  11. I have not had a need to set this up yet but will in the future just want to say THANKS for keeping this up! and hopefully you will get all the help you need and knowing this place i have no worries about that
  12. I see the server you guys got is sold you guys see any reason not to get what they have left looks like only difference being intel rather than amd I am perfectly happy right now with my sempron 140 setup but I bought some things to allow expansion like my case is an antec 1200 but my board only has 1 port higher than a pciex1 so i figured I could buy 1 supermicro expansion board and eventually change out the mobo saved me money initially but would cost me more in the long run seems like this would give me immediate results and save me some in the long run
  13. I would say that the directory structure for your media at least is probably best suited by how your media readers want them to be at least for me I use for my media I just have a movie directory with all of my movies in individual folders (doesn't have to be that way but it is easier for me to manage that way) show directory with each show in it's own folder and inside of each contains a separate folder for each directory....personal movies directory with a separate folder for each artist and inside of that a separate folder for each album you can have hidden directories for some info you don't want actively visible on the network but you can get into