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  1. I've got a couple issues I'm hoping someone can help me with. I've followed the guide HERE and everything seemed to go OK. However The windows client is still not connecting with the host on the unraid box, and only shows it's own c:\ drive as possible file sources for back up. I can run the host on the unraid box through the remote desktop so I can worry about this issue later. The other issue is while on the host on the unraid server, when trying to select a source for backup (in this case simply /mnt/disk1) the mnt folder shows as empty. It also shows as empty when using the file browser on the gui on the remote desk top. So I don't think it's an issue with the crashplan host, maybe a permission setting or something? Thanks for any help, Ryan
  2. I haven't done anything yet to try to fix this problem as I was waiting for my new drive to finish its preclear - which it did successfully. I came down to find my computer was beeping like crazy. It really sounded like it was coming from somewhere in the bank of drives. I figured disk 6 had finally quit hard. I shut down the system and unplugged disk 6. When trying to boot the beeping was still there and unraid was having troubles booting. I shut down again and unplugged disk 7, this time no beeping and unraid booted fine. I tried booting again with disk 6 back in and still no beeping and unraid booted fine again. So seems to me disk 7 is a gonner. So what are my options here? As far as I can see the only option I have is to replace disk 7, un-redball the disk 6, sacrifice a chicken, and hope it rebuilds the data onto disk 7? The reality of it I'm guessing is both those drives are gonzo and so is the data. Thoughts? [edit] I wanted to add that I had some issues with disk 7 HERE a few months ago. It appeared that changing the cable fixed the issue but it seems there were deeper issues.[/edit]
  3. I added disk6 back in. It wanted to do a rebuild but I stopped it as I don't want it doing anything yet before we decide how to proceed. Reports_2.zip
  4. Here is everything as of where I am right now. I'll shut down and add disk6 back in and see if I can get a report from it. Reports.zip
  5. Sorry for the scattered info, I'll try and condense it here: - In the log file in post #1 that disk6 and disk7 were throwing fits and the system was doing an unscheduled parity check. - Aside from the errors I could hear some pinging about every 30s or so. - I tried new cables for those two drives - same result. - I tried a spare controller with the same result again, then shortly after only disk6 redballed. I shut down the array to prevent any further damage. The main screen on the web gui was showing errors only on disk6 and it was into the millions. - I removed only disk6 and started the array to see what was on those drives to make life a little easier trying to figure out what I lost should I lose the drives. So far it seems to be functioning normally. I don't know if SATA drives will share channels but disk6 and disk 7 were plugged in next to each other on the controller... just in case one might affect the other. I'll get the smart reports and post them. Unfortunately I panicked and shut down the array when disk6 red balled and I didn't get a screen shot or log file at that time. Thanks
  6. I don't have the data backed up else where. It's not critical data but it would be a HUGE pain to get it all set back up again so obviously I'd like to avoid losing it. So what is the best way to proceed? The redballed HDD was a 2TB drive as was the other drive that was acting up. I unplugged the redballed drive and started the computer just to see exactly what was on those drives and so far it's not throwing any fits. I have a new 4TB drive that is being pre-cleared as we speak though that will probably take a couple days. Also I see I have ~2.75TB free on another drive in the array so I have the capacity to copy that much data off of the suspect drives. So what now? FWIW I found an older 2TB drive that I had hanging around. IIRC it gave a couple errors during a pre-clear so I set it aside to run other tests and never got around to it. I'm putting it in another system now just so see what's up with it and run a few tests.... maybe not good enough to put in the array but will work short term as a place to temporarily put some data. Thanks for the help!
  7. Looks like I'm into a bigger mess than I thought. I replaced the cables for both those drives and seemed to fix the issue for a short while then they started throwing fits again. I had a spare controller around so I swapped that out and it made no difference. Then disk 6 red balled. Both of those drives are 2TB, I'm going to pick up a new 4TB drive to swap them out. Any advice on how to replace 1 dead and 1 failing drive with one bigger one? I still find it weird to have two drives fail at the exact same time though.
  8. This morning I came down to find unraid had started a parity check, power had not gone out plus the unraid box is on a UPS. Also all drives were showing healthy. I figured I'd let it do it's thing but when I got home from work the system had locked up so unfortunately I had to do a reset which would start a new parity check. It's running painfully slow and about every 30s I hear a high pitch chirp coming from a drive in that box. all drives are still showing healthy in the main screen though it has found about 7 parity errors in the first 30GB of data checked. I'd like some guidance before I jump in not really knowing what I'm doing and mess something up. Thanks for any help, Ryan syslog-2015-12-07.zip
  9. Thanks! Your suggestion worked perfectly - rebuild in progress. And for what it's worth, the guide in your link was what I was following.
  10. I had a drive redball and another member here had a look at the smart report and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and suggested checking connections and rebuilding the disc. I also replaced the sata cable as a precaution. So now how do I rebuild that drive? I thought removing it from the array, rebooting, then adding it back in the old spot would prompt a rebuild as if I put in a new drive but when I reboot the drive is back in the old spot as if it had never been removed. Sorry I'm probably missing something simple but I can't find it.
  11. Thanks for your help. I included the syslog because it still does show some errors, as best as I could find with google it's communication issues? Next time I'll be sure to snag the syslog before I do anything else - it just slipped my mind this time. I'll put a new cable on it and try rebuilding.
  12. Sorry it took me a bit to figure out how to get the smart report. Added a syslog too just in case. smart.txt syslog-2015-09-07.txt
  13. THe above image didnt work and it wouldn't let me edit it saying the image exceeded 192kb... though its only 100kb. Hope this works.
  14. Heard some funny high pitched noises coming from my unraid box, had a look at the array and see the am odd status beside a drive (included in the attached screen shot). Id appreciate some input on how to proceed from here. Thanks
  15. How are you making out with this? My wife told me about somebody at her work showing her the WD My Cloud, and I ended up here looking for a solution to put on my unRAID boxes.