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  1. Yes, I had this issue about a year ago where CPU usage would skyrocket - it was Cache Directories. Right now I only have two plugins installed, System Stats and Open Files
  2. Woah ... ok kindergarten #1 of running servers. Overclock and die. I'm just gonna bail on this thread - it has no obvious positive solution.
  3. Wiz: He's overclocking?
  4. No worries - but it's hard to diagnose something if you have X# of addons installed. I'd suggest removing them all and going stock for a while - be easier to find out exactly what's going on.
  5. Is the behavior the same if all plugins are removed? Just going stock for a day or week? Looks like you've got a lot of plugins installed.
  6. If they were necessary for proper operation they'd be included in the base. Remove them - then check again.
  7. If you have any plugins installed remove them - then check CPU use. I've seen plugins cause ginormous cpu usage.
  8. You do the SMRT on all drives? If not, start now. If they all pass SMRT. Do a parity check w/ no correction. If they all pass? Sometimes shit happens. To be Sammy Safety recheck all power/SAS-SATA connections and repeat. Otherwise? Drives can and will correct themselves if they find a few bits off. However not reporting via SMRT is kind of rare. See this older topic SMRT and bit correction are still the same on physical drives. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/27913-parity-disk-red-balled/?tab=comments#comment-260742 ***Edit Long smart test - to be sure.
  9. Run a SMART report on the disk if you can. http://SrvrName-IP/Main/Device?name=disk? inserting of course your server & disk # It'll tell you what's wrong . If you suspect otherwise replace both data/power cables on it and test again. Do you have Backups or a Spare disk? I personally check my array everyday for errors/issues. I know it's not very cool - but it keeps to above the curve, right?
  10. Only 2 hours to go, and it corrected 6095 errors. Now if could just see which files the errors where corrected on. However that's a pretty big ask for Unraid. Thanks again for the input. I appreciate it. *** Edit Kind of makes me glad I did a MD5 on all files on my array - might take a week to figure out which (if any) files are damaged ... but I'll find em. And a side note - I don't mind thrashing my disks. I have spares.
  11. itimpi - Thank you for the reply. I do have a UPS - but it's too small to spin up the server and 16 drives (even one controller at a time) I had to remove it temporarily - which has become 8 months :( I actually did what you suggested and trusted parity - the array is currently rebuilding with only 4 hours to go.
  12. As Jon has said - there are a lot of ways to do this. However I'd like to say what I did and how I did it. This was going from 1.5 tb drives to 3tb drives - so it's old info, take it with a grain of salt (and it's been like 6 years) New server, new drives. Ran PreClear on all new drives. 3x Read/Write - basically ensuring the new drives are good. I then did a unraid format / import on all disks. Once all disks passed that I then inserted one of the old disks at a time, copying them to whichever drive I wanted. I did this via SSH/Telnet via MidnightCommander. After all disks (in my case it was 8) I did a rebuild array. (which IIRC rebuilds parity based on the data disks info) I have since added a 2nd parity drive - and all seems well. YMMV - but that's what I did. And a side note - get another drive for dual parity. It's well worth it. One thing to keep in mind - if you do it this way all of your data is unprotected until it's finished - it's dangerous.
  13. If anyone cares, It's still going after 5 years and 10 months poweron hours. Power on hours 0x0032 030 030 000 Old age Always Never 51209 (5y, 10m, 4d, 17h
  14. Last feb I had a power outage as multiple disks where writing to the server. Since then I've had 6095 errors in parity. Now my question - what is the order in which parity is written? 1: Write data disks then calculate parity? 2: Simultaneous Parity Calc? 3: Calc Parity before data is written. I'm just wonder what I should trust first, data disks or parity. Thanks for any help you can give.
  15. KC

    Bit Rot

    It isn't the server. It's my stupid fire-stick. Apologies.