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  1. I'm wondering this too. Looking at the master docker info you'd have to specify some more variable. I'm getting InnoDB and subsequent mysql errors on install so can't yet get it up. Everything stock as per the video apart from eth0 set to a static IP. root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='shinobi_pro' --net='eth0' --ip='' -e TZ="Europe/London" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'TCP_PORT_8080'='8080' -e 'ADMIN_USER'='admin' -e 'ADMIN_PASSWORD'='password' -v '/mnt/disks/cctv/':'/opt/shinobi/videos':'rw,slave' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/shinobi_pro':'/config':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/shinobipro/database':'/var/lib/mysql':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/shinobipro/customautoload':'/opt/shinobi/libs/customAutoLoad':'rw' 'spaceinvaderone/shinobi_pro_unraid:latest' a8aa5c000266e29966658067e0cdc657becf86d88cac66537f73f209a2e4b39f The command finished successfully! Log result after install: Copy custom configuration files ... cp: cannot stat '/config/*': No such file or directory No custom config files found. Create default config file /opt/shinobi/conf.json ... Create default config file /opt/shinobi/super.json ... Create default config file /opt/shinobi/plugins/motion/conf.json ... Hash admin password ... MariaDB Directory ... Installing MariaDB ... Installing MariaDB/MySQL system tables in '/var/lib/mysql' ... 2019-12-28 12:46:49 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: preallocating 12582912 bytes for file ./ibdata1 failed with error 95 2019-12-28 12:46:49 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Could not set the file size of './ibdata1'. Probably out of disk space 2019-12-28 12:46:49 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Database creation was aborted with error Generic error. You may need to delete the ibdata1 file before trying to start up again. 2019-12-28 12:46:49 0 [ERROR] Plugin 'InnoDB' init function returned error. 2019-12-28 12:46:49 0 [ERROR] Plugin 'InnoDB' registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed. 2019-12-28 12:46:50 0 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported storage engine: InnoDB 2019-12-28 12:46:50 0 [ERROR] Aborting Installation of system tables failed! Examine the logs in /var/lib/mysql for more information. The problem could be conflicting information in an external my.cnf files. You can ignore these by doing: shell> /usr/bin/mysql_install_db --defaults-file=~/.my.cnf You can also try to start the mysqld daemon with: shell> /usr/bin/mysqld --skip-grant-tables --general-log & and use the command line tool /usr/bin/mysql to connect to the mysql database and look at the grant tables: shell> /usr/bin/mysql -u root mysql mysql> show tables; Try 'mysqld --help' if you have problems with paths. Using --general-log gives you a log in /var/lib/mysql that may be helpful. The latest information about mysql_install_db is available at https://mariadb.com/kb/en/installing-system-tables-mysql_install_db You can find the latest source at https://downloads.mariadb.org and the maria-discuss email list at https://launchpad.net/~maria-discuss Please check all of the above before submitting a bug report at http://mariadb.org/jira
  2. I believe they've moved it in the latest betas but that should also have been incorporated into the latest stable, which isn't available as part of this container yet (still!). I copied the dzvents from the windows install and fixed the permissions, seems to work fine for most things BUT I if I try to update a virtual temp sensor with a script I get reboots every minute - this can't be replicated by others on the domoticz forum, so can only assume it's something weird with the container... I'm debating moving it to a dedicated pi as my house gets more dependant on it and I need to ensure the WAF!
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but can I just use the branch on github you created anyway, without the tag? If so, how?
  4. Any news on the ETA for the stable-3.8153 tag? Many thanks!
  5. Can we get a tag for the latest stable? 3.8153 Currently using the 'latest' tag but experiencing some of the bleeding edge bugs which is ruining the WAF, but I need functionality that was added between the stable tag on the repo and the latest stable release.
  6. Is this docker actually following the develop branch? Settings > Updates shows: - Jun 20 2017 develop Installed But the develop branch is being updated all the time and the docker was last built 5 days ago by linuxserver.io
  7. I don't so it's worked fine. I did have a look for a "config" file of some sort to tweak the ports al la sabnzbd etc but couldn't find one for domoticz. Need to get my teeth into events, blocky and scripting now. Great use of a box that's already on 24/7 using it for home automation. Props for the docker!
  8. Ok I'll wait for that feature to become stable before I try the dedicated IP, but I like the idea. For now, running the docker "--net=host" rather than as a bridge has done the trick. Not sure what the downsides are of doing that but it works well and doesn't seem to have affected any other services/dockers...
  9. I run this docker with the latest tag, I have OpenZwave through an passthrough usb Aeon stick all working well with some fibaro dimmers etc. In the process of adding Xiaomi Smart Home devices for triggers etc. I'm currently running 3.8206. I can add the Xiaomi Gateway but I don't get any devices listed. Log states: CODE: SELECT ALL 2017-08-08 21:11:28.994 XiaomiGateway: will listen on 9898 for hardware id 6 2017-08-08 21:11:28.994 XiaomiGateway: Delaying worker startup... 2017-08-08 21:11:33.995 XiaomiGateway: Worker started... I've configured the Uservariable to log directly as per the domoticz xiaomi gateway wiki. I've mapped port 9898 through to the docker (or at least I think I have):No errors shown but no devices found either.Server is on the same subnet as the gateway, server is wired and can only be wired. I ran the iptables commands from the wiki on the unraid server but it doesn't seem to have made a difference.I fired up domoticz on my windows desktop as a test bed, network situation is the same, the windows install picks up the devices right away.I suspect it's to do with the port but am at a loss of how to troubleshoot and fix it. Apparently: Can you help?
  10. What version of unraid are you using? Does the plugin show the app started, says "running"? I just ran a test and both versions work, so it must be a problem with either your config file or the db. If it's a problem with the DB, there likely isn't a way to save it, but if it's just a config problem its fixable. First things first, set the run as user to 'root' and hit apply, then start the app. After, set it back to 'nobody' and hit apply, then start it again. That will reset the permissions on the folders. Does that start it? also, depending on how large your DB is, you need to give it a little time to start after it says 'running'. Some large db's can take up to a minute. What version of unraid are you using? 5.0.5 Does the plugin show the app started, says "running"? Yes nobody>root>nobody still produces the Service Unavailable 503 page. :-( DB isn't that large and hasn't changed since going from working to not working. Is there anyway I can force it to refresh the dependencies and sub files without deleting the database or config?
  11. Subsonic Problem. After working fine for months I return from vacation to find subsonic failed. Visiting the URL gives: HTTP ERROR: 503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE RequestURI=/ Powered by jetty:// No apps can connect either. I've rebooted the box a couple of times. Stopped and restarted the service a few times, all to no avail. Plugin is version 1.5.2 w/ subsonic V5.0. Any ideas how I can rectify this without losing my library?
  12. what is your install directory? Install: /usr/local/subsonic Config: /mnt/cache/.custom/subsonic those look good. Go to your usb/packages folder and delete java from there, then reboot. It's possible the java download is corrupted. Also, in usb/config/plugins erase the subsonic folder. Do this before you reboot and it week be recreated after reboot. You will need to enter your directory location again in the config page for the plugin. Great that did it and I haven't lost a thing. Awesome work and thanks for the prompt support.
  13. what is your install directory? Install: /usr/local/subsonic Config: /mnt/cache/.custom/subsonic
  14. Hey PhAze, Thanks for all the hard work. I've transitioned to you plgs as and when they were released. I've just attempted to use your subsonic plugin. I've been on the most recent previous for ages. I stopped that, backed up the single folder is used and installed your plg. I set the config directory to the same as for my previous install, left the rest empty and clicked go. Anyway, it says the PID was created but the process wasn't started. In the dependencies section is says: Java Version:INSTALLED BUT NOT WORKING FFmpeg Version:1.2 Since then I've done a full reboot of the server to only produce the same error. Can you help? TIA