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  1. The supermicro is loud, I have replaced the fans in two of my 933t's with 4 wire fans run from the mobo but it is still loud in my opinion. Although I have a dedicated space for them so it is not too bad for me. Charles.
  2. Really not a fan of the R710 (bottom of the Rack) or the 1950s or the 2950 but they are cheep and will do until i get the IBM blade center fixed up. I've got two of those Supermicro SC936E26-R1200B sitting under the bed in my guest bedroom collecting dust. Great cases. Just wanted to move everything to a single case for management. Really, you don't like the 710's I have a few with dual HEX cores and 288gig of ram. They are troopers. take everything I throw at them and just keep running. cc-
  3. This is the bottom half, the top has is all WAN gear. Nice, I like it, sweet setup. I am also a huge Dell fan. Here is a link to mine I posted earlier. Charles.
  4. I like your Supermicro case. Usually a little loud, but tough like tank. Do you have any pictures of your 32u rack? This is like porn for me.
  5. I like the small sleek footprint, is it quiet?
  6. No I already thought of that, our house system is split and supports heat in other zones while cooling where the computers are. Also as it is Florida and the lower portion we have not run the heat in over five years.
  7. Thank you, a lot of time and effort has gone into them, and the whole set-up. Only one runs 24/7, the other three are powered as needed for data access or backup schedules. Do you need another Supermicro 933? I have one complete... just in case you wanted to add a 5th! Did you replace all the stock fans? If not that must be one loud rack! With 112TB I think I am done for now, and I have no room in my rack. But I will PM you just in case I can not pass up the offer. I have a storage problem. I replaced the stock fans with 4wire fans, and have them as slow as possible but thermally controlled. The rack with the rac-sense environmental monitoring can tell the house to turn on the ac for the room, and set it to cool the specific zone the rack is in if needed on those hot Florida summer days. cc.
  8. Thank you, a lot of time and effort has gone into them, and the whole set-up. Only one runs 24/7, the other three are powered as needed for data access or backup schedules.
  9. Ok, I think I am finally done. I believe I am done with my storage tower after finally adding the 4th 933t case. I am out of room. Now I will need 3tb drive support if I want to grow any further. Maybe I need to keep less data? Naaaaa. Updated unRaid Rack with 4th unRaid Servers. Rack with Keyboard out. The just in case console access. Even though the consoles can be accessed via the web from the Avocent console server. Storage Rack Specs: APC NetShelter Rack APC SU3000 Smart UPS Two APC AP9211 remote Reboot switches Managed GIG Switch AVOCENT DSR2030 Local and Remote KVM GEIST RSMINI environmental monitoring 4x SuperMicro 933t servers with 28TB each RAW. Rack Solutions 2U sliding Monitor Shelf.
  10. I love these drives, I have been running them for over a year with unRAID and have not had any problems. Thanks for the heads-up. I need some more for my new supermicro 15 drive case I just got. cc-
  11. Additional vents, and returns were added for the room, the house has zoned air so this room can be cooled differently from the rest of the house. That is the only rack in that room, but one of two racks in the house. The other rack, which is a full 44u rack is in a media / wiring closet. It too has it's own separate cooling zone. The pictured rack is all of the storage. Media has htpc, home automation, switchers, players ect. cc-
  12. My rack is in a special purpose room, which has added cooling.
  13. I apologize if this was not the right place to post, but it is storage related, and I thought it was a good deal. Free. For anyone that wants is I have an 18u mini rack, and a Maxattach 6000 storage server they can have if they want to pick up. I live near Tampa Florida. PM me if you are interested. Maxattach has 12 x 260gig drives and I have all *soft* documentation, and original disks to re-image the device back to is sold to me state. It was working perfectly when I took it out of service. This is for the rack, and one maxattach 6000. The other one is long gone. spec sheet: