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  1. OK just upgraded from 6.6.7 to 6.7.0, had the marvell issue, as 2 drives failed to load up, and array couldn't start. Using card Vantec UGT-ST644R, which come to find out apparently uses a Marvell chipset (HyperDuo is a Technology Created by Marvell that Encompasses Both SSD and HDD Technologies to give You the Speed Without the Premium Price). Anyways, since I also had another 2 port card from a previous build (upgraded old BM85 MB to a Supermicro X10SRi-F), added that card and now all is well again.
  2. ok after some testing and looking at the docker cpuset-cpus=# settings, it seems like gimp-desktop is the culprit for the slow webgui loading. edit: I removed the gimp-desktop docker and everything loads like before
  3. With the last update of 6.1.3, my webgui is extremely slow when loading docker and dashboard, sometimes I have to attempt to load it again before anything appears. Before the update it was nearly instant load times. In my Docker I have sickbeard (running), SABnzbd (running), PlexMediaServer (running), gimp desktop (not running), CouchPotato (not running). All but one are needo's dockers, gimp desktop is sparklyballs docker. This is getting annoying when i go to check stats on the dashboard and it just sits there cycling trying to load and then just ends.
  4. I encountered the same issue, I changed one path to see where it would work, my paths now all work correctly. my current path for each now show /tv/<show name> instead of the old way of /mnt/user/tv/<show name> If you click back a menu you should see the movies folder and tv show folder on your bottom screen shot. my final run had to edit all of the folders in one shot and change the path once instead of changing each one individually.
  5. Wow thats interesting, I have found seagate drives to be the most reliable, on the other hand I have about 6 WD drives that failed within 30 after the warranty expired.