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  1. In case it's the same issue I had no luck passing through the Dell Perc H310 or a USB controller on my Ryzen build until I found a post on Reddit describing a similar problem and followed their suggestion of setting VMKernel.Boot.disableACSCheck to True in Advanced Settings on the ESXi host. The Reddit post is here, That's really good news about being able to boot directly from the USB stick now. I had not spotted that! It means I can retire the plopkexec iso I was using. Thanks for the tip.
  2. For anyone considering the plunge I did an online upgrade from ESXi 6.7 to ESXi 7.0 last night and although it's early days my Unraid VM is working fine. I just followed this old guide and substituted ESXi-7.0 in the grep line when looking for the right image profile. The first time I ran the upgrade I got a warning about incompatible hardware, which was a Dell Perc H310 controller. Since I'm passing that through to the Unraid VM is can be safely ignored. Re-running the update with the '--no-hardware-warning' switch ignores the warning and allows the upgrade to proceed. My only issue after the upgrade was that I couldn't attach the Unraid USB stick to the VM. I eventually remembered that I'd previously been using the older vmklinux USB drivers which have now been removed from ESXi 7. Once I'd re-enabled the native USB drivers with esxcli system module set -m=vmkusb -e=TRUE and rebooted I could see all my USB devices and was able to attach the Unraid USB stick to the VM and boot it. I was lucky that all my hardware was supported, but do some checking first before upgrading there's advice out there for checking for anything using vmklinux drivers You can run the upgrade in dryrun mode to get a list of any incompatible hardware Assume that recovery console won't work if you want to downgrade again. There's a lot of articles out there that suggest that you can just launch the recovery console to downgrade to the previously installed version, but for whatever reason that option wasn't available to me. HW List: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite motherboard with a Dell PERC H310 in IT mode passed through to Unraid.
  3. Just finished virtualizing my unRAID on 6.5 update 1. I had massive problems trying to get the unRAID USB stick to show up as an available device to connect to the VM. I tried it in every USB port on the motherboard; even the ports that ESXi was using and recognising for the keyboard connection and had no luck whatsoever. Just before giving up completely I came across this VMware KB, No idea why the new USB drivers don't like my Lexar USB stick, but after forcing ESXi to revert to the old USB drivers the unRAID USB stick showed up in the list of devices that could be connected to the unRAID VM. Posting just in case someone else comes across the same issue.