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  1. ok I figured out what you guys meant above, this is user error... sort of. I had "--restart unless-stopped" in the extra options field. So as a medium level user of docker, I would like to ask that either a pull down be added to adjust the docker restart option so its more obvious or to disable the autoclose of the log window... a warning at the bottom saying "Due to this container restarting, This log will not update unless it is closed and re-opened" would be fine and more user friendly I would think. also my fix has been to change the extra parameters to "--restart on-failure:3" that way it will auto-restart but will only try 3x so I can still check the log when its a real failure.(this is for a Authenticator docker so its important to stay up, and it likes to randomely crash once a month or so)
  2. I appreciate the realtime logging, but I also am having an issue where a docker container will not start, and it immediately closes the log. how am I supposed to see why it won't start?
  3. holy crap.. when did ordering of docker happen? Ok perfect even tho it makes me look like an idiot I appreciate that we had this convo.. also thanks again for all you do.
  4. so just noticed(I think it might have been the most recent update of unRaid) the autostart in the Docker page in advanced view has a time delay option now... so thats all I need assuming of course that appdata backup plugin follow that... as thats the only thing that ever reboots my unraid.. that and unraid updates.. otherwise its uptime is 100% also cant find your plugin(this one) in the Apps list
  5. I really appreciate the work you do.. one quick question before I install it though. Does this play nice with the CA Backup/Restore appdata plugin? if that plugin stops all dockers so it can do a backup will it restart them in the correct order?
  6. sorry missed this one... while I cannot tell you the idle power of just the board I can tell you my system after 4 weeks of use averaged to 49.5 Watts always being on. My system has this board/cpu, 3 case fans, a 400 Watt PSU, 2 WD Red's, and 1 SSD and we Direct Play everything so thats more or less at Idle power usage with HD spun up. So doing some reasonable math the CPU/Board at idle uses 30 Watts
  7. that is a really good point, I should have thought of this as a electrical engineer but I didn't the issue seems fixed for now and was most likely a corrupt docker image but running the bronze 80 PSU at 8-12% load probably isnt a great idea.. I probably will replace it with a pico PSU in the near future anyhow just to lower fan noise(aka none) I made a temperature controller for the internal case fans so they only turn on when cpu exceeds 65c and/or Hds exceed 35c(effectively making the unit silent unless transcoding which it rarely does) but that PSU fan is still noisy
  8. ok well its been 2 days since I "fixed" it and it was indeed a corrupt docker image... or something with the linuxserver builds doesn't play nice with my system as I switched to the binhex builds(much more unraid friendly/thought out I might add) so it was one or the other as everything works great now(I deleted all my app settings(except copied back the plex db) and deleted docker.img also) appreciate the assistance
  9. i have had quite the week with a few hospital visits here and there so this took the back burner... but it is still up and running without running deluge or sabnzbd so tomorrow I will be deleting the docker image and starting that from scratch... hopefully thats the issue(seems quite possible as I moved it back and forth a bit while trying different cache drives).. there is no BIOS updates for this motherboard and its not overclocked(unless it was overclocked from factory)
  10. the whole system uses 40 Watts and has a GOOD 500 Watt PSU.. I also did try another PSU just in case so definitely not the issue I can use the hD's to my hearts content right up until a docker wants to write to the drive in little bits(newsnab/torrent) I even tried having plex move a ton of files around no issue in the meantime I have been downloading files manually and copying them over the network system has been up 4 days now without issue.. if I was to run the Sabnzbd or Deluge Docker it would crash in 5 seconds also can do Pre-clear's and check parity without issue
  11. Still trying to work this out... seems if I only read from HD's with minimal writing it runs fine.. as soon as I start a docker with either SabNZBD or Deluge the system reboots very shortly after. Watching movies in plex(even in UHD with 30gb files) works just fine played about 4 movies this way and 3-4 tv shows even jumping around in the 4k works just fine reading and writing files to and from the SMB shares works fine too.. I moved 300GB off and then back on without issue so seems to be some sort of issue with writing to disk from docker.. Sabnzbd complains it cannot find some files when it starts(files it was in the middle of downloading) but deleting these from the cache and disk the re-adding them and rebooting SabNZBD without any errors showing still results in the Call Traces shortly after... anyone have any sort of ideas?
  12. Just updated to 6.4.0-rc13 no fix unfortunately same issue
  13. Anyone have any pointers how to troubleshoot this sort of issue? Started after changing the motherboard/CPU... the ram was pulled from the previously working system but after having these issues I did a MemTest anyhow and ran the memtest for 6 passes(6 full passes not tests) without issue The system might run 3 days without issue or might run 3 minutes(or less) I never had these issue with my previous Motherboard/CPU but I also only had run unraid for about 3 days on it before changing the Motherboard/CPU before that I ran FreeNAS for 3yrs on it. Is the most likely issue a bad motherboard? I checked the Motherboard website and there is no new BIOS's Output from the log file: https://pastebin.com/fytzfLCm
  14. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138448 Just thought id let others know of this cheap motherboard.. if you are like me and direct play everything but sometimes watch from a phone when out and about then this will handily transcode a single 1080p stream just tested transcoding 20Mbps to 8Mbps and had no issues.. the onboard SATA seems nice and fast(still need to do extensive testing) so far im quite happy with it, network performance also seems good.
  15. i am, and I searched the manual up and down couldnt find any mention of unsupported options in private(other than disc related options)