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  1. Yeah, I've been using screen only for years, and now testing network speeds so I'm using a total of two tools
  2. Ah, didn't remember I have to activate it as well. Works now, thank you!
  3. I get error command not found when trying to run iperf3 -s or iperf -s via SSH. I have latest version of Nerd Tools installed which is supposed to include iperf3. Screen works fine. How can I run iperf3?
  4. IP addresses and other stuff isn't anonymized, so I'll skip this. I rarely use Windows anyway, so unRAID not working properly with it is yet another reason to avoid it.
  5. I can. Under SMB settings local master is "Yes." My unRAID box is always on, so it' been on for days or week before I boot into Win10. All my shares are public. How do I anonymize the diag file?
  6. Changed active directory to workgroup in unRAID, enabled SMB/CIFS client in Win10, I have no credentials in credential manager. Now I can't even access the tower with its IP 😡
  7. Accessing unRAID with IP address every time is tedious. There are several threads many of them years old, many offering workarounds, but none which look like a solid solution. What's the current best practice to get unRAID working with Win10?
  8. Is there a step-by-step guide on installing this? Never installed any Docker components as far as I know.
  9. Wow, that was quick, and helpful! The DHCP range of addresses was way off from what it used to be. I changed the range, and the server went straight back up without having to edit anything at the server end. Thank you!
  10. I got a new router, Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200. After booting my unRAID server I see it on the router's network map, but it only has an IPv6 address, no regular IP4 address so I can't connect the GUI. Trying to login via //tower or //themonolith doesn't work (never has, even with old router). Any idea how to get the server's IP short of connecting a monitor to it? My box is connected with a LAN cable. All other wired and wireless devices work fine. Router has the latest firmware.
  11. It's going well, thanks! Haven't had any issues. I recently updated two HDDs to 4TB ones, and cleaned her up, quite dusty inside. I've been updating the software every few months as well. I am considering upgrading the parity drive to 8TB or perhaps bigger sometime in the future. Not sure if there are limitations on the due to the old mobo or the cards I'm using, though, so need to do a bit of research.
  12. Without the fan the cage can be pushed towards the front of the case by 7-9 cm. A further 2-3 cm if it can be pushed all the way into the front face - haven't tried but eyeballing it might be possible although you might need to cut some metal to do that. Looking at the images above the cage protrudes by a bit more than the width of a 3.5" HDD which are 10 cm wide, so it seems that there is a risk that it won't fit. But if your mobo isn't raised and doesn't have memory sticks where mine does, it still might fit. Lot of weasel words above, but it's hard to tell without te
  13. Ah, that text was a toggle. Must have clicked it by accident. That fixed it, thanks!
  14. Just upgraded to 6.4, and the Main tab has huge sections explaining what each of the different icons etc. mean in Opera, but not in Chrome. How do I remove them in Opera?