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  1. I have the following for sale. Please make an offer for whatever you want. Shipping from the USA. Quantity 6: Hynix 4gb PC3-10600 RAM - HMT151R7AFP4C Quantity 19: HP branded 72Gb 15k SAS drives 2.5" (15 are in HP drive trays, 4 are bare) Quantity 7: HP 300GB 10k SAS 2.5" (bare) Quantity 10: brand new HP 300GB 10k SAS 2.5" (bare, I have the HP trays but no screws) Quantity 1: HP dual port PCIe NIC, NC360T (Intel 82571EB chipset) Quantity 2: HP quad port PCIe NIC, NC364T (Intel 82571EB chipset)
  2. I have 4 new Intel RES2SV240 for sale, in box with 6 SAS cables and both high/low profile PCI brackets. $100 each plus shipping (located in USA)
  3. Appendix A 5 short, 1 long = no memory detected Doesn't necessarily surprise me as server hardware can be rather picky. Try contacting Supermicro support, they are usually pretty good with helping assuming it is something they can help with.
  4. The PCIe x8 v2 SAS card would have a maximum of 32Gb/s or 4GB/s 4 lane SAS2 is 24Gb/s or 3GB/s 20 drives on 4 lanes would yield 1.2Gb/s per drive still, or 153MB/s There is 48Gb/s of SAS2 bandwidth sitting on a 32Gb/s PCIe bus, the card is already oversubscribed bandwidth wise. Unless you follow the overclocker mentality of demanding the utmost performance, I don't think that there would be much lost by the 1-in-5-out option with the other 4 lanes on the PCIe card directly driving the parity and cache drives.
  5. I wasn't expecting it to come like that. I was/am expecting this to just be the card (just ordered one) so hope mine comes the same way. This sounds like what I got when I ordered from Amazon/Newegg for my first 3 a year or two ago and I didn't think it was a bulk pack like ebay listing says. Guess I was wrong. They shipped my 4 boxed cards in a box that fit 5 of them and had RES2SV240 stickers on the outside, the 5-pack box is probably the "bulk" part of it. Its original Intel packaging, has the serial number of the card on the sticker stuck on the box. I remember paying $5 per SAS cable a while back, thats $30 right there.
  6. Mine arrived today, well packed in original box. They came with both high and low profile PCI slot plates and (6) SAS cables.
  7. Have 4 in the mail, got for $255 shipped (total). Offer was accepted after about 24 hours.
  8. Intel I350-T4 Or the older Intel Pro/1000 PT
  10. I know what you mean about working at enterprise class scales then having to go home and slum it up with a single socket and these silly storage systems that can't handle 500k IOPS with barely a yawn... I take pictures I can drool over in weak moments to save my home power usage and wallet from certain demise. Without gaming, you could probably fairly easily do all of the above and a typical sized GNS3 lab (at least in ESX). Dual CPU might come into play if you run ot of RAM, but I wouldn't expect CPU usage to be huge (aside from Plex, SABnzbd, and GNS3). But getting a second single socket system for that stuff would probably be cheaper. A Supermicro X9SRA, 64gb with 4x 16gb DIMM modules (half populated for future growth), and an E5-1650 v2 would be a fairly powerful and decently affordable server. I went my route with the dual Xeon board mainly for the seven x8 PCIe 2.0 slots, not necessarily CPU core count. I was doing pricing for GNS3 and VIRL labs (Microsoft would be similar in requirements to VIRL) and found that for massive labs, a quad socket Opteron 6262HE would be worth looking into. 64 cores fully populated and lots of DIMM slots to allow massive amounts of RAM to be had cheaply. Don't need speed for labs, just quantity. I've seen an embarrassingly large amount of VM guests jammed onto an old single socket 6 core Xeon 5600, in production workloads, just humming along quite happily.
  11. A reflashed IBM M1015 is fairly popular. My only comment would be to buy RAM that is listed on the HCL on the Supermicro website.
  12. If you are going to game off of it then a dual socket is not out of the question. I do wonder why you would want to game on it though? Pay more for worse performance. As far as the MCSE prep, you'll probably run out of RAM long before CPU. 16:1 is a decent consolidation ratio for lighly used servers at least in the VMware world. How many VM guests you planning on running for your lab? I run my server with dual 4 core processors that are quite old in comparison. Several Plex streams, SABnzbd running full steam, and Bluecherry with a couple camera's, and it usually is less then 3 cores used. The only time I have ever stressed it CPU wise is when I started up a 50 router config in GNS3...
  13. If you look at my sig you could probably guess that I don't play around