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  1. Thanks. Missed that- thought it was just a snip of previous post and didn’t realize it was a link
  2. I did. There was no solution that I see posted? But it sounds like the same issue I am having.
  3. Same issue just started for me. Been on 6.8.3 without issues for a long time. Just noticed this week that all of my dockers say version not available. tried restarting the server, did not fix the issue
  4. Hi, no - never fixed it. I still can't copy to any of the top level directories. I also built a new windows 10 PC / fresh install etc and it has the same issue. good luck!
  5. thanks - I tried quite a few of this with no luck. I ran the docker-permissions tool to reset share permissions. I also uninstalled SMB1.0 from windows 10 as I read recently that Unraid upgraded it's SMB support. no luck. For any of my top level directories I cannot copy files- but if I open any directory I can then drag/drop and copy a file into it. any other suggestions? thanks
  6. Hi, I just noticed an issue when trying to copy a file from a windows 10 PC to unraid via explorer. I could not copy to any folder (the red circle with slash through it). I rebooted the windows 10 PC, then the unraid server. Upgraded from 6.8.1 to 6.8.2. Still no luck. Then I tried going into a sub directory and was able to copy. For example - I can't copy to \movies but I can copy to \movies\action. I have not changed anything in ages on the unraid server (settings, etc) -but I checked anyway my user permissions on the share it was OK. the only thing I can think of is over the last week the new windows 10 version 1909 installed- could that have changed something that does not allow copying to a top level directory? ideas? thanks also - just checked on windows 10PC and SMB 1.0 was still enabled...figured maybe something to do with SMB.
  7. Hi - issues playing .mp4 from emby IOS (connecting to unraid docker). Luke @ emby forum was helping troubleshoot and in the end he recommended installing emby docker from their site to fix issues with ffmpeg. as I have only ever installed dockers from Unraid gui, can anyone here first tell me why this docker won't play the file correctly ? is there a different unraid emby docker (I see a binhex one also?) that would work? thanks
  8. Would you care to name them so that others are forewarned? I don't know which SSDs are good and which are not so good. Reviews on Anandtech are a good place to start... +1 Also avoid any planar tlc ssd. As for the OP's problem log looks good, trim is working, still looks like an SSD issue, make sure you're using the latest firmware, this model had a speed problem, although it affected mostly read speed. Hi - never tried updating firmware on a drive in the unraid server. Do I have to pull the SSD and put it into my windows PC to update the firmware? or is there a way to do from linux? thanks
  9. Hi- see attached for diagnostics thanks
  10. It is a Samsung 840 Evo - seems to be a reasonable SSD from what I can tell.
  11. Hi Yes I just went and checked again. Browsed to cache drive and they are still there (mover has not run yet). I'm using 6.2.4. thanks
  12. Hi, I quite often have an issue where my speed drops significantly during the middle of copying a file to my unraid server. I use a cache SSD drive - and it is enabled for the drives I am using. I also check after and see that the files are on the cache drive so it is copying to the ssd cache (and it is not full). (all computers hard wired / cate5e, no wireless). speeds typically start out at 112MB/sec and sometimes stay steady at that rate for the whole file - other times it drops to ~21MB/sec (see attached screen shot). I also run the SSD trim plugin and have it set to run daily. any ideas on what it could be, or how to troubleshoot this? thanks
  13. yes, from a fresh install agree it looks like the binlog not uncommented (but it is - see screenshot) I used the mc editor to do it. just checked using notepad++ and it says 'unix' at the bottom, that was other thought was wrong format file. also did the chown 644. thanks got it working! not sure how. stopped dockers, reopened the config file using notepad++, resaved, reapplied chown, restarted dockers and ran the webgui thanks again for all of the help today
  14. yes I missed the semicolons! also I missed the " ' " on the 'root'@'localhost' lines.... making some progress I think, the nextcloud folder was created. however I still get an error on the nextcloud webgui config, see attached (it is different error this time)