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  1. I'll give it a shot and report back, thank you
  2. This morning I rebooted my server and Unraid didn't want to boot from some boot error (I do not remember or have a screen shot) 1) On a separate USB drive, I used a fresh install to see if Unraid would boot and it was not a hardware issue. It booted just fine. 2) I pulled down my latest USB backup and pushed everything to my active USB drive 3) Booting just fine now but I have a stale config (see attached image) 4) Everything in my `DRIVE_ASSIGNMENTS.txt` is correct. If I reassign everything correctly, it prompts me to choose a new passphase and my parities would be wiped. I'm using xfs-encrypted Halp please 🙏 tower-diagnostics-20200427-2106.zip
  3. Pro user for 4 years, tomorrow. Happy Birthday! (The badge would look great on my Supermicro chassis)
  4. I imagined so, I just did not want to assume.
  5. Full array recovery! NOTE: The step missing from the above method in this case was: My disks were all XFS (encrypted), not the default XFS. Set the default formatting to the appropriate under Disk Settings then reassign them. Thanks to @Frank1940, @trurl and whomever Tom is from support for the very quick response on getting my registration key. I owe you guys a 🥩 dinner.
  6. Thank you all. I will try this method tonight and let you know how it goes.
  7. So I add all drives (1 cache, 2 parody, 9 array) to the slots exactly as it once was, this should work. One more question, do I start this with my old `/config` applied onto a fresh copy of unraid or not? Wouldn't it warn about starting array with a new config and force a parody rebuild? Which is fine in the case that it keeps the data already on the disks. Two questions actually, do I need my old `/config` in regards to anything of my array encryption key?
  8. Also, the data recovery firm wanted some serious money that I don't have.
  9. My plugins/dockers/vms can all burn, thats ok with me. As mentioned above, I have a screen shot of how my drives were properly assigned. If it helps, I had dual parody disks, 1 cache drive & 9 array drives. (All drives are encrypted) Key file is backed up. Yes, will need updated with the new USB drive. I do have an older config/ folder I can use to get things started.
  10. I am aware of how air-headed this all was, let me be the poster child as to how not backing up is bad. My Missteps - My USB drive holding my OS configs died. Hardware failure. Even tried a data recovery firm. - I rearranged drives 6 months ago and forgot to reconfigure my backup schedule properly. What I have to work with - I have an old backup (6+ months) that has my old drive assignments with a different parody and such - A screen shot of my current drive assignments before the USB failure and post-drive rearrangement. What do I do? A) Make a new USB with my old confg, map my drives to its most current positions, pre-USB failure, and all data on the array will be recovered automagically? 🤞 B) Start over? 😢 C) Some other thing I am unaware of? Hopefully someone will verify and/or change my suspicions that option A is the way to go before I try it tonight. I've been an avid Unraid'r for 5+ years and this community has always been great so thank you ahead of time.
  11. Is there any way to contribute to the front end? I would love to make this responsive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I did look at the JS Console in Chrome, the call was timing out. As for nginx, I can look later tonight. Will the previous 6.5.0' logs still be accessible to me while I stay on 6.4.1?
  13. I've never ran anything that would bring it to a limit. I have 32gb and the highest utilization Ive seen it at was 60% while running a Windows 10 VM. One wild card could be that I'm running a Ryzen 1800x. IDK about the other people though.
  14. I had the same issue. I had to downgrade to remedy the problem. A restart was only a temporary fix.