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  1. We'll see when the price is revealed...
  2. Just a heads up, Sons of the Forest (sequel to The Forest) is coming out on Thursday and I'm sure that will be requested soon.
  3. So 80,000+ writes per day later, I figured out it was the My Servers plugin in a backup loop. I uninstalled it and it opened up 10+GB of space on my USB.. A moderator may want to move this to the plugin support topic.
  4. upon shutdown there was something like unclean shutdown detected/unable to stop unraid_driver ...but I only saw it for a split second
  5. Here's an updated diagnostics after some rebooting.
  6. I also restarted (normal boot) and the domain.cfg is still being written to before the array is started A new flash backup is triggered every 60 seconds so I apologize for hammering your API
  7. I was able to narrow it to the domain.cfg via a few `ls -ltR ./boot` commands. I turned the VM service off Stopped the array Nuked the domain.cfg Started array Still constantly writing. Also my VM Settings page is crazy slow to load versus all the others for some reason. I do not think this was an issue until I moved to 6.10.2 but I could be wrong. I was running a Home Assistant VM prior to me switching it off and it worked fine. As I am not well versed in the VM stuff I'm looking for some help please. 🙏
  8. Nevermind! I gave it a clean reboot and the password prompt re-appeared. All is well, thank you for the time @Squid
  9. My USB died last night so I replaced it. - I used USB Creator to create a new OS (stable) - Copied over my entire /config folder because I have nightly backups - Start it up, and my config is intact. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. - Transfer my registation key (great work on that btw) One problem: All of my disks are XFS-encrpyted and the disks are unlocked and do not have a password prompt. I'm afraid if I start the array it will wipe everything? Am I crazy or does the password prompt show up after I start the array? Attached are the options given to me
  10. As long as you have those 3 UDP ports forwarded it does work through the in-game browser. The in-game browser just takes a long time to search by name. Could be early access/growing pains. I have it logged in anonymously in case you are not going that route.
  11. Yeah, I made a PR for the CA config but I now see you're reply. Feel free to close the PR if not needed. Also, thank you.
  12. Can I ask for a Valheim template? It just launched on SteamCMD
  13. True but in this case it was on its own VLAN. Again, just trying to help debug.