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  1. As long as you have those 3 UDP ports forwarded it does work through the in-game browser. The in-game browser just takes a long time to search by name. Could be early access/growing pains. I have it logged in anonymously in case you are not going that route.
  2. Yeah, I made a PR for the CA config but I now see you're reply. Feel free to close the PR if not needed. Also, thank you.
  3. Can I ask for a Valheim template? It just launched on SteamCMD
  4. True but in this case it was on its own VLAN. Again, just trying to help debug.
  5. It was a vanilla build that got reformatted again and again. Of course don’t expose your person server to DMZ. I was was just trying to nail down the issue.
  6. OK, I know this has been posted a ton. I've read the past 60+ pages in here. I've deleted my network.cfg & network-rules.cfg, totally fresh settings. No Pi-Hole or dns filter. I even put my server on the DMZ for a moment to be sure. Has anyone run into these conditions before?
  7. Unraid v6.8.3 Senario: - Wake up at 5am to my whole place shaking. It turns out there is a rather large machine with a giant chisel ripping up the street right outside my window. - I realize there is about 6 or 7 feet distance from my server and the chisel and it is finishing up a normally scheduled parity check! My spinners! - I run downstairs to pause the parity check via parity tuning plugin. It was paused at 89% or so and I have no data written on any disk at the 8tb+ sectors. - I successfully do a clean shut down and go to work sleepy. - Come back from
  8. I'll give it a shot and report back, thank you
  9. This morning I rebooted my server and Unraid didn't want to boot from some boot error (I do not remember or have a screen shot) 1) On a separate USB drive, I used a fresh install to see if Unraid would boot and it was not a hardware issue. It booted just fine. 2) I pulled down my latest USB backup and pushed everything to my active USB drive 3) Booting just fine now but I have a stale config (see attached image) 4) Everything in my `DRIVE_ASSIGNMENTS.txt` is correct. If I reassign everything correctly, it prompts me to choose a new passphase and my parities would be wiped.
  10. Pro user for 4 years, tomorrow. Happy Birthday! (The badge would look great on my Supermicro chassis)
  11. Full array recovery! NOTE: The step missing from the above method in this case was: My disks were all XFS (encrypted), not the default XFS. Set the default formatting to the appropriate under Disk Settings then reassign them. Thanks to @Frank1940, @trurl and whomever Tom is from support for the very quick response on getting my registration key. I owe you guys a 🥩 dinner.