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  1. You can download the deriver for your network card from Intel and build it.
  2. Looks like you really need ipmi. See this discussion Maybe that will help.
  3. You can find it here (nct6775.ko for unraid-5.0.5): Thanks. Turns out to have been a dead end for me. Not sure what I need. sensors-detect gives me coretemp and then an unknown chip trying family VIA/Winbond/Nuvoton/Fintek. From some other searches I had seen about Nuvoton I thought this might help me but unfortunately not. I know there are others using the ASUS H87-I motherboard here, so if anyone gets this working let me know. Seems you need asus_atk0110.ko. Try to do modprobe asus_atk0110.ko and see if that helps.
  4. You can find it here (nct6775.ko for unraid-5.0.5):
  5. I have different motherboard. What is the output of sensors command?
  6. Here are more detailed steps: 1. Create a directory under /boot called drivers mkdir /boot/drivers 2. Copy nct6775.ko to /boot/drivers 3. Create sensors.conf chip "nct6776-isa-0290" label temp1 "CPU Temp" label temp2 "MB Temp" 4. Copy this file to /boot/config/plugins/dynamix/sensors.conf 5. Edit /boot/config/go and append following lines: modprobe hwmon-vid insmod /boot/drivers/nct6775.ko cp /boot//config/plugins/dynamix/sensors.conf /etc/sensors.d/ 6. Done
  7. modprobe hwmon-vid insmod nct6775.ko Should work. You can copy nct6775.ko to your flash drive. Just create directory under /boot, and put that module there. You can write a script which can be executed from go, same as unmenu.
  8. Check here: and
  9. Module is attached, it is for unraid-5.0.5.
  10. sensors app doesn't work. It is compiled for 32-bit and run-time library is not available.
  11. Web server crashes when adding a new user with password which contains single "