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  1. Data rebuilt fine on a new drive, no errors, seems that the issue was with the old drive.
  2. popped in another disk, rebuilding, let's see what happens
  3. diagnostics also attached
  4. Hi folks, I run out of space so I decided to used an old drive, which I added to the array. I have 4 Norco 500 in my server case, using two fully of them (10 drives) at the moment so I added the disc to an empty Norco. Unassigned devices reported 2 pending sectors, then pending sector returned to 0. I cleared the disk, formatted it and added it as drive 10. Then a while later reported read error, and 422 pending sectors which kept rising to 1455. I have attached a deep smart test, is the drive on its way or is an issue with the Norco, or an issue with the cable connection? Only this drive on the Norco cage and I am having these issues.
  5. No red X for me under Unassigned Devices. Stopped the array and added the drive, Disk-Clear started now.
  6. It is filled with data so I guess it has a partition? Can I delete the partition and preclear?
  7. mmh preclear doesnt see the drive, either mounted or unmounted in unassigned devices
  8. Do I need to preclear an old drive, which I used in the unraid system, and then removed when upgrading the drive to a larger one, or just format it?
  9. Hi there, I am planning to run 3 Norco ss-500 and I only have two cables with Molex connectors coming out of the power supply. I am using two molex per Norco ss-500, but as I don't have eough molex free for the third cage, I am planning to use a molex splitter and connect it to one of the two existing cables. Any objections, suggestions?
  10. Yes I understand, but is there a science to this that can confirm how much do we need to leave? On my largets drive 10% is over a terabyte. How much free space does unraid need to rebuild a disk etc.
  11. found this on the wiki
  12. oh boy, any suggestions, links for the xfs conversion
  13. Hi everyone, this is really interesting. All of my drives are at 90% use, they range from 2 TB to 10 TB. I use the server as media repository for movies and tv series. Files are never changed, only added. Does that mean I can safely set the limit to 1%? This will not affect the server read performance? Don't really care much about the write side as I only write each file once. My free space currently is just under 5Tb. PS: my file system is reiserfs
  14. I used the built in Tools / New Permissions, selecting ALL shares