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  1. Thanks JorgeB, I purchased a Kingston flash, so I can use it as main and use my current flash as backup. In 2006 I purchased the unraid license and I must have received two pro keys, for two different flash drives. I searched through my emails but I cannot actually find the keys, so my guess is that I must have had to download them from a web interface. I have one pro key in the flash that is currently in use. Any ideas on how I can get the other pro-key, as I have lost my second flash drive? I have the GUID, woudl that be enough to obtain the original pro key I received in 2006?
  2. Thank you! That worked. Now why is the flash getting corrupted so often? It didn't use to happen to me before, what am I doing wrong? I will make sure that I take regular backups of the flash, ideally automate that with a script from my windows PC.
  3. Just like Bilbo Baggins: "There and back again". These days I am actually scared of turning off my server, in case the flash drive gets corrupted and I am back to the kernel panic stage. I had some electricians doing some work so I turned off the server, but I forgot to copy the flash contents before I did it and low and behold, I am back to the same problem. So I did the usual, as I still have the same copy of config folder as before - used rufus to reformat the flash - loaded the plain unraid server files - added the backed up config files on top Server boots, we are good to go? No. I forgot I replaced a drive since the last backup of the config files. Drive 4 is missing (my old 2Tb drive) and my new 10Tb drive is showing in the dropdown). Once I select that, the systems indicate "All existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is Started". Obviously, I don't want to do that as I know that all the drives are fine and so is parity. How can I create a new configuration manually, I have the list of the drives from my daily email alerts I set up? I don't want to start with a blank server installation as I have an emby docker, and don't want to lose the library and have to start that part from scratch. THank you all for your help!
  4. Some emby users suggested to lock down the firewall to only accept tcp/443 connections from the Cloudflare ip ranges and also use the fail2ban cloudflare integration with monitoring of the emby logs to ban anyone who tries to brute force a login. I have also hidden all accounts from the login screen. More info in the thread attached.
  5. The only way to reach content remotely on my server is via the emby docker. I set it up using cloudflare as a go to as in the guide below Is this a good setup security wise? I have a password for my emby admin login, will update it to make it stronger as well.
  6. Rufus needs to be set to FAT not FAT 32 to work. Loading a plain version of the server boots fine. Copying over the config files I backed up today after the key failed brings on kernel panic. So I tried the copy of the config folder I saved last August. Bingo, back online. Question: is it normal for flashes to corrupt so often? 6 months is not really a long time... Second question: is there a way to automatically back up the key weekly to another PC on the network?
  7. So used Rufus again, and it won't work. Copied over the new server files and even a backup of the key from six months ago, won't start. Error message falied to load ldlidux.c32
  8. Actually it seems to work if I try to copy a subfolder at a time. If the subfolder has a subfolder it won't copy across
  9. Plugged the drive in a windows machine: "you need to format the drive in disk K: before you can use it". Options Format Disk and Cancel. If I click on Cancel, I can browse the flash drive, but I cannot copy any files off it.
  10. Again Kernel panic upon reboot. On the flash I built last time. Also received the followin message last week Event: USB flash drive failure Subject: Alert [TOWER] - USB drive is not read-write Description: UDisk (sda) Importance: alert Back to square 1
  11. It's "top", CPU usage down to 4% again, no CPU pegged to 100% so far. Will keep an eye on it.
  12. Ok so I added -i br0 after I stopped the array, restarted the array, let's see if that stops it once settled. Thank you so much for pointing me to that thread. Do you know what the command is in the terminal window to see which processes are active and their CPU usage?
  13. Well, two weeks ago my flash got corrupted so formatted it, put the latest version of unraid on it (6.8.3), and copied across the config folder and voila, I was back in business. Unfortunately, now that I am on 6.8.x, the 100% utilisation of one of the four CPU's is back. I can roll back to 6.7.x, or we can try to troubleshoot it. Diagnostics below