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  1. this worked really well and straight forward.
  2. thx for the lead.. found a post that leaded me to this and he discussed using the MSI exe and man that was easy.
  3. off topic sry. but can this be leveraged to passthrough the GPU to a VM? that way you dont have to a VBIOS etc?
  4. this worked for me! sweet thx man edit: well crap... video works now but the audio is very choppy
  5. got it to work... had to use btrfs but sucks that i cant separate the 500gb disks into their own pool.
  6. +1 multiple cache drives would greatly reduce the anxiety of OCD afflicted people.
  7. if i choose 5 and leave the 1st slot empty i get this
  8. sry here you go fatjoe-diagnostics-20190531-2301.zip
  9. hey all i'm adding extra disks to my cache and i'm getting this error. i have tried to set the single drive to either auto or xfs but as soon as i add more the 1st one i get the uuid error. no matter what config and with what disks i get this problem.. i can even go back to a single drive and it will be fine no more uuid error
  10. did you ever come up with a solution? or did you just use a CRON job?
  11. ok so i decided to delete everything format the flash drive and start from scratch.. so far it appears to be working fine.. now i just gotta fix matches and mark hundreds of moves watched.
  12. also move the contents of the codec folder into a folder called "old" restarted the docker and it put back the following but i still get the following error
  13. are these options correct? whats the section on the bottom?