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  1. I've got a LenovoEMC px12-400r, and want to reuse it for unraid as a backup box. I've seen a lot of warnings for Marvell SATA controllers, but how about the 88SE6440 SAS controller? This chassis doesn't allow any different motherboards, or sas cards (Uses a large edge connector straight from the motherboard to the backplane.) Unraid is currently running on the box, but I'm concerned about drives dropping. Thanks.
  2. I ended up removing the parity drives from the array, and I'll add them back after the copy. Decent speeds, but I do miss my real raid sets, as they are faster. But the end goal here is being able to expand to 26 drives, for a raw capacity of 88TB using the current drives I have. My current main unit is topped out at 36TB. Then I had another with 11 4TB installed. I've gutted that one to build the unraid. After everything is transferred and working from the main Xpenology, I'm converting it into a jbod unit and attaching it to the second HBA I've ordered for the unraid.
  3. Well, I'm trying to transfer 32TB off my synology, How long should I plan for? (Both units have 10GB ethernet, direct attached to each other. Currently I've got the unraid mapped under the synology and first test I'm rsyncing a .6 TB share to the unraid.) I'll get rsync working straight between units in a bit, I just wanted to see what this could do currently.
  4. I'm converting a 12 bay xpenology box to unraid, and was wondering if the turbo write (or Reconstruct Write) give performance like a standard raid config. I'm used to all the drives being spun up all the time.. the idea of spinning them down worries me more than keeping them on. 10 4TB for data, 1 8tb and 1 4tb for parity.. (I'll get more 8tbs in the future)
  5. No network issues. Like I said, it will give 1mb write speeds sometimes, and doing NOTHING else, except stopping and starting the array puts the speed back up to 60-70MBs. No server reboots, no switch reset, no network changes. But restarting the copy yields full speed again. It looks alot like problems mentioned a while ago. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=22675.msg236694#msg236694 Later, dabone
  6. I'm running a ASRock E3C226D2I motherboard with a Xeon 1240v3 cpu and 16gb Ram. The drives are 4 4tb + 1 Tb cache. When everything is running fine, I'm getting around 65-70 MB per second writes. But sometimes it slows down to under 1MB per second. All write are done to the cache drive. Stopping the array and then restarting it brings back full speed. Any suggestions? Thanks. Later, dabone