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  1. Well, After reading a lot of threads,I found a simple solution from other tread. Just run this command: modprobe it87 force_id=0x8620 Ariel
  2. Is there any idea? Really stuck with it. 😥
  3. Hello, I have an UNRAID server about 7 years. Updated to 6.6.6 now. The hardware was very old(Pentium D something..) so I didn't care about fan speed.. The fans was on max speed all day long... I upgraded the hardware(There were very good deals in newegg on the last black-friday..) to AMD AX370 besed MB. The motherboard has 5 sockets for fans.(4 pins) The first problem: I can get the MB temp. Only the CPU temp appears. I use the system temp plugin. - the "detect" doesn't works(don't know why, perl installed), so I put manually "it87"(and tried also K10 temp) The second problem:(I guess the problems are related) In the case, thre are 3X120mm 3 pin fans. The fans is fully controlled by the bios. But I can't manage to get any readings to the autofan pluging, so I can't control them from unraid.(I want to set it to work according to the disk temperature) Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!