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  1. I deleted docker & folder, then reinstalled. Running multiple versions so no need to update SteamCMD files and delete the entire image right? 0.9.4 (the basic pull from the docker for V+ = true) worked fine without issue. When I copy & paste the 0.9.5 unix server files into the docker and overwrite I still get the error.
  2. Good news.. I knew I wasn't going insane! Thanks for verifying with me so I could go back to them and tell them it wasn't the docker they wanted to blame it on!
  3. Yes, it is on cache only. It must be something with their 0.9.5 files as I have tried the above process (and other variants for the past 8 hours without any luck. It's odd, because the same error happened to someone who was using the 0.9.4 files and in a different docker environment. Which is what made me think there may have been another change. The V+ dev said the only change they did was put some " into the start server/, however, I tried just copy & paste the 0.9.4 sh files and same issue. Must be something else they'll have to sort out.
  4. Having the same issue.. anything to do with the recent update to 6.9.1? Docker get updated? I was trying to install the 0.9.5 alpha to do some testing.. but getting the issue below. I have tried deleting, reinstalling, default settings, etc. Here is the pastebin of my log and just sent you the alpha 0.9.5 files of V+ for unix server/windows client in the event you want them. RecordSteamInterfaceCreation (PID 75): SteamNetworkingSockets008 / /opt/scripts/ line 140: 75 Aborted ${SERVER_DIR}/valheim_server.x86_64 -name "${SRV_NAME}" -port $
  5. @ich777 I came across this compression mod, but something is going on and it is not working. Speaking to the mod dev, I have installed BepInEx (FULL) over the client/server to update that. I also have V+ installed. I can connect fine with these 2 changes. Then I install his mod (server + client) but not getting to connect. Anything you see right off the bat that may be a cause? He's not seeing where things would be stopped on the mod DLL end. The mod config log shows it is enabled. Unfortunately I can't see the console as web console doesn't show anything.
  6. Thanks guys, just used the openssh docker and added the other docker container path as access to that path. Seems to work. Just need to figure out how to add multiple users in openssh docker as it only has variables for a single user.
  7. I think we got it setup, appreciate the help!
  8. Just any other way to provide remote access to the docker container. Just a a script that has what kind of command to allow access?
  9. Running a game server docker and looking to allow SSH/telnet access (to that docker only) so that we can have a Discord script update a single text file (whitelist to allow game server access). Hopefully there is an easy way to do something like this or similar. Searches haven't really shown much. I'm assuming it is not as simple as adding a TCP port to the container and adding that port to the router? Anyone have any solutions?
  10. @ich777 any idea of how I can allow SSH (or similar) access to a game server docker? For the Valheim docker I would like to be able to allow our Discord bot to modify permittedlist.txt so that we can automate the SteamID whitelisting process (so I don't need to be there to manually add them). Any ideas? I'm assuming it is not as simple as opening a TCP port on the docker itself?
  11. @ich777 just wanted to say thank you for these awesome dockers and continued support! Had to dig in the docker app page to find a donate option, but just sent you some vodka money. You should put the link on the original post and/or in your forum profile so others can easily express some thanks. Thanks again!
  12. Also was wondering on the update, it shows 4.5 up as part of releases at least. Don't think anything is too critical in that update either. Hopefully everything is OK with you @binhex!
  14. Running Win 10 VM with nvme, 32gb ram, threadripper 3960x (12 cores for gaming) in latency dependent online games and getting BM latency (24 ms to game server) with consistent 120 hz gsync. I was getting 200+ fps prior to turning on gsync (now 120 fps synced with ultra wide monitor at set refresh). Have my cpus pinned and even with 20 docker containers (on the other 12 cores and 32 gb ram) running radarr/sonarr/readarr/lidarr/emby & plex while running parity check I don't have any slowdowns. Took awhile to get there though.
  15. During an LFTP parallel download (14 file segments) from a remote server to NAS cache drive, I am exhibiting odd network spikes where the transfer speed drops to nothing for up to a couple of seconds and happens fairly regularly throughout the download. The full download happens without errors to the file (that I'm aware of). I'm assuming this is the result of some sort of odd network setup? Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated.