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  1. I am running 6.11.0 with an Win11 VM as my system. I am downloading from a remote box, oddly I get much worse performance when downloading from my unraid shell compared to the VM. I get 30MB/s DL from Filezilla (unsegmented running in VM) SFTP and only ~18MB/s DL with LFTP running (unraid shell) SFTP with 5 segments? I'm not sure as to why the Filezilla running on the server VM would be so much faster than running in the shell? Is this a network setup issue? I'm not seeing any overt issues with my setup, they are both going to a cache only SSD, no other processes running. Have tested multiple times and get the same results. Thanks,
  2. I have a fairly simple Userscript script (below) running that lftps files from a remote server then updates permissions so that Sonarr/Radarr can move them. Everything was working well until an update or so ago. Did something change that would prevent this from working? I now have to run docker safe new perms because files come in as root -rw-r--r-- instead of nobody -rw-rw-rw- and sit on the cache drive until it runs out of space and seizes Unraid. Feels like I'm missing something simple here.. #!/bin/bash LOGIN="login" HOST="" LOCAL_DIR="/mnt/cache/data/downloads" REMOTE_DIR="/home/deluge/sync/" NFIL=1 NSEG=5 lf=/tmp/syncfiles.lck touch $lf read lastPID < $lf [ ! -z "$lastPID" -a -d /proc/$lastPID ] && exit echo $$ > $lf lftp -u "$LOGIN",placeholder -e "set sftp:connect-program 'ssh -a -x -i /root/.ssh/Key'" sftp://"$HOST":22<< EOF set xfer:use-temp-file true set xfer:temp-file-name *.tmp # set pget:min-chunk-size ${MINCHUNK} set pget:default-n ${NSEG} set mirror:use-pget-n ${NSEG} set mirror:parallel-transfer-count ${NFIL} set mirror:parallel-directories true set mirror:no-empty-dirs true set net:max-retries 2 mirror -c --Move --only-missing --no-perms --no-umask "${REMOTE_DIR}" "${LOCAL_DIR}" quit EOF chmod -R 0777 $LOCAL_DIR exit
  3. Think this may have been the major source if not the total problem. Up 3+ days so far (restarted for something else earlier) without issue.. keeping my finger's crossed. Thanks again!
  4. Changed that setting to ipvlan. Hopefully that works! I'll give it a go here over the next few days and see what happens. I'll update the thread if it happens again otherwise I'll mark it as resolved. Thanks JorgeB for an option to try at least.
  5. Diagnostics attached for this last hang. Essentially my system will either completely hang or allow GUI access but be unable to shut down (with docker services stopped/etc) after 1 to several days. I am running pi-hole docker as my DNS and I believe everything setup correctly. I have my server and router (r9000 running DDWRT) setup for IPV6. From a couple of obscure threads, I have seen that unraid may not handle IPV6 correctly? I was hoping after the last update to rc6.10 that there would be some relief to this issue. Anyone have any insight. At my wits end on this one.
  6. I updated to Q35-6.1 and latest VirtIO when I upgraded to Win11.
  7. I did have a measurable performance (FPS) hit in 2 games that I play (Hunt Showdown & League of Legends), but more in Hunt (consistently ~20ish FPS less) due to how processor heavy of a game it is. These weren't "scientific" tests, just anecdotal pre-upgrade (Win 10) and post-upgrade (Win 11 full update) game launching and playing for several hours each (no other changes done). I was able to mitigate most of the performance drop in Hunt by doing some other tweaks in/out of game. It is still not in a pre-upgrade state and I occasionally experience random, quick, infrequent, and severe slowdowns/lag when experiencing visually demanding areas. These did not occur pre-upgrade. I do slightly regret updating my VM to Win 11 as I have not noticed any significant benefits to updating that make it worth the hassle of trying to mitigate the performance drops and of dealing with it in game. I do not know how other systems and/or other games may be impacted and can only speak to my own experiences and the 2 games I have tested. I would suggest other people give it a go and see if we can have QEMU take a look at virtualization changes. Q35-6.1 (latest ver in RC2) already had some AMD "fixes" and perhaps they'll be able to tweak things specifically for Win 11 at some point.
  8. There's an unraid thread here where someone was wondering about the same and someone had mentioned using SEABIOS. "Right now i have 2 vms running SEABIOS with Q35-4.2 and AMD drivers are installing like a charm and not causing me any headaches." Do you think the emulation will avoid the performance degradation with AMD processors and Win 11? Otherwise, this may be something to bring to the attention of AMD users prior to upgrading via VM.
  9. Thanks, got RC2 & Win 11 installed. However, I'm unable to update to the latest ver ( of AMD chipset drivers which is required to resolve the Win 11 performance issues. The installer does not recognize my system as AMD and exits. Running the new OVMF TPM, Q35-6.1, and virtio-win-0.1.208-1 and still no luck. Have also tried the chipset version directly from mb website and still no luck. Device manager lists Computer as 'ACPI x64-based PC' and Processors 'AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-core Processor' Anyone have a suggestion?
  10. Yes, the RC, I thought it was discussed in this thread that the release would be available soon.
  11. Any update on how "soon" the next release will be out? Alturismo posted on Sept 30th; AMD has patched their Win11 bugs so looking to get it going on my rig. Thanks gents.
  12. Was going to use the Zoltan option, but if @ich777 says that may mess things up once it's integrated, I will wait a few more days. Is this unRAID update allowing pass-through or is everything going to be emulated? I am currently running a Win 10 VM and would like to just update to Win 11 VM.
  13. During gaming my parity (usually) and sometimes another drive will get above normal operating temps. This otherwise only happens during a parity check. My VM OS and all games are installed to a passthrough NVME dedicated to the VM. Using unRaid as a daily driver, TR 3960x v6.9.2 with my Win 10 VM xml below. Anyone have any thoughts on why these non-VM drives are getting hot while not utilizing them directly? Also if you're parsing through it, any additional optimization tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I deleted docker & folder, then reinstalled. Running multiple versions so no need to update SteamCMD files and delete the entire image right? 0.9.4 (the basic pull from the docker for V+ = true) worked fine without issue. When I copy & paste the 0.9.5 unix server files into the docker and overwrite I still get the error.
  15. Good news.. I knew I wasn't going insane! Thanks for verifying with me so I could go back to them and tell them it wasn't the docker they wanted to blame it on!