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  1. 2 years is a lifetime in computer terms. Also, what you're referring to was 4 years ago (2015)... His most recent was 7 VM in 1 and that was 3 years ago (2016). He's done a multi-VR solution now. I don't think what I'm looking for is too crazy. I'm just looking for a couple of decent gaming units, 1 OK gaming unit, and a place for my Unraid to sit in and process my media server off of. I think the challenge is kind of fun, I'm out of my element, but I enjoy pushing myself and learning a bit.
  2. I didn't realize the memory bandwidth restriction. I wonder if this will be rectified on the Threadripper 3000 series due out this year? What are the other alternatives? I haven't explored much but I'm assuming I'd have to go with an EPYC processor or equivalent to achieve what I'm looking for?
  3. I was more thinking along the lines of IPMI for management. I'm not so sure what kind of system I would really utilize for my needs.. now I am thinking of the following: 1) Gaming VM #1 (myself) - 8 cores 2) Gaming VM #2 (friend) - 8 cores 3) Gaming VM #3 (wifey) - 8 cores 4) Unraid docker VM (to run Emby for ~3-4 concurrent remote users) - 8 cores The only processor out there that makes sense is a Threadripper.. but I am having a tough time deciding on that given that the Ryzen 9 are out and TR 3rd gen is supposed to be due out sometime this year. Not sure if a dual mobo system with a Ryzen 9 would make sense.
  4. Morning gents, I have been out of the scene for 1-2 years now and really haven't kept up on the technology. I am looking to rebuild my server to optimize performance, increase storage, and just have a little fun. I am looking at a budget of $3-4000ish, more is OK (by me), less is better (per the wifey). Current rig: I'm also using a secondary server to run my Emby (pretty minimal specs) media server, i5-8400 w/8gb ram. I had an Emby docker at one point, but it just wasn't running smoothly on the ASUS box. Ideally I'd like a fully self-contained machine. The Emby server runs on Windows currently and slows down to a crawl and needs to be restarted every couple of days for no apparent reason. Usage: 1) Primarily a media server for friends/family. Often multiple people (10+) connect and utilize the machine throughout the day. 2) Secondarily a virtual gaming machine?? I was looking into this back in the day, and think it would be nice to have a gaming machine built into the server. I know there were some technical difficulties back in the day, but I would like to replace my aging gaming laptop, if possible, with the same unit. Maybe even let friends use a gaming VM machine? What I'd like: Fully self-contained server (so I can run Emby docker on my server w/o performance degradation). Minimal maintenance, would prefer not to have to clean dust from it every few days or listen to a jet taking off (but this is lower priority). MORE SPACE! - Currently at 14 TB (4 tb DeskstarNAS) and I'm sitting at 94% HDD utilization. Looking to archive some spacious movies (4k+) into the near future, so will need lots of room to grow. Speed - I'd like some future-proofing in the machine if it's going to be used as a virtual gaming device. Maybe even allow other people to access the gaming machine? I also want a smooth experience for media server users. Decent and reliable hardware. I don't do cheap for the sake of cheap, but I don't do expensive for the sake of expensive. I don't mind paying for quality hardware that I know is reliable vs taking a gamble on cheap garbage. Remote management. I'd like to be able to restart & manage my server remotely if necessary. So many times I go on vacation expecting to be able use it only for it to go down once I get to my destination. Any and all help would be greatly appreciate mates. I don't mind doing the legwork myself, I just would prefer utilizing the experience of pioneers. Thanks!!
  5. Had my site working fine the other day. But now when headed to my host.domain.net (obfuscated) I'm getting '401 authorization required, nginx' outside my network. Oddly enough, when I access on my phone (on cell network) via Chrome it works, but not Firefox (401 auth), even after clearing cache. Others were able to connect as of last night, but now are getting the same 401 but on either browser. Originally I thought this had something to do with installing Pi-Hole the other day and changing the DNS in my router to the docker IP (changes since reverted to try to troubleshoot this). I don't know if that would've caused an issue, but PH was working fine and I had people accessing the server remotely. I do own my own domain and the host is setup as DNS (A) and I have ports setup correctly (80->81, 443->444) setup in the LE docker. Using No-IP and have their DUC updating my IP every 5min. host.domain.net works perfectly on local network. Unraid 6.5.0 running LE + Organizr, both dockers current. Edit: I thought there may have been something wrong at my host level so I tossed them a support ticket and got this: I checked port 443 just to be sure, and it looks like there is no SSL handshake as suspected: openssl s_client -connect host.domain.net:443 CONNECTED(00000003) 29438:error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure:/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/OpenSSL098/OpenSSL098-59.60.1/src/ssl/s23_clnt.c:593: My power went out the other day, is it possible that something got messed up somehow in my config (or elsewhere) because of it? Ran a parity check and everything was fine, and it appeared that everything was working correctly after that.. but this issue has me at a loss. Edit #2: So cleared all browser cache, certs, etc from Chrome and now also getting the same 401 error. Some sort of cert error? What could this possibly be? I'm not getting any errors in docker dashboard log or in Unraid log. I deleted docker image and reinstalled LE and Organizr.. to the same effect.
  6. Ok, thanks for the edit, was about to just assume I was blind, haha.. and I'm glad to hear the official one is working well for Unraid. Thanks again for the suggestion. Ahhh, ok good to know that then. I was just assuming since the board is older and doesn't have IOMMU (but does HVM) support it wouldn't be worth it. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Hmm.. that looks like it could work. Their "cloud" pricing is $10/mo for up to 10 users (then 5$ /mo/user > 10 users). But self hosted is a $10 flat fee. Why don't we have a docker for this yet?? =). I'm going to cross my fingers with one of the 18 pages of DockerHub dockers.. and give it a go. Thanks
  8. Yea, was hoping for an easier solution.. hah. Although that does sound like a fun project, my skills in that area are modest at best and my current machine lacks VM support..
  9. Are there any good docker or other options for putting together a knowledge base/wiki or something similar through my Unraid server? I'd like to have a multi-user space that can support information gathering/sharing and allow text, embedded videos, graphics, tables, etc for a few of my classmates. Doesn't necessarily have to be too fancy, but I'd like to have it easy to update, navigate as well as look decent. I'm currently on Unraid 6.5.0, running LS's let's encrypt & organzr, so something I can port into that would be spectacular. Edit: I saw DocuWiki, but that appears to no longer be supported, so probably isn't a good long-term option. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, I haven't really started my quest into VM yet, I'm still in the data collection phase, but I am interested in potentially doing something like what I've seen in the Linus Tech guys did a few years ago now (2 rigs 1 cpu) with my buddies. The only difference is that the Linus systems were all done over a local network. Is it even really feasible to do something like this over the Internet? It just sounds really cool (and a potential cost saver) to have a single upgradable hub for multiple gamers. I know I'm not providing a ton of info for what I'm looking to do exactly, but I am really just trying to see if I should even dedicate much more brainpower to this idea. I know the hardware/software has improved greatly in that time, but I'm wondering what kind of base specs I'm looking to get into for doing something for 3-4 concurrent gamers (running the latest games)? Any ballpark wild guestimates as to price? Has anyone here ever really ventured into something similar with much success? If so, how has it turned out? It sounds like it would be a hella fun project, but obviously we wouldn't want to invest a ton of resources only to find out that it's all a pipe-dream with a ton of issues we never anticipated. Thanks!
  11. OMFG.. that change was annoying.. I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I even anticipated that there was some sort of change like that. So I moved the cron file to the plugins/user.scripts and even the /user.scripts/scripts dir and it still didn't work. It is working now (with your suggestion of putting it in the dynamix folder). Is there a specific area where custom user crons are supposed to go (not a huge fan of throwing them in a random and unrelated dir)? Still wasn't working for me.. but it's entirely possible that I had something configured incorrectly as at that point I was pretty exasperated. I'll probably move my scripts to your plug at some point in the future. Is it possible to do a custom run of every 1 min and then just forgo the cron additions? Over the past years, whenever I do a search for Unraid help I always see you responding in seemingly every thread. You are a real boon to the community. Thanks Squid!
  12. So did a fresh install (saving nothing except my data and old scripts) from 6.4 to 6.5 the other day. I copied my SSH folder back over (which contains a key to let me login via sftp without a password) and known hosts, etc. I loaded my old custom crons (into /boot/config/plugins/crontabs) and scripts (into /boot/custom/) and did an update_cron command expecting the scripts to work. Nothing happened. I know the file path and permissions are correct as I can /boot/custom/synctorrents.sh and it functions as expected (no errors and files transfer). This simply will not load for me at startup though. I've tried everything, including adding a cron to the user scripts plugin at array start. One noteable change is that I changed the name of the server (but it has a static IP), unsure if that would have an effect. All permissions are 777 (unless stated in script otherwise) and all scripts done in notepad++ with unix EOL and all paths are correct. Any guidance is appreciated! Thanks! go file (snippet) ./boot/custom/gossh.sh gossh.sh (snippet) if [ ! -d /root/.ssh ]; then mkdir /root/.ssh/ fi cp /boot/config/ssh/NASKey /root/.ssh/ cp /boot/config/ssh/authorized_keys /root/.ssh/ cp /boot/config/ssh/known_hosts /root/.ssh/ chmod 700 /root/.ssh/ chmod 600 /root/.ssh/NASKey chmod 600 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys chmod 600 /root/.ssh/known_hosts sync.cron (snippet) */1 * * * * /boot/custom/synctorrents.sh &> /dev/null synctorrents.sh (snippet) lftp -u "$LOGIN",placeholder -e "set sftp:connect-program 'ssh -a -x -i /root/.ssh/NASKey'" sftp://"$HOST":22<< EOF Section of interest from log (this repeats as I have cron set to every min) Mar 22 18:28:01 NAS sSMTP[4068]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials w130sm5362913iod.25 - gsmtp) Mar 22 18:29:01 NAS crond[1637]: exit status 127 from user root * /boot/custom/synctorrents.sh Mar 22 18:29:01 NAS sSMTP[4589]: Creating SSL connection to host Mar 22 18:29:01 NAS sSMTP[4589]: SSL connection using ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 nas-syslog-20180322-1836.zip sync.cron
  13. Thanks for the info gents. In terms of a "fast/trimmed down OS" for the laptop, are we talking just a very basic Windows client install from like a USB drive or would something else be better? Then it can be setup to automatically login to the windows VM server on Unraid? I'm trying to automate things as much as possible for the not so tech savvy GF. I have gigabit ethernet, but it is wireless. Still I think it would be OK as she mainly just does word/facebook/youtube and I'm assuming that doing this on the Unraid box would be quite a bit faster than the crappy processing power of the laptop.
  14. Hey thanks for the response. I thought about upgrading it, which would be a very simple solution.. but where's the fun in that? In looking at benchmarks comparing the 2 CPUs, my Unraid server is multitudes faster (Passmark saying ~8x processing power but I know it's not a straight comparison) so I could technically get away with putting $0 into the laptop and having it simply use the processing power/RAM of my server for a much better experience. Then... I can take that money I saved and put it into a new desktop for myself
  15. Hey gang, Scenario: The GF has an old laptop (Core 2 duo) and would like to upgrade. As expected, she claims it is running much to slowly to even surf the web and use Word/Excel, etc (what she primarily uses it for). Rather than spend money on a new laptop, I figure it will be cheaper to have her use that laptop as a thin client streaming a Win 10 environment from my Unraid server (i7-2600k). Primary Questions: [*]How would I setup Unraid to do this (if this is even worthwhile)? Any links or other recommended resources would be greatly appreciated! [*]How would I start setting up her laptop to do this (i.e. what software is recommended)? She has 0 technical experience and the access solution would need to be simple for her. Secondary Questions What would her experience be like? I'm assuming a massive performance increase given the difference in processing power/RAM/etc. What kind of impact would there be on my server? (Don't run much off of it ATM, occasionally minor Emby transcoding and she doesn't do anything crazy on her laptop) Any limitations to this setup aside from needing a relatively fast data connection (she uses it from home 99% of the time and we have gigabit wireless)? Any and all help is more than welcome, as well as anyone who wants to share their own experiences doing something similar. Thanks gents!