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  1. Hi all, I have the same issue with my log filling up every 2 days. Reading through the post i have removed all from nerd pack except what i require... I have uploaded my Anonymize diagnostics and would appreciate any help diagnosing what is filling my log.
  2. Hi All, Can anyone help me manually get this docker up and running.... ive been looking for a few days now and have given up. Or Could anyone point me in a direction where a unraid docker for radius server already exists
  3. UPDATE - Hi Again All, I figured it out .... Under the Proxy settings for the site/server you want to forward..... Click on edit of the desired proxy host, Click on the Advance tab In the box insert the following line - location = /{return 301 $scheme://$http_host/cacti;} OR location = /{return 301 $scheme://$https_host/cacti;} "Replace the part in red with your desired sub folder" Example if your server is "
  4. Hi aptalca How was this resolved in the end as i'm currently struggling with the same thing... id like to use pihole for the entirety of my network...