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  1. After the reinstall of Windows 10VM I'm now on the latest driver without issues. My old VM I just can't use GPU Pass Threw anymore. Wish I could figure out what changed but don't have the time to compare the two Windows installs.
  2. Great advice! Never thought about that. I should be able to see if all the drives assigned right before I start the array. Now that I think about it, I might set all my Dockers and VMs to not auto start also.
  3. Hello all, First I want to say, Updating to 6.6.x has been a bear. I had a VM Problem after upgrading that took down my entire system and once I got it stable I discovered that my poor computer that I thought would last me 10 years I out grew after 4.5 years so I ordered an upgrade. Now to the question. How do you recommend I upgrade the hardware nicely? I plan on just swapping the stuff over and plugging in the unRAID USB. Should I make preparations on the unRAID system before I do this or should I be OK just swapping everything over? Just trying to make sure this goes smoothly without data loss and confusing other stuff. My Current System: *The base Computer: ASRock Z97 Extreme6 with an i7-4790K 32gig Ram LSI 9207-8i Controller The New System: 4U 24 Bay X9DRI-LN4F+ Rev 1.20 IPASS Server 2x E5-2690 V2 3Ghz 10 Core 64GB RAM (4x 16GB PC3-10600R) 3x LSI 9210-8i HBA Controllers 24x 3.5" Caddies Dual PS *The Stuff I'm switching Over: 1x32GB unRAID USB Flash Drive 8x4TB Data Drives 2x4TB Parity Drives 1x1TB Samsung 860Pro SSD Cache Drive Asus ROG 960GTX OC GPU Pass threw card 1x Logitech USB for VM Keyboard and Mouse 1x No name USB for Console Keyboard and Mouse Thank you for your time and help in advance. Thinking I should ask before I run in to a problem with such a hardware change.
  4. Rudder2

    [SOLVED] WebUI becomes unresponsive

    I'm playing with Dockers, CPU Pinning, and Hardware Trans-coding in Plex to band-aid the problem but I guess I just need to upgrade to a briefer system to do what I want. It's hard for me to believe that a 4790K couldn't handle this. It has for years. Seam like hen I upgraded to 6.6.x allot of things went wrong. Thank you for pointing out they load files. I now have learned to read my CPU load logs because of y'all! Thank you! I just wish they would do away with Mono for the Lidarr, Sonarr, Radarr, etc. and write them be able to natively run on Linux.
  5. OK, so the once and for all fix for this problem was to create a new Windows 10 VM with all the steps I fallowed above. I hate to have to reconfigure a whole new VM but I did. Lesson learned here is back up your VDisk once you have everything installed and running properly so all you have to do is updates instead of total reconfigure everything.
  6. @SpaceInvaderOne I'm having a problem with GPU passthrew since I upgraded to 6.6.x. I got it to go away by enabling MSI Interrupts for a couple weeks but I pushed the rope and updated the nVidia drivers it came back. The VM problem is with in 15 minutes windows 10 VM will freeze the unRAID host. If I remove the GPU passthrew it all works fine. I repeated all the steps, including rolling back the driver to the 2018-12-03 version and trying again and I cannot get it to work. I didn't have to use a rom dump. My GPU pass threw worked for the last 2 or 3 years with out a problem till 6.6.x came out. It doesn't work with any 6.6. version. Seeing you seam to be the expert with GPU passthrew I'm desperately asking for your help. Thank you in advance for your help. Here is the bug report that I closed thinking the problem was once and for all closed. It has everything I did in fixing it. unRAID was stumped. We didn't know it was the VM at first causing the problem...
  7. ***WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!** Do not install nVidia 2018-12-12 Driver...Problem comes back and cannot be removed by re-enabling MSI Interrupts!! I can't even get it back up by rolling back the driver.
  8. Rudder2

    [SOLVED] WebUI becomes unresponsive

    After google searching my problem I might have an answer. I forgot, I just configured Jackett on my server a couple weeks ago. It's the only process that's new on my server. and there are comments that it causes this behavior here: https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett/issues/2198
  9. Rudder2

    [SOLVED] WebUI becomes unresponsive

    So, I undid my CPU isolation for my VM and the problem happened again. Honestly, I've never had this happen before and I've been running everything I have on this server for years. Here is the new diagnostics file if you could please review it and see if anything stands out to you. Thank you for your time and help in this very important matter. I can't have my server going down every 8 - 18 hours because this problem. I have a CPU I was told was over kill and it just started acting up the same week I started this post. I've been considering getting a much beefier system even though I didn't think I had to. I'm starting to think that it wouldn't matter because even after unisolating my cores it's the same. rudder2-server-diagnostics-20181230-1627.zip
  10. Rudder2

    [SOLVED] WebUI becomes unresponsive

    I've found Lidarr to take WAY more CPU than I think it should. Every time I think the CPU is 100% it looks like it's Lidarr. Usually when the system is @ 100% cpu it still functions fine. This is the first time I've had a problem with the Web UI hanging...I will stop Lidarr and see what happens.
  11. Rudder2

    [SOLVED] WebUI becomes unresponsive

    It just happened in 8 hours this time. Here is the New Diagnostics File. rudder2-server-diagnostics-20181227-1744.zip
  12. I've been having a problem with all my web UIs becoming unresponsive every 26 to 48 hours. This is unRAID, Plex, Sonarr, etc. During the shutdown process they start working again until the server kills the web UI processes. I'm sure it's something hanging up that is killed early in the shutdown process but don't know what. I SSH in to the server and do a diagnostics collection and the diagnostics appears to hang till I initiate the shutdown then it does the diagnostics before it shuts down. Here is that diagnostics files from yesterday and today I did before shutdown from the SSH terminal since the Web UIs are unresponsive. If anyone could give me a clue I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! rudder2-server-diagnostics-20181227-0928.zip rudder2-server-diagnostics-20181226-0431.zip
  13. As promised I am writing to tell you the out come. unRAID no longer locks up. Changing all Interrupts to MSI Interrupts has stopped the original problem I opened this thread about. I've been researching, I havne't found a definitive answer yet, but I'm starting to think that between kernel update in 6.6.0 and/or the QEMU update that a reverse comparability between the old Interrupt system, which Micro$haft still uses, and the new MSI Interrupt system, which Linux adopted a long time ago in technology time, was removed. The original complaint of this thread has been cured by enabling MSI Interrupts. Thank you everyone for your help!
  14. https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/1580459 It's an old bug report so I don't know how I just had the problem...Maybe the problem was worsened when QEMU upgraded to 3.0 or a combination of the new kernel...Who knows but this is the bug report that ultimately led to me finding the problem. Suggest adding to the Windows VM help page making sure they turn on MSI Interrupts.