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  1. hernandito, thanks for your reply. I have done as you suggest and the new parity test passed with no errors, thanks I I will remember this for next time. Thanks all.
  2. Hi, I had a power outage and the unraid server had an unclean shutdown. After parity check on start up, I received the message: Event: unRAID array errors Subject: Warning [SERVER] - array has errors Description: Array has 1 disk with read errors Importance: warning The SMART short self test is attached. Your advice please!
  3. It's the server version. I left the Container Volume as /config and my Host Path is /mnt/user/Programs/unRAID/appdata/Calibre/ I haven't changed libraryinternalpath If the host path is a cache only share, can you try changing that to /mnt/cache/Programs/unRAID/appdata/Calibre/ ? Also, since it's the server version, did you have an existing calibre library at that location or did you add books through command line? If there was an existing library, do the calibre versions of the library creator and this new server match? Thanks. The host path is not a cache only share. I was using an existing library with a different Calibre version. I will try adding directly from the command line.
  4. It's the server version. I left the Container Volume as /config and my Host Path is /mnt/user/Programs/unRAID/appdata/Calibre/ I haven't changed libraryinternalpath
  5. Calibre server: I am getting an error when trying to browse books over the web gui. I can assess the /browse page, but when I try to view books I get this error. I must be doing something basic wrong. Can you help? Error: No books found TypeError: this.undef is not a function at Object.printStackTrace.implementation.createException ( at ( at printStackTrace ( at render_error ( at booklist ( at HTMLDocument. ( at Function.jQuery.extend.ready ( at HTMLDocument.DOMContentLoaded (
  6. This solved my problem, thanks! No reason other than that is how I manage the IP addresses of all other devices on my network. As the unraid server won't be connecting to any other networks, fixing the IP address as static on unraid is fine by me.
  7. Attached the relevant part of the log. From when the router reboots to me initiating a manual shutdown. syslog-20110125-181710.txt
  8. Thanks for the reply. I must have been looking at some other version number. I built this box in December 2010 and it is version 4.6. I've just upgraded to unraid 4.7 to make sure. I'm still having the same issue. Any more ideas?
  9. Hi, Following a reboot of my router, unRaid becomes inaccessible. I can see on the router that unRaid is listed as inactive on the network and has not been assigned an IP address. All other devices are connected and working fine. I currently need to restart unRaid manually via the power switch in order for it to reconnect to the network. If it helps, the router is set to assign unRaid a fixed IP address on the network. unRaid is set to the default DHCP setting. I'm using unRaid version 4.2.3. I can't post a syslog because the restart wipes the log. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks in advance.