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  1. I recently lost my config for the UPS i've been using. Yesterday I had a power outtage and Unraid all went down uncleanly. Fortunately I think all is OK but I now need the settings for the UPS and i've been struggling to re-find the information. I'm connected by USB. Any tips? Tried many options and i'm currently here:
  2. It hasn't happenned again for me since that time so I haven't researched more.
  3. When my NAS is doing a scheduled parity check (which can take 48hrs+), Plex (as a Docker image) becomes unusable and streaming anything over the LAN suffers from very frequent buffering. As soon as the parity check is over, all is good. Any tips?
  4. it completed in 5 mins this time, i'll run with this and live without Plex 🙂
  5. it could have been that the backup hadn't finished, I had a panic and restarted them. I've just kicked it off again without plex to see if that was the issue
  6. Recently, my docker containers have not restarted after the backup has finished, any tips?
  7. I've fixed this by switching away from br0 but keen to know how to make that work.
  8. I've got Node-RED installed as a docker and it can see states on devices I share with it from my Hubitat hub at the time of deploying a change but if a state changes in Hubitat, the state doesn't update in Node-RED because the POST isn't getting through. This prevents my flows from starting because they don't know a state has changed. I've been told to look at whether the ports are open on my node-red docker to allow posts from the hub, the hub sends it's posts to: How do I ensure 1880 is 'open'? I'm running the docker with its own IP on br0. Or am I missing something?
  9. @jonathanmYes, they are on another controller, but I expected to see them in the devices listed saying 'managed by another controller' but they aren't there for me to attempt to adoot them.
  10. Thank you, that did fix it 🙂
  11. Having just installed this in host mode, I can't see any of my devices on the devices page, do I need to go and change anything on the devices on my hardware controller for them to be seen?
  12. I don't have many things to change:
  13. I want to access a public share via NFS from my CCTV software. It can't connect to the share and I wonder if this screenshot is saying NFS isn't enabled on the share (it is enabled globally in the settings)?
  14. 15gb backup it seems. medusa: 1.5gb plex: many more of those gigs
  15. yes that makes sense, that part seems to be working then, just the disappearing to solve.
  16. I've noticed that my dockers all stop at approx 5am each day for maybe an hour, can't find why that's the case, I've nothing scheduled daily that I can see...perhaps that is related to why some disappear too?
  17. I went to 50G because once it filled up and I had plenty to give it. I guess I can reduce down. Also, how do i convert from ReiserFS? I guess I should fix the original issue before doing that anyway.
  18. I replaced a drive with a bigger one (it wasn't a trigger for dockers disappearing). jackett does seem to be update frequently
  19. Here they are...I've reinstalled the two that got deleted recently (radarr and Jackett)
  20. Every once in a while, I find that one or more of my containers vanish. I re-add them from the templates and all is good but i'd like to know how to prevent this...