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  1. Hey thanks for this docker. I just moved everything over from the Apache docker to get https. Everything moved over find apart from my media wiki install. Running the existing install or a new install throws this error page. It states that php is missing XML and iconv. I know that you stated that you left some surplus packages out of this php install to reduce on size but was a little surprised by the XML package being missing. Not sure how pressed you are for size but in theory if you made the php5 folder available people could include the missing packages as *.so files in the php.ini fi
  2. That tp-link card implements the realtek r8169. I'm not sure if any of the issues still persist but that chip has had a rocky past with less than stellar consistency. It works for some and not others. If you have excess time to tinker you could attempt to use it but in my position dropping the ~$30 to not have to mess with it ever again would be worth it.
  3. You can see up to a 10 fold increase moving to gigabit capable nic. Some unscientific tests on my system show that copying a large file from unraid server to my desktop nets about 110 MB/s. Copying data to the server is about the same I would recommend looking over at the hardware board for nics that people have had good luck with however just about any Intel branded network card should work (PCI, PCI express x1). They often have the least issues when it comes to compatibility and have good performance. Also you are correct in that the on board nic is still out. From some old p
  4. Another +1 for this. Just spent most of today trying to patch out ipv6 in a mail server docker.
  5. That is a very cool looking motherboard. It's a shame that it seems that every version of that board that supports IPMI they swap out two sata connections for the M.2 slot.
  6. Ha well It helps it's in the basement just off the floor. Also the power bill is split three ways so it's not too awful.
  7. Should be around 19.5°C ± a degree as this fridge thermometer has some large graduations.
  8. sorry for the super late response on this Temps 2.5 hours into parity check
  9. That pic was just a Photoshop to mock up drive placement. When/if I do end up stacking drives I'll make my own as I have access to laser cutters.
  10. Ha if/when I need to get to that point I would most likely either build or purchase a 4 bay mini sas enclosure. Has the advantage of only needing to run the one sas connection along with power instead of multiple e-sata wires. Was looking at the LIAN LI PC-Q05B as a possibility for a lo profile hard drive enclosure that would match the server but the dimensions don't work well for full sized drives: If it was shorter in one dimension and longer in any other dimension it would work. Also updated original post with a few pics I missed also added power consumption as I realized th
  11. Well I thought about moving the caches to ssd to free up two 3.5 slots and then a little bit of drive stacking using brackets resulting in something like this: So not quite 11 full drives, but sill fairly drive dense. If I went totally bonkers I know that I can fit a drive between the power supply and the left door of the case. Could get a bracket made that would grab onto the power supply.
  12. Checking now, the one near the back is 36°C and the one near the front is 33°C. One is from 2012 and the other is newer but don't know the exact date (2012-2014). The reds were purchased just for this server while the blacks were on hand. Funny enough had a mini flood in the house today. Condensate pump failed on the evaporator causing the reservoir to overflow. Managed to catch it in time but would have reached the server where it was in the photograph if I happened to away for the weekend.
  13. Figured I should finally post pics of my build. Originally assembled the server September 2014, only took me until the server's 2nd birthday to take pictures. Original OS: Unraid 5.0.6 (I think) Current OS: Unraid 6.2.4 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220V3 Haswell 3.1GHz CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i + Nexus 80mm or 92mm Fan Slot to 120mm Fan Converter + Cougar Vortex PWM 120 Cooling CF-V12HP Motherboard: ASRock E3C224D4I-14S RAM: Crucial 16GB (2 x 8GB) Case: LIAN LI PC-Q25B Power Supply: SILVERSTONE ST45SF-G 450W SFX (died) CORSAIR SF450 450W Fans:
  14. I managed to get a docker hub seafile working. Not quite a proper template but It's not that hard to get up and running with community apps. You will need a database. In my install I used mySQL. linuxserver's container works well for this. CONFIG SETTINGS for m3adow/seafile container Guess I should also say I would be in favor of a proper XML as well.
  15. you don't say: PIC Good timing on the update as I came here to ask for assistance with this. The mover just grabbed a whole pile of rar part files and everything got real slow.