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  1. After you start the shutdown process, try pulling the network cable out of the server. It sounds like something on your network is still accessing the server. I understand now, thanks I will try it next time.
  2. Update: Still have a problem with "Stop AVAHI...Stop SMB...Spinning up all drives...Sync filesystems...Retry unmounting user share(s)...Retry unmounting user share(s)...Retry unmounting user share(s)...Retry unmounting user share(s)...Retry unmounting user share(s)...Retry unmounting user share(s)..." ad infinitum even after completely stopping needo/plex app (my only docker app) and docker service when trying to stop array. I'm on 6.0-beta12 and am not using user shares. Any thoughts?
  3. thanks for the reply... My docker image was located /disk1/dockerXX.img but I have since moved it to /cache/dockerXX.img ...I was using the 10gb default size, but now have upped it to 20gb. I used the default: host path /mnt/user/appdata/plexmediaserver is mapped to container volume /config in docker ...i figure appdata physically resides inside my dockerXX.img? other than that, i don't know where it physically creates appdata as I can not see it anywhere residing in cache, disk1, or disk2; however if I PuTTY in I can see it in /mnt/user where under /mnt i can see cache, disk1, disk2, & user. Perhaps that is the problem? Maybe appdata needs to be explicitly on a data or cache drive? -Eddie
  4. I'm on 6b12 and I wonder if this is related to the same issues merlyn and I are having? http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=35947.msg342353#msg342353 I'll try the newparm command next time it comes up. Thanks! -Eddie
  5. I am on 6b12 with users shares off and I had the excellent needo/plex docker app working great without any install errors. The one time I stopped my array for a reboot without stopping the app or docker service, I got an endless loop of ""Retry unmounting user share(s)..." in the unraid gui and could do nothing else from there. Perhaps "Then something is still running that is accessing it", but I can't be sure. I could still PuTTY to unraid and issues a "shutdown -r now" so I wouldn't have to go downstairs and do it. Perhaps I should of checked the syslog before I did that? When the machine came back up it detected an unclean shutdown and a parity check ensued. I was trying to check old system logs but it seems to only have logs from the current booting. I then noticed I could not access the Plex at page, so I reinstalled the excellent needo plex docker app and got the same errors as you where it could not mkdir /config/Library and /config/Library/Application Support directories. Nothing was working like you and even tried what you tried to recreate the docker image and reinstalling plex without success and with the same errors. My docker image is located at /mnt/disk1/docker02.img but I wonder if there is a better spot for it? I am using the repository at https://github.com/gfjardim/docker-containers/tree/templates and my /config is the default /mnt/user/appdata/plexmediaserver directory. On top of that, everytime I tried to stop the array, it keep on hanging the unraid gui. I found that if I completely stopped the docker service, I could stop the unraid array and reboot everything just fine. I was still having problems with getting the beloved plex docker app working, but after a few unraid reboots and a bunch of stop/start docker service cycles... something magically got fixed and I was able to once again access the plex gui and things were working fine again. LOL -Eddie